Best Hair Extensions To Match Your Personality

Best Hair Extensions To Match Your Personality

Personalities and Hair Pieces

The Private Label Extensions Blog site has tons of articles on human hair loc extensions for summer, the beach, your hair type, and even events.

But aside from all of those outside factors, it's the inside that counts. Vibes and habits are important when choosing what texture and type of extensions, wigs or weave you should rock!

The way you approach spending your money, your hair routine and how important hair extensions are to you plays directly into which hair extensions are right for you. Here Are The Best Extensions For Your Personality:

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Super Laid Back

To break out of your shell! But I'm with you girl, that sounds too much like work.

Being a laid back person means that you want to have extensions that are easy to manage, and a style that's hard to ruin.

You have good hair and good vibes.

Hair Type: Malaysian

Malaysian Straight Hair Bundles is slightly thicker and therefore holds a curl or straight longer. Malaysian hair is less likely to become frizzy due to it's thicker hair shaft.

A laid back person such as yourself needs a hair type that isn't prone to flake or frizz at all the weather conditions and blends nicely with your hair for minimal upkeep.

Hair Textures: Wavy and Straight

Hair textures that would suit you well are both wavy and straight. Body Wave Hair Textures give a chill vibe and can be fluffed or sprayed to enhance the crinkly and left alone to air dry.

The best part about wavy hair is that whether it's too curly or a little too straight, it always looks finished because it is!

A wavy look requires the least amount of upkeep and can easily be brushed out in the morning for a fun and carefree appearance.

These bundles can be maintained by throwing on a silk bonnet or sleeping free, do you boo, your Body Wave Hair Bundles will look good regardless.

A straight hair texture may seem daunting, but since you go with the flow, it can be as easy as wrapping your hair at night and unwrapping it in the morning to keep the hair tangle-free and give a bouncy effect.

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If You Are Shy, Don't Worry!

I have the perfect remedy for that:

Hair Type: Any Hair Type

I recommend any hair type because it's more about the length and texture of the hair that will make these extensions pop for you.

Hair Texture: Deep Wave and Straight

Deep Wave Hair Extensions are useful for the shy person attempting to break out! A nice thick curl adds volume to hair and draws attention to your face.

Straighter hair is less prone to have tangling and any accidents like clumping or weave shedding in public which can lead to some awkwardness.

Additionally, straight hair helps one blend and goes smoothly with your timid demeanor. Whenever I go places for the first time, I love to wear my hair straight, that way it sends the signal that I am confident and either professional or sexy.

I think this helps me maneuver situations easier because if I feel good about my appearance, I tend to feel more settled in others presence.

Hair Length: Long or Short

Go short if you have a curly style; this will enhance the thickness and height of your bush and maximize your style will also hiding some of your face.

Though, I would prefer you to strut yourself and burst out! Go a little longer with your bundles with either a curly, wavy or straight hair texture.

Longer styles often create the allusion of softness and can be comforting to play in.

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If You Are A Perfectionist...

I know you like your hair to look and feel a certain way, or you aren't leaving the house, and forget snapping when and if you hit the town tonight.

Being a perfectionist can be rough, your favorite line is "I like it, like that" (Cardi B Voice), and here are the hair extensions that will make your needs come true.

Hair Type: Brazilian And Peruvian

Brazilian Silky Straight Hair Bundles is noted as the closest to a natural hair. It works well with different products and blends smoothly with a multitude of hair types.

Peruvian hair is thinner and more comfortable to manage. This hair type comes in darker colors and hardly ever has a weird brownish tint that some bundles boast.

Hair Texture: Straight

A long straight style is suitable if you want something that is noticeable yet uniform.

A straight texture will allow you to make sure that every hair is in its place and provide a sleek, and polished look overall.

Hair Length: Short

A good style if you are a perfectionist is a bob! It embodies perfection with a razor sharp cut and a nice crisp angle.

Bobs are also sweet if they are entirely leveled and can give you that warm 'every stand is completely even' feeling that someone like you would love!

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If You Are Energetic...

Then nothing is out of your reach! You usually feel up to any challenge, and you are ready to take on the hair world one bundle at a time.

Or three, because sis we need to snag those hair bundle deals!

Hair Type: Indian

Raw Indian Hair is recommended for three reasons:

1) I haven't tried it yet so I'm forcing everyone else.

2) I have heard nothing but fabulous reviews about Private Label Extensions Indian hair.

3) Indian hair has a beautiful loose wave!

Hair Texture: Deep Wave or Loose Wave

Oh, deep wave, how I love thee. As a wild child myself, I can always appreciate a good curl!

When you think of fun, nobody thinks of perfectly straight hair but curly fros and wavy wisps of hair.

Deep Wave hair is meant for you because it's fun, wild and fluffy! All the combinations for a good time.

But don't let the deep-set curls fool you, maintaining this style will take work. Even the best curly extensions are prone to shedding and tangling, but with your energetic personality and can-do attitude, you're just the woman for the job!

You'll need to use a spray bottle filled with water and conditioner to keep your curls popping just right and tie down your bundles at night with a bonnet or braid your hair in about four big plaits and tie a scarf around your edges to preserve the pattern.

