Bob Hairstyle Guide: Different Types of Bobs

Bob Hairstyles Guide

The perfect style for the perfect girl! Bobs remain a classic and timeless hairstyle for many. Bob hairstyles can be edgy or flirty and vary in lengths, textures, and colors.

Bobs are an excellent style while you are growing out your hair, and a go-to for a fresh new cut! Everywhere you look, a beautiful girl is sporting her version of a bob hairstyle!

Some of the best selling wigs at Private Label are Bob Wigs so we can definitely get into this style.

My bob is my bob; is her bob, heard it's her bob too *Remixes Sza*. (That means there are three bobs and three girls, as Sza fervently points out).

Victoria Beckham Bob

Different Types of Bob Hairstyles

Yes, there are more than three! The hair Gods blessed us with the traditional asymmetrical bob, where the hair is shorter or tapered in the back and gradually gets longer in the front, but wait, there’s more, the bob is also longer on one side than the other.

Think back to T-Boz of TLC, she was a huge advocate for these asymmetrical bobs, or just about any mom in the 80s, I mean have you seen those prom pictures?

A-Line Bobs

Then along came the A-Line Bob, known for being layered and short in the back and long in the front, both sides being equal. Our favorite bobber for awhile was Nicki Minaj in her Barbie Days.

I have to admit, this is one of my favorites, alternating between a sleek middle part or a deep side part, adding even more dimension to such a multi-layered look. This bob haircut is great if you want to rock a short bob.

a Line bob

Cleopatra bob

Cleopatra is the official queen of bobs. The hair look is synonymous with the Egyptian queen and icon. This look is the blueprint for so many different types of bobs and hair looks. We’ve seen this look worn in modern ways by artists like Rihanna and the Barb, Nicki Minaj.

Middle Part Bob

You can part your bob almost anywhere you want. If you want to create a dramatic, boss bob look, then you want to opt for a middle part.

It’s a balance between both simple and dramatic and creates a striking look by revealing all the beauty of one’s face.

celebrity hairstyle

Sleek Bob

The sleek bob offers a classic look that looks modern yet almost futuristic.

For those looking for a simple and straight look, this bob hairstyle is perfect for you.

celebrity glass hair trend

Curly Bob

There are so many different types of bobs. Not only can you wear your bobs sleek but you can also wear them curly. Adding curls to your bob wearing your natural curls in a bob style is a great way to spice up your hair look.

So if you’ve got curly hair, don’t worry you can rock the bob look too.

Wavy Bob

Bob’s don’t have to be straight, nor do they have to be curly. You can wear your hair somewhere in between with a beach wave or even a wand curl, wavy look.

Wet & Wavy Bob

Add some water to your wavy bob to create a wet and wavy look. The wet and wavy bob is easy to manage and style. It is great for traveling in tropical weather as it requires minimal styling.

Shaved Bob Hairstyle

For our girls, that must be up to the edge factor; there is the shaved bob. This bob boasts a cut side, either on the left, right, or in the back.

This bob is still traditionally a gradual, more extended length from the back to the front but also highlights an edgy and unique shaved design.

Shaved Bob

Bang Bob Hairstyles

And while some bobs have a little less hair, the Bang Bob has a little more bang for your bob. Ha, a little bob humor. Speaking of which, one of my favorite cartoon characters, Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers, nails this style and even adds a small clip for good measure.

This bob style can have straight blunt bangs, feathered bangs, or a soft side-swept bang, and also goes from shorter to longer. What I love most is that this look can be rocked as a long bob haircut or a short bob haircut.

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob offers a classic bob look with its sharp edges and straight cuts. This square dimension, one-length all, around bob haircut is what has coined it as the blunt bob.

Braided Bob

There are so many braided looks that you can rock. You can really turn heads by rocking your box braids in a braided bob. The braided bob offers a unique look and also doubles as a protective style.

Short Box Braids

Textured Bobs

Textured Bobs have broken out as a favorite this year, adding a little fun to a usually severe and strict cut. The textured bob can be angled or cut bluntly, and get its texture through curling methods. Soft waves, layers, and curls give this bob an extra boost.

Think Vanessa Hudgens when she first chopped her long locks and opted for a fun textured bob! Or our favorite textured bob-gal Jhene Aiko, that girl can work a wave.

Textured Bob

Tilt Bob

A tilt-bob is a dramatic and modern twist on the asymmetrical bob. One side, usually the right extremely long while the other side, cups the jawline. Giving a sweet and spicy look all in one.

