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10 Content Marketing Ideas for Helping Your Hair Business

The Discouraging Truth About Content Marketing

Let’s be honest, running a business is hard.

There are so many components to count in when it comes to the health of your success and what can truly help you grow. Here at Private Label Extensions, we’ve freely shared numerous ways you can help your business profit through innovative techniques like content marketing.

But things can become discouraging when you just don’t feel or believe you’re an effective “content marketer.” Take a blog for example. You know that blogs are great tools for content and help generate the needed traffic to your website. They are significant in growing the awareness of your brand and business.

But you’ve become discouraged because, in the end, you’re not a great writer no matter how many great topics you have. Or maybe you have no clue what to write about on your blog and are afraid of sounding redundant and repetitive. As always, we’re here to help. We understand the frustrations of content marketing but there is truly no limit to it, and that’s something to look forward to.

Everyone needs a helping hand so we’re here to help you discover ten content marketing ideas you can use for your website and blog for your hair business.

Ways to Come Out Winning

Just because you’re stuck does not mean you have to stay there. There is always a solution to any problem, and we want to help you get unstuck. Below, we will discuss ten content marketing ideas that can truly help you come out on the winning side with your blog and, most importantly, your business.

Feature to Get Follows

When starting out in your content marketing, it is always a great start to get collaborated with other influencers and those in your industry.

This is super easy to do in the hair industry considering how vast it is. You first want to start by creating a list of the top blogs, Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts you follow. Create a blog post featuring these accounts, and maybe you want to focus on how they help you and your business.

Or it can focus on what they offer that could benefit your customers. You want to make sure to show the relevance in who they are and the whole point of why you’re featuring them. Once completed, send it to those you featured so that they’re willing to share your post with their audience. This works for them as a great way to show how reputable they are and serves as a testimonial giving them more attraction.

What does this do for you? Run up your traffic! Ding, ding, ding!

Show and Tell About your Industry

When it comes to your industry and hair business, give your audience everything they could possibly want to know.

Answer any and all questions with confidence and authority showing them that you’re open and willing. Customers have questions that need answers, and you can be the one to provide them with what they need. This blog post doesn’t have to be your basic FAQ’s, but can truly focus on what is being asked and isn’t so general.

Doing this can cause you to rank well and again, drive traffic which will drive sales.

Who Is your Team?

One of the most important parts that make up your hair business is your team if you have one.

They play many critical roles to help you keep things rolling within your business. Your audience wants to know who they are! This helps them get more connected and provides a sense of inclusiveness.

This type of blog post can feature great images of your team providing a detailed description of their background in the industry, what role they play within your hair business and more. Or you can do an interview style with questions and answers allowing the voices of those on your team to be apparent and heard. Feel free to get personable tailoring the questions to the person! This is an easy, convenient and effective way to create content for your blog.

It gives your customers a great sense of who they are working with and an understanding that your team is passionate about what they do and helping them.


Here’s A Sneak Peek

There’s no better way to amp up your customers than by giving them a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Whether it be a new product or service you’re planning to launch or offer, it will get your customers excited. It also provides a sense of good entitlement and more inclusiveness especially they are loyal to your brand. It not only does all of this but it also increases the levels of engagement.

A great thing about the engagement is opening the floor for feedback to your customers as they are the first to see what’s to come. This provides a great way of connecting with them and to show that their input matters to you and holds weight.

Create a free-flowing dialogue that will help them to anticipate what’s next.

Tutorial your Products

Start winning by actually having customers who know how the ins and outs of your product and how to properly use them.

A useful way to equip them to do this is providing a blog post that offers a tutorial teaching them more about the product(s) and how to use them. This gives your customers that idea that you are devoted to helping them succeed with what they’re investing in.

It shows them that you care! When creating this kind of blog post, point out as much as you can about your product(s) being featured. This is beneficial to potential customers who are new to your hair business and brand and want to learn how useful it can be for them.

And existing customers can discover other new ways to use something they may already be familiar with or discover new information about the product(s).

Announce A Sale

It can’t get more obvious than this one! It is always imperative to involve content announcing a sale. Why? Because everyone loves a sale!

Everyone always wants a discount and something that can save them money. This is a great thing to create content for on your blog and also allows a lot of linking to happen. Linking within this type of blog post helps other parts of your website get discovered including other products and services you may offer.

In this blog post, share details about the product, how beneficial it is to your customers, and why this is the perfect time for them to take advantage of the sale. This could be based on a certain holiday at any time of the year.

What you may be offering for the sale could be a great product to tailor according to the holiday.


Attract with A Contest

Similar to announce a sale, a blog post focusing on a contest being run entices your audience because everyone wants to win something.

With a contest, it’s all about following the rules because most contests cost nothing to enter in to win a prize. This is important to know considering the differences between a contest and a giveaway.

This can include sharing something on social media, referral tactics, and customers doing something more than others to reach the goal of winning. And to see who is most effective and involved, your contest can run for days. There are various tools that can help you in deciding who the winner is.

Sharing your History and Journey

Everybody loves a story or journey they can relate to.

Sharing some background of how you got to where you are, why you created your hair business and/or what your journey has been like truly helps you get connected to your audience. This not only helps you get connected but can provide some engagement with your audience who may be on the same path and need insight and guidance.

When creating this kind of blog post, get visual and lively with your words that can paint the picture for your customers. It’s great to tell the story and all about the journey but even better to show the arrival of success with the lessons learned.

Your customers will be able to connect in a more personable way with you knowing who it is behind the business they support.

Give A Visual

Now, content marketing isn’t all about blogging. It is made up of a variety of things such as video.

Whether you’re a really good writer or not, there are times where some things can’t be written about and deserve a visual. If you’re looking to give your customers a double whammy, create a great blog post discussing a certain product or service and add a video to it!

If you’re looking to focus on a product, you can give a video tutorial on how to use it or, better yet, how it’s made. This can help give visual even with your team, and we talked about the importance of a team previously. If you’re looking to focus on a service you offer, you can give detailed information within your blog post about the service and provide a video with cool graphics or showing your face about how the service benefits the audience.

Find which works best for you or do both and get visual!


Getting Social with Events

Events are always great because they provide a great level of engagement.

If it’s an event you’ve created, you can create a blog post discussing the idea behind the event, reasons to attend and promoting it. Or have a follow-up blog post with a proper recap of the event.

If there’s an event you’re just attending, talk about who you met or who was there, and feature them within the post. This can allow you to gain more exposure by sending it to them where they may share it as well. With this post, mention your impression of the event and detailed experience of what it was like. This shows that you’re in tune with what is happening within your industry and looking to be involved in something more.

Last, but definitely not least, be sure to grab some photos of your attendance or the turn out posting it within the blog post and on your social media giving more insight behind it all.


Get Unstuck with Great Content Marketing Ideas

You know what you’re business needs. Therefore, you can determine what works and what may not.

These shared content marketing ideas are useful and ones you can take advantage of to see what works best. Even though things can get discouraging, never forget there is always a solution. These ideas can bring some refreshment to your blog and drive the right traffic that you need.

It will help you get in engaged and stay connected which all leads to success. Always know there are ample amount of opportunities to create great content from blogging to so much more. Start improving things for your business today!

Share a comment below telling us which content marketing idea you plan to use and update us on how it worked best for you.

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