10 Reasons to love quick weaves

10 Reasons I Love Wearing Quick Weaves

Say It Loud, I love Quick Weaves, and I’m Proud!

For the longest time in hair history, quick weaves have been getting a bad reputation!

I mean, why can’t everybody love all weaves?

Grab yourself some virgin hair bundles and let's get into these quick weaves. It’s just some hair!

But before we get started, we have to answer a quick question.

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What is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a hair extension technique where hair wefts of hair are glued directly onto a protective cap placed on your head, or your natural hair is braided down and protected with a cap and bonding glue.

This method allows for a fast and versatile hairstyle, typically completed in about an hour, making it a popular choice for achieving a new look quickly.

Quick Weaves are Well...Quick!

Well, I think it’s best if we start with the fact that quick weaves are installed mighty quickly!

The phrase, 'quick weave' originates from the speed it takes to install them. Because you’re not braiding the weave into the hair or sewing, you save a lot of time on the process.

When you’re installing a quick weave the only materials you will need are scissors and bonding glue.

Some people may use a blow dryer after each track is glued down to ensure the hair is in place, but it’s not needed.

The average installation time it takes for a quick weave is up to two hours, depending on speed.

Who wouldn’t love getting a quick weave just because of that timeframe?

Not everyone has time in their schedule to sit for hours on end to get their hair styled! Some people want to get in and then get out.

With a quick weave its nothing more than cutting the size track you need, and gluing it down! That’s it, nothing else.

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Quick Weaves are Low Maintenance

Oh, did you think quick weaves were high maintenance?

This style is by far one of the human hair extension methods that don’t require much effort to maintain.

In the Summertime, its common to see women wear big curly hair quick weaves and that’s because they choose a style that was simple!

With a curly hair quick weave, you may need to apply moose in the morning and go!

There isn’t any high maintenance with this hair extension because that would defeat the purpose.

Quick Weaves are Affordable

Having someone install a quick weave isn’t going to cost nearly as much as getting another type of hair install.

Quick weaves typically run between $40-$50. In the hair world, that is a steal! The reason it cost so low is that it doesn’t take much effort to complete.

Although, in total, you may end up paying around $80 since the hair would have to be purchased.

Typically the customer would buy that separate and then pay someone to install the hair. Also, the prices of a quick weave install are also the same across the board.

Whether you have your favorite hairstylist do it at a salon or your kitchen beautician do it, the price averages the same.

So, for those people who love getting their hair often done, a quick weave is for you!

Who Doesn't Love a Protective Style?

A quick weave is one of the best protective styles! If you want to cover your hair for a while and give it a break, have a quick weave made!

Most times, people will have their hair braided, place two stocking caps over the top of them and begin applying the glued tracks.

The reason why two caps are used it so the glue won’t seep through to the natural hair causing it to be ruin.

When people are trying to repair their hair from damage, they sometimes wear quick weaves.

Rocking the braids underneath the cap will allow your natural hair to relax while it's rebuilding. Anytime you give your hair a break from styling will benefit you in the long run.

Some believe quick weaves shouldn’t be worn in your trying to repair your hair, but as long as it's done correctly, you’ll be fine.

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Quick Weaves are Easy to Remove

Quick weaves couldn’t be easier to remove!

Everybody doesn’t have hours to set aside to remove braids or spend time cutting tracks out.

Quick weaves will always go down in history as the fastest hair extension to be removed.

The only product that is needed to remove a quick weave is a tall can of oil sheen.

Yes, oil sheen, the product that adds shine throughout your hair. It's recommended purchasing a cheap brand since it won’t be used for its intended purpose.

Once you’re ready to remove your quick weave and have your oil sheen, the only thing you do is spray a generous amount in one area while rubbing it at the same time.

The rubbing action is ensuring the oil softens that area, so the quick weave can easily slip off. On average, it should take less than an hour to remove.

Once it’s off, you’re done!

