Loose Wave Hair Guide

Loose Wave Hair: You Will Love the Big Curls!

Summer is fast approaching, and we are all turning our attention to finding a fresh new look to start the season.

While a new wardrobe and some cute little sandals are probably on most women's "must-have" lists, so is a great new ‘do. An act as simple as changing your hairstyle can create a whole new you.

It can change your outlook on life, lighten your mood, and make you feel pretty.

What woman doesn't want that?

Finding the right hairstyle can be a daunting task if you don't know what you are looking for but we have an idea for you and your clients.

But the answer can be Loose Wave Hair Extensions.

Half face of a curly hair female model wearing silver earrings

Weave for the Win!

Hair extensions are a great way to create a look that is fresh and fun without too much expense, time, or trouble.

When you start looking into hair extensions, the first choice to make is how much (if any) wave you want in your new look.

Buying hair extensions can sometimes seem scary, especially if you have no prior experience with them.

Don't worry, we here at Private Label are here to help with our extensive knowledge and expertise and wholesale hair that will not break your budget.

Despite the large variety of styles and types of hair appliances available on the market, there are only a few that are the obvious right choices.

Picking the correct texture, wave, color, and length can be daunting to the novice.

Hold on!

Don't let those little details stop you from trying.

What you will find here is a guide to help you.

Love for Hair Extensions

We have done our best to cover the most popular hair extensions available. Here is the first bit of information to consider.

Most women think that they must wear the same type of hair they already have. This thought is not true.

Whether you have straight hair or wavy hair, wearing the wavy extensions won't present a problem for you.

With either straight, wavy, or curly type of hair, the loose wave extensions will blend in with your natural hair and create a fabulous look.

The same does not apply when using straight hair extensions. Unless you intend to have them curled, straight extensions will look their very best in straight hair.

We all know that some women are just born with a great head of hair. (We see you, Tracee Ellis Ross!)

They may sport a head full of naturally curly hair that you may envy, but they also probably have a very particular type of hair texture.

Often specific grades of hair's texture can prevent some extensions from blending in with those types of hair properly.

If this is your concern, you will discover that there are so many hair grades on the market today that it is very likely you can find the perfect piece to make your hair and extensions match.

Straight hair female model tucking her hair behind her ears

Straight to Curls

If you are in fact one of the lucky ones that have naturally beautiful curls and medium textured hair, we suggest that you should consider going with straight human hair bundles and then have your hairstylist curl it!

That's right! Your natural hair extensions can be curled, straightened, colored, and conditioned just like your hair!

Quick Tip: If you want to experience the best of extensions start using our raw hair bundles.

Starting with straight extensions then curling them to compliment your own hair's style will result in a great customized hairstyle created just for you!

Now that we have discussed some basic style choices let's look at the most attractive, versatile, and affordable way to go.

We say that the loose wave hair is the "wave of the future" for every type, texture, style, and color of hair.

Its elegant open wave pattern blends well with every grade of hair, to give it a fuller and more glamorous look.

While we agree that this is the best wave choice for you, it is something personal that depends on you, the wearer, and your personal preferences.

We also believe that when you see the loose wave hair, you will know that it is the right choice for you.

The Loose Wave is like the Body Wave Bundles with a twist!

Loose hair teen female model wearing a summer dress

Brazilian Loose Wave is Popular!

Though there are many types of hair available, the most sought after type are Brazilian hair extensions.

The origin of your hair extensions can be substantial in that it determines the texture of the hair and how well it will react to different types of styles, especially waves.

The market for hair of all types has doubled in recent years.

Human hair is gathered, sorted, and then sold worldwide.

When talking about the Brazilian loose wave bundles, we find it is one of the most "in demand" textures available on the market today.

The feel of Brazilian loose wave hair is incredibly soft. It also has a medium-coarse texture, and it is very easy to style.

This type of wave is exceptional in that it blends in smoothly with all kinds of hair.

The hair's natural color varies from a deep dark brown (#1B or almost black) to a light brown.

The high-quality allows the hair to be bleached or dyed easily, even taking well to Ombre tones (that is a strand that is graduated from light to dark in color).

Brazilian Style Hair is Best!

Brazilian style hair extensions are known for having a great body, and even though we suggest it looks best in a loose wave, it curls on its own when wetted, and can be easily styled into the latest fashions, or even "ironed" straight.

A loose wave helps to give much need volume to flat hair.

Loose wave hair is most desired for people with thinning or perpetually flat hair although the loose wave can look good with almost any type of hair.

The curls in a loose wave hairstyle will be larger to those women whose hair is naturally quite straight.

This type of wave produces a look with beautiful loose curls and a gently undulating wave which is just perfect for adding extra hair volume and a new life to dull hair.

Ever stylish among celebrities and debutantes alike, loose waves are also called "beach waves."