Loose Wave Hair Extensions is easy going, and smooth like your personality!

Loos Wave hair is the distant cousin of both deep wave and straight and provides the best of both worlds.

Hair Length: Inchesssssssss!

With your bubbly personality comes a bucket full of energy and that means you would love playing in long flowing inches of hair!

I think that shortcuts are fun and spicy, but there's nothing like flipping your hair around a few times! Plus, with the added inches you can reuse the hair for shorter styles later on, so it's the best of both worlds!

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If You Are Adventurous...

And you love to jump out there and explore different styles and hair textures, sampling everything is right up your alley.

Hair Type and Hair Texture: Every Single One

Try them all! If you go to sleep dreaming of weave, then wake up and make your dreams come true!

Give yourself a chance to skip from a Blonde Straight Lace Front Wig to five bundles of Special Order Lavender Ombre Malaysian Deep Wave.

The website is your ocean, and you my friend are Marlon, swimming around to find the perfect weave combination instead of Nemo.

Having this free-flowing spirit is lovely, it means you have the confidence and the patience to try out new styles and textures. Go for it.

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If The Idea of Doing Anything to Your Weave Makes You Sick...

I bet ten dollars you thought I was going to say go curly! Wrong! And I will take my payments in comments.

Curly hair as mentioned has it's own lists of do's and don'ts. Not even wavy can reach you if you've found yourself scrolling down this far and every option has been deemed undesirable.

My first piece of advice would be to please, avoid a leave out style, or anything with too much upkeep like a half up half down hairstyle with deep wave hair!

You will regret going down this route when you have to spend more than five minutes unwrapping and correcting your hair, fighting frizz and slicking your edges.

Opt for a Glueless wig, and it can be curly or straight, that has closure. While all weaves praised for being low maintenance, contrary to belief, most hair extensions take some work, if even a little, to look as hydrated and neat as they do.

The best option is to find an hair extensions brand like Private Label Extensions, that you love so that the hair itself is more comfortable to manage and you have a wide variety of options.

Help, I'm Picky. What To Do If I Find It Hard To Commit To A Style?

It's okay if you haven't entirely fallen in love with the weave game. I understand having an intensely non-commital personality where doing anything for too long is a stretch or if nothing you've been trying seems to tickle you as much as it should.

No worries; you should try clip ins! Clip-ins extensions are affordable options that have so many pros.

Clip-in extensions installation is easy and remove and blend quickly with hair. Additionally, these snap in place hair extensions and moved around the head for added thickness or to create a new style.

Clip-ins can also be taken out every day and swapped for new colors or different textures.

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What Fits Me

A sewing needle to my braided and netted foundation, a curler to my left, if I had to choose my personality based on the choices, I'd have to go with being a non-committer!

I cannot fully decide on which color makes my skin pop! Though, instead of rocking clip-ins, I opt for wigs that way whatever traits come out to play that week or month covered with their hair flavor.

Before I discovered full lace wigs, I also loved to utilize tape-in extensions of hair that boasted a funky color like red or purple.

This tape in method was a way to add some flair to my styles without having to dive headfirst into bundles full of long red hair. If you are easily frustrated, I have some textures for you to avoid when starting.

Don't commit to hair extensions like clip-ins, or shorter lengths, as well as textures such as Kinky Curly Hair Extensions.

Clip-ins require daily placement and can be frustrating when blending or placing for a natural looking style. Shorter hair lengths whether straight or wavy often need refreshers to look more presentable and flowing.

Lastly, kinky curly extensions need careful wrapping and a little spritz to keep them in top shape and can be frustrating when looking for a quick and manageable weaving style.

If you are not sure where your personality lands you, try them all! A lot of us cannot be summed up in one word, because we are a mash-up of so many different things that make us all unique.

Hair extensions are the same way; all textures and hair types give their unique look, feel and vibe that can call out to us at any given moment. It's okay not to limit yourself to one specific hair type.

Don't Worry Too Much About Your Category

The most important thing is that our hair stays slayed and that we find creative ways to express ourselves through hair.

Give each mix of textures and hair types a try and let us know which combination spoke to your soul the most.

Remember that hair extension are precisely that, an extension of you! Your hair should reflect your personality and tell something about who you are.

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This is such a helpful guide for choosing hair extensions based on personality! I consider myself super laid back, so I’m curious: How does the maintenance of Malaysian Straight Hair Bundles compare to other hair types for someone with a minimal hair care routine?


This is such an insightful guide to matching hair extensions with different personality types! For someone who is adventurous and loves trying new styles, which hair texture do you think offers the most versatility?


What’s up Diana!? You should definitely try a wig! That way you have no heat damage with your hair being tucked away. A wig is one of the TOP protective styles out there!

Private Label

Hey Heaven! If you like to switch it up with different styles often, the clip-ins would be the best option. Only because they are so easy to install and take out. Tape ins take a little longer to take out and require more maintenance.

Private Label

I love how this article breaks down hair extensions based on personality! For someone who loves versatility but struggles with commitment, would you recommend clip ins or tape in extensions more for trying out different styles?


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