1920’s Bob

Bob’s were very popular in the 1920s. The featured 1920s bob was referred to as the “shingle”—a bob that covered the ears but was cut shorter in a v-shape at the nape of the neck. They became very popular due to the flapper scene of the 1920s. It seems like almost everyone was wearing one.

This bob from the past is still worn up to this day.

Messy Bob

A messy bob is great for those that want to add some funkiness to their bob hair look. It gives you a shaggy hair look that is stylish and messy in all the good ways.

The Lob Bob

The Lob, now known as the elongated Blunt Cut, is a style of bob that stops just above the shoulders. Bobs are adored and praised for helping hair look healthier and thicker while simultaneously drawing attention to the face.

The Color Bob

Now that we have got the cut, it’s time to get the color!

Many bob hairstyles are usually worn jet black, helping the cut and tilt of the hair stand out and shine. While others pair their cut with a popping blonde, an ashy brown, or a soft red.

Lob Bob

Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are a great option if you're trying to add some pizazz to your bob cut. Many of the previous styles we mentioned already fit into this category or they can be cut and styled to achieve the look of a bob haircut.

There are various bob haircuts, from short bob hair cuts to long bob hair cuts. A bob haircut is great for those who can't quite choose between going all the way with a cut or keeping their hair.

Celebrities like Rihanna are infamous for rocking bob haircuts. Stars like her and Nicki Minaj have made bob haircuts their signature look, and you can as well. The one thing I love about a bob haircut is that you can achieve the bob look with long, medium, or even short hair.

Hair Cut Trim

How Rock Your Bob

Just like regular styles, bobs are adorable worn behind the ear. Usually, one side tucked messily behind the ear, giving off cozy vibes.

Another way to rock a bob is to let the hair fall gently over your eye, channeling your inner Aaliyah.

Bobs are mainly short but can be long. However, they are always bouncy and must be adequately cut to do the style justice.

Be sure to research stylist in your area who are skilled at cutting and have a way with shears.

Things to Consider

The bob life is great but there is a lot of maintenance involved. Here are some things to consider before joining the #BobLife.

Gone are the days of a casual wash and dry; a bob is a detailed cut and needs
maintenance. A bob is an easy yet time-consuming style to keep up. You will have to perfect the waves or straighten your hair to a silk delicacy, daily.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will need frequent cuts to maintain the shape and style of your cut. Unless you are content with allowing your hair to grow out into different styles and going with the flow, trims or cuts will become a part of your routine.

But as the saying goes, “You reap what you sow!” With regular hair care, trims, heat protectant, and a good flat iron, your bob will be picture perfect every time.

Selena Gomez Platinum Bob

Getting Adjusted to the #BobLife

You may be unaccustomed to seeing so much of your face. With hair that is nestled right around your face and jawline, it draws more attention to your facial features. Do not fret!

This newfound focus is an excellent time to get friendly with accessories such as earrings and headbands, enhancing your already stunning facial features.

We love a new look and a new do.

Using Extensions to Obtain a Bob Style

The great thing about bobs is that they help hair look fuller and neater. If you are on the fence about the best bob for your hair, there are plenty of months in a year for you to try them all!

One can purchase shorter or longer length extensions if you are not ready to commit to the cut on your natural hair.

I recomend hair extensions such as Private Label Malaysian Body Wave, 10-20 inches, for the perfect bob haircut. They can be installed and cut in the back to obtain the bob style, and allow maximum versatility without the commitment. Hair does not have to be straight or wavy for a bob look. To switch it up and add more bang to your bob you can use a curlier text like the Brazilian Deep Wave Extensions, thus giving you a textured bob.

When utilizing longer extension lengths, 16 inches to 20 inches are great for longer length or asymmetrical bob types. This way, stylists need to only taper and layer the back while trimming and angling the front to achieve the desired length and style. Using longer lengths would be useful for Tilt-Bobs and Traditional Slant Bobs.

Shorter lengths, like 10 inches and 12 inches, will be most beneficial to achieve an
Asymmetrical Bob, A-Line Bob, or a shorter blunt cut.

You could even purchase a full lace wig from Private Label and have it customized into your very own bob style!

There is a bob for everyone, blunt, layered, straight edge, beach wave you name it. The bob is more than a style; it’s a way of life, especially when you have a beautiful bob to showcase.

Leave a comment letting us know which type of bob you're thinking about rocking.

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