Curly hair female model wearing brown hoodie

Big Spiral Curls

These large curls that are a little messy are typically called "beach waves" hair because of the way shoulder length or longer hair reacts to a typical day at the beach.

Increased humidity combined with the brisk salt air which typically accompanies the summer weather causes many women's hair to become a bit wavy.

Combine that with going for a swim in the salty seawater, and then you will notice that hair gets a certain texture from the mineral compositions in the water.

It goes from thin and straight to becoming somewhat wavy and coarser when allowed to air dry.

These voluptuous locks are then often styled by sandy fingers with sunscreen on them run all through the lengths of sea-soaked hair giving it new structure and the perfect sheen.

This impromptu style is accompanied by a gentle breeze that lifts hair as it flows through it and aids with styling as well.

Loose Waves & Great Vibes

While this is an all-natural way of getting loose waves or beach wave hair, it is not very practical or convenient for many women to use this styling method.

Since the loose wave hair or the beach look is one of the most attractive looks around.

We are happy to announce that it is possible for everyone to get their beach waves the preferred way at home or in their favorite salon using Brazilian loose wave extensions, lace closures, lace frontals, or full wigs.

We at Private Label understand every woman's need to look beautiful.

A great look changes how you are viewed and how you see the world.

Let's face it; loose waves just look exquisite.

There are lots of other reasons to wear them too.

They are simple to maintain, easy to style, and anyone with at least shoulder-length hair can easily wear them with confidence.

Loose waves create a simple, natural, look that is both stylish and relaxed.

Let's all take advantage of this fantastic look! The sexy style of loose waves formed during a swim, shaped while sunbathing with your still damp hair while lounging on some exotic beach.

Now we can help you get this casual to dressy look without taking a trip to the beach.

The great look of styled loose waves may be inspired by this natural style found in the sand, but you will never have to visit the beach or dive in the ocean to achieve it!

Big Curls are Beautiful

Beach waves or loose waves are truly most perfect when they are imperfect.

That not so perfect look is what gives them their unique appeal. Loose wave hair gives everyone the impression that you just look this great naturally.

Another plus to wearing loose wave hair extensions is that the amount of time spent styling your hair is kept to an absolute minimum.

The point of a loose wave style is that your lightly tousled waves are far more appealing than perfect and orderly ones.

This minimal approach to styling not only looks great, but means that you will have more free time during the day, and less time spent at the salon or in front of a mirror.

Just allow your hair to fall in natural waves, and enjoy your newfound freedom and attention.

Wavy hair female model wearing a white wool top

Red Carpet Ready?

From the prestigious red carpet to the trendy streets of Manhattan and everywhere in between we see women sporting the loose wave look.

This is a style that is so versatile and wearer friendly that it has become the look that is a consistent go-to for all occasions.

It is a look that transitions so nicely from casual to dressy; from daywear to evening wear and still looks like a million bucks.

The popularity of the loose wave hair is only increasing.

This is because waves and texture look great with every length from not only long hair to short hair but all different shaped faces.

Best Loose Wave Hair!

Our loose wave extensions are made with the finest quality hair, to the most rigid standards.

With our hair products, you will find minimal weave shedding or breaking. Because of their exceptional quality, you will find that when applied correctly you will receive extended wear time with our pieces.

Most users also find that when it is time to replace your extensions, frontals, or closures, that you can easily reuse the hair, you have already purchased.

This makes it even more economical hair solution to go with a Brazilian loose wave.

You will truly love your new hair. You can wash it, dry it, color it, curl it, tease it, brush it- in short; you can do anything to your luscious loose wave extensions that you would do to your natural hair.

Our loose wave extensions are a superior product in so many ways. It is gathered as virgin hair- never colored or otherwise processed- then prepared for shipping.

Easy Maintenance Extensions!

When you receive your beautiful hair, you can immediately tell the quality is top-notch.

After it is installed, you will not believe how soft and natural it will feel. You will also love the fact that they care for your new fabulous head of hair is simple and requires no extra muss or fuss.

The care for your loose wave hair is as you do your normal hair; brushing it, washing it and conditioning it.

An added bonus is waking up each morning with your beautiful new hairdo ready to take on the world!

You can find your beautiful new hair today, and at Private Label we are able, ready, and willing to help! You can find our loose wave as well as plenty other hair extension offerings at one of our local hair stores:

Start enjoying your beautiful new head of hair today!

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The loose wave hair extensions sound perfect for achieving that effortless, beachy look! I love how versatile they are for both casual and dressy occasions. Plus, the fact that you can style them just like natural hair is a huge bonus. Definitely considering trying them out this summer!


Thinking about trying loose wave extensions for the summer! They seem so versatile and low-maintenance.


Could you provide some tips on maintaining these extensions to keep them looking fresh and natural?


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