Why I love Hair Extensions

Why I love Hair Extensions, Wigs, & Weave!

Hair Extensions Make Me Feel LIT!

Human hair extensions have been a major pillar in the hair community for quite a while now and people are beginning to love hair extensions even more.

The ability to create an authentic illusion with hair completely changed the game.

Hair extensions have been an accessory helping to create something different for those who desire it.

Extensions provide fun and exciting appearances. They are also a necessity for those who struggle with hair loss and thinning.

Here are my reasons why I love hair extensions, why you should love them, and three benefits of hair extensions.

Why I Love Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been a part of my hair journey over the past three years.

Hair extensions provide me with durability for different styles. Extensions always keep my look fresh and new.

I’m a girl that likes to switch it up, so I love the benefit of interchanging my styles. Even recycling the same extensions is very convenient.

The best way hair extensions have worked for me is by having actual sew-ins methods, quick weaves, clip-ins for that extra density and volume, and my favorite, wigs!

Using hair extensions to create my wigs has made a significant impact on my various looks, the health maintenance of my hair and always being able to keep up with the latest hair trends of the times.

With my hair extensions, I’ve always been able to maintain my confidence level. With extensions, I consistently achieve any look I desire.


Why You Should Love Hair Extensions

Ladies, let’s be honest. You’re lazy! Girl, me too and I am not ashamed to say so. Personally, as a daughter of a hair stylist, I’ve always found it easy to be innovative and create the look I desired most, but there are times where I just don’t feel like it.

Most women are not me and don’t have the creativity, time or patience to achieve what they desire.

Therefore, you invest and spend crazy amounts of money for different hair technicians to give you a look you’ve been dying for and frankly, spending all that money gets old.

Who wants to do their hair and get caught up in labor? One thing that I have witnessed many women testify to about human hair bundles is their ease of use.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in the morning with the assurance of having a good night’s sleep with hair that remained intact throughout the night?

Who wouldn’t want the protection extensions provide not just for hair health but against heat and body perspiration?

The most annoying thing I can imagine is enjoying a beautiful summer day until your edges and roots start sweating and then poof goes your hair, yikes.

The protection from hair extensions promotes hair growth, deters from heat damage, and stress on your lovely hair.


I love hair extensions for three significant benefits of color, volume, and length:

Hair Color

Color scares a lot of natural girls like myself. What is even scarier than the color itself is the cost to actually get the color done. Two hundred dollars for some balayage? I think not!

We get fearful of the idea of hair loss due to so much tension and stress that color puts on our hair and lose all confidence to rock another shade.

With extensions, you have the options to be flexible and add that pop of color you’ve been wanting.

Take a look at our tasty wig collection for colored wigs collection.

Virgin hair extensions are always great because they retain color well with a refined finish and shine well.

Just like natural hair, extensions should be well taken care of once colored. Adding that color to your hair extensions permits you to walk in any room feeling like a whole new woman.



Volume is another great benefit of hair extensions. No one likes dull, thin hair that does flow and goes with every head turn.

In my opinion, volume and density go hand in hand. Just to give you a little lesson, volume for hair pertains to the root height from the scalp.

Lack of volume in our natural hair is why most hair products such as mousse or hairspray provide that extra hair lift to give your mane more volume.

For limp or flatlined hair this is a must and extensions can help! For a particular look, you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s a bob wig style, full curls or a pin-up style, extensions contribute to accentuate the look.

Hair density is essentially the thin or thickness of your hair strand collectively.

Getting your natural hair to obtain more density and volume can take some time, but considering we live an instant gratification type of world, hair extensions can dwindle that time down from a matter of years to a matter of minutes.



Lastly, the length is one of the most sought after reasons as to why hair extensions are so popping! Having longer hair also provides flexibility for styles.

In the crazy heat waves of summer, with extensions being longer you can throw your extensions into a high top knot ninja bun, or when there are chilly temperatures let them flow in lovely wand curls or a straight bone style.

For those women, like most of us, who have tried various methods to grow our natural hair with no success, extensions help to accommodate and solve this issue. Especially with versatile extensions like seamless clip-in extensions and tape-in extensions.


Hair extensions are a vital part of the evolution of hair, and there are so many reasons why I love them besides what I’ve already mentioned.

I always encourage raw hair bundles rather than synthetic extensions, which can limit versatility.

What’s the point in that if you can’t achieve various looks you desire? Check out some of my favorite hair extensions here and achieve your wildest hair dreams today!

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Keep spreading the love for hair extensions and inspiring others to embrace their beauty with confidence!


I completely relate to the convenience and versatility of hair extensions! How do you decide between sew-ins, clip-ins or wigs depending on your daily activities or special events?


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