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Why Raw Indian Hair is So Popular?

When shopping for hair extensions, there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

From the color to length, weight to the type of extension (clip-in, tape-in, etc.), it can all seem overwhelming.

But in case you weren’t stressed enough already, I’m going to share another vital detail you won’t want to skip over: where the hair is sourced.

Put simply, not all extension hair is created equal - just ask anyone who’s tried different kinds of hair!

The one that continuously reigns supreme, though, is raw Indian hair. This hair is undeniably superior and hails in comparison to other types - and it just so happens to be the strands used to create Private Label’s sensational raw hair extensions.

Keep reading to find out why raw Indian hair is so popular and why it’s an absolute must for your hair extensions.

Is Indian hair the best? You decide!

raw Indian lace frontal

What is Raw Indian Hair?

OK, but what on earth is raw Indian hair?

If you’re scratching your head at the title, you’re not alone.

After all, most people don’t refer to hair as “raw” or “not raw.”

But they certainly do in the hair extension community!

Raw Indian hair refers to hair sourced directly from human donors in India. The hair is not chemically or mechanically processed, leaving you with 100% authentic or “raw” strands.

This means that the hair is labeled as “virgin hair,” as the cuticles remain intact—which is not true for all kinds of hair used for extensions! Private Label takes it a step further to ensure you’re getting the best quality.

We do this by obtaining hair from the temples of Southeast India, where the most top-of-the-line strands are found.

You will find Indian hair in all the popular hair extension types including bundles, raw lace closures, frontals, and even braiding human hair.

Today you might be asking yourself, "What is Indian Hair?" Once you try some you will defiantly know whats up!

The Top Six Benefits of Raw Indian Hair

Is it really worth it to shell out the extra dollars for raw Indian hair?

We certainly think so.

Think of it this way: would you rather buy an organic apple picked off the tree and washed, free of chemicals or preservatives, or would you rather have one made in a factory?

The answer is clear and essentially the same when discussing extension hair.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Discover the top six benefits of choosing raw Indian hair, especially that which has come from the temples of Southeast Asia:

1. Indian Hair is Durable

The first thing we need to discuss is just how sensationally durable raw Indian human hair extensions are!

Because the hair is entirely untreated, it can retain its durability - which is definitely untrue for many types of hair extension bundles (and anyone who’s ever fussed with breakage left and right will agree with me here!).

Now, I’m not saying you should go out and brush your raw Indian hair extensions with all of your force and might. You still need to be gentle and take care of your hair extensions.

However, you won’t have to worry about your hair extension tresses becoming a broken, mangling mess just by looking at them.

The strength of raw hair is another reason why braiders will often use raw bulk human hair when doing braids for their top clients.

raw indian clip-ins

(Pictured Above: Raw Indian Wavy Clip-Ins)

2. Indian Hair Can Last Longer

Being left untreated is great for durability, though—it also means that your hair extensions can last much longer.

Now, you’ll notice I used the word “can.” That’s because it’s not a definite. Like other hair extensions, you need to maintain your raw Indian hair extensions to extend their longevity!

And don’t worry—maintenance isn’t overly complicated. It just involves using extension-safe shampoo, conditioning regularly, and keeping your hair in a braid or using a silk bonnet while sleeping.

If you take care of your raw Indian hair extensions, you’ll be thrilled to find out that they can easily last up to a year - if not longer. If you’re on the fence about hair extensions because of the price tag, this is a game-changer.

Let’s think of it this way: if you buy our pack of 10-inch wavy Indian hair bundles for under $50, and your extensions make it the one-year mark, you’re really only spending about $4 a month for the hair of your dreams.

Now that’s something to smile about, babes!

3. Natural Appearance/Texture

Because raw Indian human hair is untreated, the texture remains the same as the day it was donated.

That said, it will have the texture of the donor, which can range from straight to curly and everywhere in between.

Why is this a good thing?

Well, there’s two significant reasons: You won’t have to worry about using hot tools on your hair extensions to match your natural texture.

The extensions will appear far more natural and blend seamlessly like they’re coming straight out of your scalp!

raw Indian tape-ins

4. Less Tangling (Raw Hair Only)

OK, we just discussed how raw Indian hair is left untreated, allowing it to retain the donor’s natural texture.

This also means that the cuticle is 100% intact, and the hair will flow in the same direction. This isn’t just great for achieving a beautiful, all-natural aesthetic—it also equates to less tangling.

If you’re like me and have used a wide variety of extensions and struggled with seemingly endless tangles and mats, you know just how incredible this perk is!

Who wants to have a tangled up Indian lace frontal? That would be a mess for everyone to see!

Oh, but don’t think you never have to pick up a brush though, babe. You still need to brush your extensions and natural tresses a few times daily to keep your locks lookin’ luscious!

5. Style-able and Customizable

While Private Label offers a wide range of shades and textures to suit your needs, we understand that things can change, or you may need something slightly different.

For example, if you buy our Blonde Straight Raw Bundles but find the color is a pinch too light, you can easily dye them. Again, this is because raw Indian hair is entirely untreated, so it will easily pick up colors.

On the other hand, let’s say you purchased our Indian Curly Raw Bundles but want to wear your hair straight for the day.

Go ahead and use a straightener to achieve your sensational style - without the fear of ruining the texture of the extensions for good!

(Tip: Always use a heat protectant!)

Needless to say, raw Indian hair is incredibly versatile and can bring all your hairstyles to life.

raw indian human hair extensions

6. Raw Indian Hair is Soft and Shiny

Lastly, I had to mention that raw Indian hair, especially tresses from the temples, is known for its delightful softness and shine.

I mean, does this benefit really need an explanation?

What woman doesn’t want her hair, including her hair extensions, to be delicate and soft to the touch and shiny from root to tip?

Sign us up. Immediately.

Raw Hair FAQs

A few things about Indian hair we thought you should consider.

Is raw hair more expensive?

Raw hair tends to be more expensive, but there’s a big reason for this: it’s untreated and isn’t combined with other types of hair (including fake strands) to add bulk.

It’s more robust, more natural, and long-lasting.

How long does raw Indian hair last?

When cared for properly, raw Indian hair can easily last up to a year or longer.

In fact, some consumers have said that their raw Indian hair extensions lasted up to two years, which is an incredible and budget-friendly investment long-term.

If you are using the lace products please take additional care by removing lace glue or tape carefully.

How to tell if hair is raw?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not your hair extension hair is raw or not is to look at the texture.

Raw hair will have mild imperfections, such as irregular wave patterns scattered throughout the extensions, just like one’s real hair would have.

You can also wet the tips of two fingers and run them up the strands of hair. You should feel the cuticles of the hair in tact. This doesn't guarantee it's raw but should be a decent indication. 

raw Indian hair factory

Get Your Hands on Raw Indian Hair Extensions Today!

The secret’s out - raw Indian hair is the top-of-the-line choice for hair extensions, and Private Label has an impressive selection awaiting.

We have various textures and colors to suit your needs, so finding your perfect match and enjoying your new look is a breeze.

Enjoy your new aesthetic!

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