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Let’s Talk About our New Fusion Hair Extensions!

Hair Extensions on A New Level

As always Private Label Extensions continues to reach new heights with hair products you’ll be sure to love!

Our new fusion hair extensions are no exception and are sure to be loved by everyone.

You can level up with these innovative hair extensions that are the new rave to enhancing anyone’s hair look.

There are so many advantages to wearing fusion hair extensions, yet so much to learn about them before you decide to invest.

Always know that any type of hair extension you invest in is a commitment regardless of the installation process.

They are to be properly installed, cared for, and maintained and worn with total comfort and confidence.

To highlight our new product, we’d like to share more with you about it, the details of the installation, how you can properly care for them, and overall, why you’ll love wearing them!

Fusion Hair Extensions

What is Fusion Tip Hair?

Fusion hair extensions are easily blended strands fused together made to be long-lasting and free your hair from any potential damage.

Most importantly, they’re very versatile to withstand any hair look.

There are two different types of fusion hair extensions which are more so based on how the extensions are applied: cold fusion and hot fusion.

Hot fusion hair extensions are more of a method where an experienced professional and a hair heating tool is involved.

Cold fusion hair extensions are just as similar but come pre-tipped with a polymer that is gratin based.

This is so it can be easily attached to your hair’s root without any essential heating tool.

Hot Fusion Hair

Hot fusion hair extensions are thoroughly applied at the root of one’s natural hair and at the keratin-based tips with a heated tool such as the 1.75'' Titanium Flat Iron.

They are applied in small bundles with the heated keratin adhesive.

Surprisingly, against what many may think, this method of applying fusion hair extensions is more gentle to your natural hair since the majority of hair is made up of keratin.

To ensure they are properly applied and stable, it’s best they are installed by a hair profession that can shape the keratin around the hair.

When it is properly shaped and formed on the hair, the keratin hardens making for a durable, long-lasting bond.

Cold Fusion Hair

Cold fusion hair extensions require no heat at all which some may think they make for a better option versus hot fusion hair extensions.

The keratin-based polymer, which is a fancy way to describe the type of extension it is, offers a bit more flexibility resulting in a more natural feel at the root since there is no glue involved.

So you may be wondering, “how are they applied and attached?” Simple! There are ultrasound waves that convert into mechanical energy that vibrates forming a crystallized bond that is long-lasting and invisible.

Since the extension bond is attached to a polymer, it is not affected by heat.

Products you may need for a fusion extensions install such as micro links include:

Micro Beads:

Beige Micro Beads

Black Micro Beads

Brown Micro Beads


Salon Hair

Hair Care Tips for Fusion Hair

Regardless of the type of hair extensions you wear, it’s essential that you practice proper hair care to ensure they last and continue to look fresh just like the day they were installed.

You also give a major benefit to your client when setting them up with the right steps to care for their fusion hair extensions.

Providing them with the right tools and steps is the key to your client's enjoyment in wearing them knowing they made the right investment.

It’s up to you to equip them for success!



It is a definite must to have a list of right hair products that your client can use to maintain their fusion hair extensions properly.

Using a shampoo and conditioner of top quality are among the most important products to have in your hair care arsenal.

These two products will make sure your hair remains shiny and free from becoming dry, brittle, and dull.

If you’re wondering what type of wash system may be best, anything without sulfates is key.

Sulfates have a tendency to cause the bond of the extension to deteriorate a lot faster than it should while also stripping color and essential oils.

For hair styling products, opt for some that are lightweight and have water as the first ingredient. Nothing with parabens or heavy ingredients should be included.

The great thing about lightweight products is they avoid the possibility of product build-up which is not good especially with these bonded extensions.


It’s not just about brushing your extensions to avoid tangling but more about brushing them properly.

Soft bristle or padded brushes are great for thorough detangling without all the damage.

Hair extensions are just as similar to natural hair when it comes to detangling. You must be gentle to avoid breakage yet thorough, using the right tools.

It is always best when detangling to start from the bottom of the hair and work up towards the top. When it comes to brushing in order to detangle, do so in sections which can ensure the hair is properly detangled.

brushing weave


It is super vital to wash your hair extensions for the sake of their upkeep.

We’ve covered the importance of the type of products to be used but let’s talk about the importance of actually washing your extensions and the right way to do so.

When it comes to shampooing your hair, it’s all about the motion and direction.

When washing at home, began washing your hair with an applied slow motion in the direction from top to bottom, gently working the shampoo in with good strokes.

Avoid the preconceived notion to scrub hard which can lead to severe matting and breakage of the hair extensions as well as your natural hair.

Hot Tools

It’s always best to use caution when using any type of heat tool to achieve a certain hair look.

Share advice on how to avoid concentrating a lot of heat on hair strands, especially at the root.

It’s important for your clients to understand that doing this can cause issues with the tip.

It can cause the keratin to either become sticky while melting or to completely slip off the root.

If heated tools are used, anything from a hair straightener to a curling iron, avoid high-level temperatures.

long hair

The Pros

It’s no wonder fusion hair extensions have become of major popularity over time. There are many pros to these types of hair extensions that one should consider when looking to invest in them.

If you’re looking to get hot fusion extensions, the pros vary. With this method of installation of using heat, it can be seen as the most durable option.

With proper maintenance, the extensions can last for about six months.

Considering that the price for these extensions can be a bit hefty, you may believe it is worth it for how long they last.

This also cuts down on frequently visiting your hairstylist to help maintain them. The second pro about hot fusion extensions is the way they naturally blend with the hair regardless of glue being used for the application.

The lace glue dries clear making it less visible to see the attachment.

The most known cold fusion pro is avoiding heat for the application. Most believe can reduce the chances of heat damage.

This also allows them to be a bit more gentle on your natural hair. Because of this, cold fusion extensions may seem like a great option for those with thin or fine hair.

They allow for more flexibility when it comes to using heat and styling. Especially since they were not bonded using heat.

The Cons

The most obvious con of hot fusion extension is how long they can take to be installed. However, the benefit of this allows them to last longer.

Another con is the use of heat to bond the extension. This can cause possible heat damage. It can be an inconvenience for some who are looking to do a self-install.

Cold fusion can take a few hours however it is usually less time than hot fusion. The con with this is the duration of how long they last, along with the lack of heat.

Surprisingly even though heat is not used to bond cold fusion extensions, they can’t be reused.

Damaged Hair

Why You’ll Love Wearing Fusion Hair Extensions

There are so many reasons to love fusion hair extensions along with the Flat Tips Hair Extensions.

If you’re interested in rocking these extensions, consider the pros and cons and which installation method works best for you.

Certain things to keep in mind when contemplating fusion extensions include the density of your hair and even the length.

Nonetheless, these extensions will make your hair look fuller with a natural touch, and their appearance is completely concealed.

Have you tried fusion hair extensions? Are you thinking about trying them? Let us know!

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Great question Niaz! So both of these methods apply the extensions strand-by-strand. The main difference is that hot fusion extensions are applied using heat, and cold fusion extensions are installed using no heat at all.

Private Label

This article on fusion hair extensions really clarified the differences between hot and cold fusion methods. It’s helpful for anyone considering these extensions!


Excited to learn about these new fusion hair extensions! The details on hot vs. cold fusion are really helpful for deciding which one suits different hair types. Thanks for the post!!


Could you please explain the advantages of choosing cold fusion hair extensions over hot?


What are the main differences between hot fusion and cold fusion hair extensions?


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