Why we love Malaysian hair?

Top Quality Bundles: Why Everyone Loves Malaysian Hair

Loving Malaysian Bundles

Malaysian Straight Bundles is stunningly beautiful!

This hair has been the go-to texture for four years straight now, and there must be a reason!

Is it the price? Is it low maintenance?

Or is it excellent quality? There are so many reasons why Malaysian hair is stealing customer's hearts, and I'm here to explain every one of those reasons.

So, if you want to try different hair textures as of lately and think Malaysian hair may be a good fit for you, then check out this excellent blog on why everyone is in love with Malaysian hair!


History of Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair comes from South East Asia.

Natives collect hair from the Hindu temples of Malaysia where the women there give up their hair as part of a religious ceremony that shows a spiritual commitment.

This service takes place every year, but it is not as big of a turn out as the ceremonies of those in India.

In a way, it's a good thing because this makes Malaysian Hair very rare and a masterpiece. These bundles are hands-down one of the best types of human hair weaves to purchase.

Malaysian extensions are known for their luscious, silky, shiny look and feel.

It is known to be the top-selling brand that is less likely to shed or lose an abundant amount of hair strands.

The shine of Malaysian hair is not too excessive, so after you co-wash or condition, the hair is left looking even more natural than before.

Make sure to avoid using excessive hairsprays for this will just make the hair look extraordinarily oily and possibly synthetic.

This hair is secure, so it can hold any style you put in it, whether it be loose curls, candy curls, or barrel curls. Say goodbye to hairspray or gel, because once you place this hair in a style, it is going to last.

Also, the upside of this hair is so strong is that it can take dye, bleaching, and coloring very well. So, any color you have wanted to try is going to be a sure-fire hit with virgin Malaysian hair.


Why Love It

What people love about this hair is the heaviness and thickness of its kind.

This feature is excellent for your pockets because you will only need about two bundles to give yourself that look of a natural head of hair.

On the other hand, this hair is different from all the others, because it does not curl excessively when wet, so after your wash day it'll probably go into a light wave pattern.

But no matter what hair type you have Malaysian comes in many different textures that can blend naturally with yours. The most popular styles would have to be straight, curly, and body waves.

Look at this beautiful Malaysian Body Wave Bundles!

Some people prefer thicker hair rather than thin hair, because it helps stay intact, and there is a lot less shedding.

The great thing about its heavy density is that you will not have to wash this hair repeatedly.

But keep in mind that fuller hair can become dry over time, so invest in an efficient leave-in conditioner to retain moisture.


Malaysian Hair Color

When it comes down to Malaysian hair, users are in love with it because of its natural color.

The shades of Malaysian hair are typically dark brown or natural black, but this can also range from all different types of hair texture.

A tip to remember is that most virgin Malaysian hair will not come in different wild colors. But the upside to this is that the hair is natural to dye.

Malaysian Straight Hair

Now, Virgin Malaysian straight hair comes in a lot of different tones.

Some can be light brown, dark brown, or even natural black.

When cutting the hair from the donor, it has a little hint of a slight wave pattern that is later straightened out in processing.

The Malaysian straight hair is best for relaxed or permed hair due to its ability to blend well.

Malaysian Wavy Hair

Malaysian Wavy hair is a lot thicker than Brazilian or Indian wavy hair.

The wave pattern is beautiful, and it blends best with a course or medium textured hairstyle.

The wavy hair holds very well in every condition, so there is no need for extra hair care products. This style is perfect for women of African American descent.


Malaysian Curly Hair

Malaysian curly hair is also a typical style pattern.

If you do plan to purchase these textures hair, the best ones are bundles that are steam curled.

You will know if the Malaysian hair was unnaturally treated with curling procedures if the hair pattern is in tight curls.

When the hair manufacturers curl the hair by steam, it can achieve a fantastic wave pattern without the added harsh chemicals.

What makes Malaysian Hair better than all its Competitors?

There are two main things that Malaysian Hair has over all its competitors:

  • One is its incredible and luscious shine. Most weaves need added sprays and oils to get and maintain a natural shine. However, that's a guarantee with Virgin Malaysian Hair.

  • Second, this hair is perfect for my ladies who want the ideal curls without having to use heat every day. Malaysian hair is known for keeping its curls intact longer than Indian, Peruvian, and Brazilian hair.

With these two significant advantages, it's no wonder why people are lining up to purchase some Malaysian bundles.

Not just bundles buy also Malaysian Straight Frontals, and Malaysian Straight 4x4 Closures.


Do's and Don'ts When it comes to Wearing Malaysian Hair

If I have convinced you this far, and you are now ready to purchase some Malaysian bundles.

But there are a few dos and don'ts that you should know before buying this hair.

Don't #1

Avoid hair products with alcohol in them.

This tip will help your hair not dry out as quickly and contain a frizzy texture in the future.

Do #2

Try to use a leave-in conditioner as your primary source for achieving hair moisture.

Using any other kinds of styling products in between washes can dry your hair out even more.

Don't #3

Avoid using heavy hair oils. The denser your extensions are, the more likely your hair is to look stiff, and this will make it easier for your weave to become tangled and knotted up.

Do #4

Try air drying whenever possible. Using a hairdryer can cause heat damage to your lovely extensions and cause excessive dryness.


We Hope You Fell In Love

If you're not in love with Malaysian hair by the end of this post, I don't know what will change your mind.

From the texture to its shine, it is just so easy to fall in love with this hair.

If you're into having a fuller-looking mane with a natural shine to your lovely locks then Malaysian hair is the right match for you.

The weave or extensions you buy are best when they match you're healthy, natural curl pattern, and lifestyle.

What is even better is that Private Label offers Malaysian Hair Extensions at incredible prices.

I hope this blog has given you some insight into what makes Malaysian Hair one of the best weaves to have.

If you love Malaysian hair as much as we do, then share with us your reasons why in the comments down below.

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