Weaves for different hair textures

The Best Weave for Each Hair Texture: Straight, Wavy & Curly!

"What is your best weave hair for (X) texture?"

We hear the best sew-in extensions question often at our Atlanta showroom by clients.

There are different reasons why some weave is better than others.

Our goal is to offer a broad range of hair types, texture, and origins to meet our client's needs.

Not everyone needs the highest quality hair. Some just can't afford it or don't like paying top dollar for hair that customers change out every two weeks.

We get it!

Today I am going to rank the best weave for each texture so you can make an educated decision for yourself or your clients.


Ranking the Best Type of Hair Weave!

To rank the hair weave properly, we need to first break it down into three different categories of styles.

The three hair weave styles we are going to rank are:

Our rankings cover the broad spectrum of styles in today's weave market. Many different styles and weave textures can fall into the wavy category as there are now so many different options available.

Below we rank the best weave to help you make the right decision for your next purchase.

We take into consideration both price and quality. Although, the more expensive weave wins every time because of its longevity with proper care.

As a side note, we are only ranking human hair weave. Private Label Extensions do not deal with any other types.

You get what you pay for with hair extensions!

Best Straight Weave

What woman doesn't love the luxurious look of a straight hairstyle?

Shorter lengths are perfect for a BOB styles and bob wigs while some woman prefers the longer lengths over 30".

Our hair team and partners have tested various hair bundles from all over the world in search of the best weave at the best price.


Vietnamese Straight Weave #1

The beautiful strands of Vietnamese Straight Hair Bundles wefted to perfection in Vietnam is hands down the best straight hair we have ever experienced.

As soon as you grasp the hair in a bundle, you can immediately feel how "thick" the hair is.

The hair is in its raw state and ready to be cut, styled, colored, or anything else you want to do with it. The Vietnamese hair can take it!

Some of our cut & color tests by Paul Mitchell National Educator Dallas Christopher has yielded some works of art.

The hair is not silky smooth as some other hair types. You can immediately tell it is a little more course and natural feeling like your real hair.

Talk about a perfect match!

The bundles are available with a natural 1B color. A woman in Vietnam does not have any variations of hair color.

This is the best straight weave money can buy!

Straight Vietnamese Hair Cut & Colored to Create a Blunt Cut Bob.


Brazilian Straight Weave #2

This is fantastic hair!

Don't let second place fool you. The Brazilian Straight Hair Bundles is soft, silky, and ready for styling!

Our clients have had nothing but great reviews about this straight hair that can hold a great curl and color.

Many of our tests have taken this from its natural 1B all the way to a #613 Russian Blonde Body Wave Bundle.

We sell bundle after bundle with confidence that this is amazing hair!

Malaysian Straight Weave #3

Don't let the amazing prices fool you. This bundle is still 100% human hair weave!

The Malaysian Straight Hair Bundle is for our "Budget" minded consumer that might not be adding tons of colors to the bundles.

As a matter of fact, we have had great results lifting this natural #1B color to a #27 honey blonde.

If you are looking for human hair that won't break the bank then this is the weave for you!

Best Wavy Weave

The wavy style of hair extensions is the overall best selling category. There are many different styles of wavy, but the body wave tops them all as the top style of weave.

Over the past decade, we have seen the addition of many additional styles. I am sure there are more to come!

Here are your top wavy sew-in extensions.


Wavy Indian Hair #1

What we love the most about the Wavy Indian Hair Bundle is that it is actually in its natural state.

Most bundles of weave have curl patterns that are the same when compared to hundreds of hair extensions.

This consistency is not a coincidence. The process of creating curls with steam is how 99% of hair weave sells in America.

The different waves in the Indian weave can take a little to get used to because they do not look the same as most other hair bundles.

Don't worry, when you get your next sew-in the natural waves will come together to create a beautiful hairstyle.

Indian continues to produce some of the best weave available!

Wavy Indian Weave Colored & Styled on @IamLatavia


Vietnamese Natural Wave #2

The Vietnamese hair would go head-to-head with the Indian weave, but steam creates the wavy version.

This drops it down a slot to the #2 position.

The Vietnamese Natural Wave Bundle is lovely, and we can barely keep it in stock as there are limited amounts and it takes a while to produce.

This hair can be styled and colored just like any other hair extension on the market.

You will fall in love with the best hair coming out of the country sides of Vietnam!

Brazilian Wavy Textures #3

The best selling of the bunch is the Brazilian hair that is available in multiple wavy textures.

Body Wave is the most popular along with other classic textures like Spanish Wave Hair and Loose Wave Hair.

Brazilian Body Wave Bundle is forever popular because of the affordable price point matched with the fantastic hair quality.

Malaysian Body Wave #4

Once again the Malaysian hair is at the bottom of the list.

It is not because it is bad hair, but just it can't honestly compete with our other wavy options.

Although, the Malaysian Body Wave Bundle is one of the best selling products on our site!

Once again the price makes this 100% human hair an incredible value.

Best Curly Weave

Big curly hair is fun & sexy! We love the curly hair options that are now available.

What is going to be the best curly hair weave? That is the question!

Get the natural look and stuff as many bundles as possible for a big and bold hairstyle.

Here are your best weave options for curly hair!


Curly Indian Hair #1

If you are looking for the best weave for a curly hairstyle, then this is it!

Curly Indian Hair Bundle is stunning!

There is a reason the hair retails for over $100 per bundle.

The curls are natural for the donors in India. This hair is harder to come by as more women in India have a straight or wavy hair texture.

Remy Indian hair with all the cuticles and abilities to color and style makes this one of the best curly weave

Curly Brazilian Weave #2

The curly Brazilian weave options include the Kinky Curly and Afro Kinky Hair Bundles.

Think of this as the standard for a curly hair weave.

Look at this Brazilian Kinky Curly Bundle!

Brazilian curly options have been a standard in the industry for over a decade. Our clients love this hair because it offers great value while holding up to all the color and style tests.

Remember, great care for curly hair can make or break the longevity. Make sure to take care of your beautiful curls!

What is the Best Weave for a Sew-in?

Depending on your budget, the raw hair extensions are generally the best weave for a sew-in. This ensures you are getting the best quality hair when the price is not a deciding factor.

The type of sew-in style will not make too big of a difference when choosing the hair.

For example, a vixen sew-in will be great with any of your choices as the same with a traditional sew-in.

These options would include the Indian Wavy, Indian Curly, Vietnamese Straight, and Vietnamese Natural Wave products.

All of the Brazilian weave and Malaysian weave are great options but we are talking the best!

What is the Best Weave for a Quick Weave?

I would suggest using a lower-cost bundle when doing a quick weave because you will be cutting the wefts and diminishing the integrity of the bundle.

The Malaysian straight weave and Malaysian body wave weave are perfect choices for this.

Most women will not keep a quick weave long-term because it's glued on so these types of bundles would be perfect!

Final Thoughts on the Best Weave

Hair extensions come in many different styles, lengths, types, and colors, so it is important to be able to understand the differences.

The "best weave" you can buy might not be what is best for your client. We like to take both product quality and cost into consideration.

There is nowhere on this earth we will not travel to find the best weave hair!

At Private Label Extensions we try to offer the best weave for the price within a few different levels.

Understanding how to grade hair extensions and buy what is best for the particular hairstyle will always be best.

Do you have a question about what might be the best weave for you? Feel free to drop a question in the comments below so we can help!

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Great breakdown of the best weaves for different hair textures! Knowing which weave suits your style and budget can make all the difference. Thanks for sharing!


What’s your recommendation for maintaining these weaves once installed? Any tips on keeping them looking fabulous for as long as possible?


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