Healthy, Now

As mentioned earlier, some believe that quick weaves are harmful to your hair.

Now, this isn’t entirely false. Quick weaves usually have a terrible reputation, but for a good reason.

However, like anything else, it depends on how it’s made. When quick weaves first began getting popular, only one stocking cap was used.

Then people would apply the hair glue, and it would seep through the cap causing the adhesive to be all over the person’s natural hair.

During the installation process, this wasn’t noticed, of course. Only when people started removing their quick weave would they see it was hard to take it off.

With the glue stuck to the hair and cap, left people with only one option, which was to cut their hair!

But like most things in the world, products and techniques have all advanced. Now, people don’t have that same experience when they rock a quick weave. Stocking caps have, and most people wear two of as well.

Also, the hair glue has advanced too. Installing and uninstalling a quick weave couldn’t be better!

Quick Weave Wigs

If you want to upgrade your quick weave skills and styles, turn it into a quick weave wig!

Who said a quick weave couldn’t be transformed!

You can quickly turn your swift weave into a glueless wig by adding wig clips and a glueless band. Wig clips are what's on the inside of a wig that has comb pieces on them so the wig can stay in place.

Now of course, when turning your quick weave into a wig, it can’t be done on your head.

A mannequin head is needed to complete this style. You would have to create the quick weave as you usually would and then at the end, insert the wig clips. You could both use glue or needle and thread while adding the clips.

Once it's completed, you are free to put your quick weave wig on and take it off whenever you please.

Also, if you’re feeling creative, you could create many different quick weaves and have a different one for each day of the week!

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Quick Weaves Looks Natural

Quick weaves are nothing like having tracks sewn into your hair or having a bad frontal piece installed.

Quick weaves look natural! The best way to make sure your quick weave looks natural is to leave some of your natural hair out, around the edges.

For example, if your natural hair is curly and so is your quick weave, you could leave your edges out so that it blends in well with the weave.

The reason this is good is that you don’t want to see the top track of the weave in the front.

You could also leave some natural hair out in the back in case you wanted to put your quick weave in a ponytail hairstyle.

No Skills Needed

Who said you needed to be licensed to install a quick weave?

Well, I’m sure you probably do, however, if you wanted your favorite little cousin to install your swift weave which is still in high school, you could!

There isn’t any real skill needed for installing a quick weave other than knowing how to cut scissors!

That’s right, that’s all you would need to do.

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand how to measure a track against someone’s head, apply some glue to it and then press it back against their head!

It’s one of the most natural hair extension methods ever, to create!

Simple Signs to Know to Remove

Another reason people love quick weaves is that it's easy to know when its time to remove them!

When your edges begin to loosen, or you can move the quick weave a little, its time to have it removed.

After your quick weave is installed, it should be nicely fitted on your head so when that tightness is gone, let go of the weave too!

These are great tips because not everyone can tell when its time to remove their hair extensions.

Also, for those who don’t even like to pay attention to when it needs to come out, can easily have the wig clip added and you could stop rocking that style when you want!

Can quick weaves grow your hair?

Quick weaves themselves do not directly contribute to hair growth; instead, they can serve as a protective style that limits daily manipulation and exposure to the elements, potentially reducing breakage and aiding in hair retention.

However, improper installation or removal, especially without adequate scalp and hair care, can lead to damage and breakage, counteracting any potential benefits.

Nothing Like A Quick Weave

As you can see, there is nothing like a quick weave. It sets itself apart from all the other hair extension options.

Quick weaves are easily installed, provides different styling options and anyone can do them their self!

As mentioned earlier, back in the day quick weaves had a bad reputation but those days are over.

I believe soon more people will begin rocking them again, as often as they do with the other hair extensions.

There is nothing like a quick weave, and well, I don’t think there ever will be! Are you a fan of quick weaves?

If so, tell me in the comment section what you love about wearing quick weaves!

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