Our favorite hair mousses to enhance Spanish wave extensions

Our Favorite Hair Mousses to Enhance Spanish Wave Extensions!

The Hair Mousses On The Market

Spanish wave extensions are the new fad in the hair world. Spanish wave textured extensions tend to have a more natural look to them, especially when installed flawlessly.

I’ve never tried a Spanish wave textured extensions before, but I have a lot of friends that have.

They all love the texture and style of it. They also said that it was super easy to style since the texture was already set when they purchased the hair.

Spanish wave textured hair looks like hair that has gotten wet in the shower, or at the pool. It’s especially cute when put into different styles.

The only disadvantage to this hair is that it can get frizzy pretty quickly. So what do you do when your perfectly textured extensions get frizzy?

Use mousse! Mousse is the perfect way to alleviate frizz without the dazzle of restyling. Also, it’s a great tool to have when styling your extensions.

There are plenty of different mousse products on the market right now, but I ’m going to tell you my favorites. Here are the best mousses in the market!

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Why Spanish Wave Extensions?

Spanish wave textured bundles look natural and fun.

If you’re aiming for a more natural look this summer, try out some Spanish wave extensions. You’ll get the summer look without the summer hassle!

No matter how you decide to install your weaves, you’ll leave looking fabulous. Also, Spanish wave extensions don’t have much density so it won’t be heavy on your head.

You can get through your day without issues. Also, since they are lightweight, they are also low maintenance.

They don’t require much styling besides finger-combing and light styling products such as mousse and leave-in conditioner.

You can straighten this kind of hair but you shouldn’t if you want to maintain the waves for a long time.

What To Look For

Not all mousse products are suitable for Spanish wave extensions. In fact, not all mousses are ideal for hair in any way.

Specific hair care products can be damaging to hair, so it’s important to make sure that you choose the right ones.

Mousse generally isn’t damaging, but it’s vital to be aware of the ingredients.

Always try to avoid products with alcohol as the top ingredient.

Alcohol will dry out your Spanish wave extensions and leave them feeling crisp instead of soft. Pick a mousse that has moisturizing ingredients such as Argon oil.

Also, choose a mousse that doesn’t have heavy ingredient since mousse is meant to be a light product to keep your hair soft and bouncy.

The reason you’ll want to stay away from harmful products is that your scalp absorbs all the ingredients you put into your hair.

If you use ingredients that can be harmful to you, you risk suffering from damage in the future. Of course, no one product will be perfect but the more you can avoid harmful products, the better.

Sometimes, the best option is to make your products right at home, especially if you’re trying to detox your hair.

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Best Mousse Products

There are hundreds of different mousse products to try but which one of them is the best for Spanish wave textured extensions?

Choosing the best products isn’t always easy since there’s never a one size fits all formula.

However, despite that fact, choosing a product based on its performance on your hair should be simple.

After reading all kinds of reviews, and talking to people with Spanish wave extensions, I have a list of mousses on the market that seem to be the best for their value.

Try these out for yourself and see how well they work for you.

Tresemmé Thermal Volumizing Mousse

Spanish wave extensions have the habit of becoming dull, and flat over time. To keep your extensions big and bouncy, try to use this mousse. It’s just $5 at your local drugstore, and it gets the job done.

The only negative to this product is that the ingredients aren’t entirely organic. However, it smells great and works miracles when it comes to volume.

Kiss My Face Easy Hold Styling Mousse

This mousse is fantastic, and for only $9, it can be yours.

It does everything that regular moose does except it doesn’t need any filler to get it done. Wheat and rice proteins are used as the base of this product.

It’s also scented with lavender and lime oils to give you a great scent while providing fantastic volume.

Agadir Argon Oil Volumizing Mousse

As we know, argon oil is hugely beneficial to hair. It protects, repairs, and restores hair, especially when it is dry.

This mousse uses argon oil as its vital ingredient to add shine to your tresses, while also giving volume.

Many people think that Argon oil is sticky, but with this mousse, it isn’t. Not only is this a light mousse, but it also smells fantastic, and the Argon oil works wonders on frizz.

Spanish waves can get frizzy from time to time, so try using this product to see a difference. It costs about $10.

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Kenra Extra Volume Mousse

This is the best mousse for adding volume and hold without the additional stiffness.

According to the reviews, this mousse can last about 60 hours. Even with this ridiculously long hold, it’s super lightweight and smells fantastic.

It’s an alcohol-free mixture, so you don’t have to worry about drying out your extensions.

Use this mousse and your Spanish wave extensions will be left looking softer, and shinier without the frizz.

This mousse also provides defense for up to 428 ˚F. This means you won’t have to worry, even during those humid days. The best part? It’s only $11.

Don’t Forget!

One size doesn’t fit all. It’s important to try out what works for you.

Explore through the options like with Spanish Wave Frontals and Spanish Wave Closures.

If you need a mousse but for the lace, check our Lace Tint Mousse.

Spanish wave extensions don’t require much maintenance, so a good mouse product is all you need.

Also, don’t forget to be mindful of the ingredients in the products that you’re choosing.

Choose a mousse that won’t be heavy on your extensions, and that gives the needed hold. Try these products out and let us know what you think!

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