the best color depositing conditioners for colored hair

The Best Color Depositing Conditioners For Colored Hair

Convinced On Color Depositing Conditioner?

Colored hair is becoming increasingly popular in the hair industry. In the past, when people got color in their hair, there wouldn’t be any way to keep the color vibrant after fading. When hair color fades, it doesn’t look pretty. Often, when it’s a vibrant color that requires bleach, it’ll fade to an odd green color or worse. The turnaround time for color is usually a few months depending on the kind of dye you use, and what kind of tone you get. Also, when you color your hair, you risk drying it out. The best way to keep colored hair moisturized is with conditioners and other products. However, sometimes those products aren’t helpful in keeping your color vibrant. I know that in the past, washing colored hair was the best way to drain out the color and have it looking dull. Nowadays, there are products such as color depositing conditioners. If you have colored hair and haven’t heard of a color depositing conditioner, you are missing out. Check out these brands with the best color depositing conditioners that will keep your colored hair vibrant and hydrated.

What Is A Color Depositing Conditioner?

A color deposit conditioner is a conditioner meant to moisturize colored hair and keep it shiny and healthy. These conditioners also contain small amounts of color within them. Each time that you use a color depositing conditioner, the conditioner lightly deposits a small amount of color into your hair. A conditioner like this will nourish your hair and increase the vibrancy of your color. It’s the perfect tool for those that don’t want their color to fade. Color depositing products also buy you time in between color appointment.

What Makes Hair Color Fade?

There are a lot of reasons for hair color fading. The most common reasons for color fading are shampooing too soon after coloring, consistently rinsing with hot water, and too much time in between color sessions. When you first get your hair colored, you shouldn’t shampoo right after a treatment. If you go to a hairstylist, they should tell you this info as well. The usual wait time for shampooing after a color session is 3-7 days. When you have colored hair, you should try to make it a habit of rinsing your hair with lukewarm water only. Cleaning with hot water strips the hair of hydration and color can also fade out the color. Waiting too long in between color sessions is another way to speed up the fading process. Making a standing appointment for color treatment is essential. If you do your hair on your own, you should keep a regular day that you give yourself a coloring treatment. The average time between color treatments should be 2-3 weeks. Another thing to note is that spending too much time in the sun can cause hair color to fade. While you have hair color, you should make it a priority to protect it.

Best Color Depositing Conditioners

Color depositing products have hit the market, and there are plenty of available options. Each conditioner with has a small amount of color to be deposited into your hair when you use the product. If you have brown dye, you’ll need a conditioner created for brown hair. If you have red color in your hair, you will need a conditioner with red color in it. It’s important to pay attention to the labels to ensure that you don’t make a mistake and buy the wrong color. Each color requires a different kind of treatment. Here are the best color depositing conditioners for the typical color types.

Best For Black Hair

As many of us know, black hair is rarely ever jet black unless it was dyed to be that way. When choosing a color depositing conditioner for black hair, choose something that is a dark brown/black town. It’s easy for black hair to look dull so get a product that has a conditioning treatment with a color boosting gloss. The best conditioner, in my opinion, is dp Hue’s Color Boosting Gloss. This product is a conditioning treatment that has an added color gloss to boost moisture and color.

Best for Brunettes

For the longest time, this product has solely been found in salons and beauty suppliers for professionals but not anymore! John Frieda has taken his iconic "Brilliant Brunette" drugstore series and gave it a boost with the Visibly Deeper Colour Deepening Conditioner. Designed to enrich dark tones of natural and color-treated brunette hair, this conditioner deepens hair color effortlessly.

Best for Brown Hair

Looking for an easier and more efficient way to give your brunette hair a boost? Luckily, the Aveda hair-care experts have created an organic conditioner that might be just what you're looking for! This product is made with organically-grown clove to enrich warm tones and coffee to intensify brown shades. This conditioner leaves the scalp purified and the hair feeling super soft, with rich color all year round.

Best for Chocolate Hair

For the deeper brunettes who want more warmth added to their hair color, One n' Only's Chocolate Argan Oil Color Conditioner is the ultimate way to go. Made with argan oil to help nourish, condition, and smooth hair, this product provides incredible shine while transforming your color into an autumnal hue to love all season. Best of all, it only takes five minutes!

Best for Chestnut Hair

Chestnut-colored hair folks, Evo Fabuloso's Colour Intensifying Conditioner will be your saving grace. It's perfect for those with medium to light brown hair looking to add some warm chestnut tones. This conditioner not only intensifies your color, but it's also deep conditions your hair.

Best for Golden Brown Hair

For the golden brown, there's one conditioner that tops them all, and that's Joico's Color Infuse Conditioner. It was made to protect color while intensifying the depth and shine of the hair. It also highlights the lightest parts of your hair, leaving a heavenly glow. The best part? The pigmentation is real, keeping your color fresher, longer!

Best for Red Hair

Red hair is one that needs be actively maintained with a color depositing conditioner, for any and every shade of red. This is because the red hair molecule is larger than others. Red hair color can't fully penetrate the hair shaft, which means the color will fade as soon as you shampoo. To ensure vibrant red hair, use a conditioner, like the one from the CHI Ionic Illuminate series in the shade Mahagony Red. This product will keep your tresses looking as luxurious as when you first colored them.

Best for Auburn Hair

Continuing with the red hues, even though auburn hair can be easier to maintain because of the brown undertones, it still needs help. The next time you're looking to buy a conditioner, consider this brand – Davines. This color-depositing conditioner in Tobacco is specifically formulated to evenly distribute warm, red notes at the base. While it also infuses cool, brown tones to give a rich, multi-dimensional color instantly.

Best for Copper Hair

Another gorgeous shade of red, copper, is another color that can be hard to upkeep. But, with this nutritive mask in "chic copper", it's can be much easier. This deep-conditioning mask revives color while adding rich, warm hues organically blended with almond butter and buriti oil for major hydration.

Best for Pastel Hair

There is no longer a need to fear of trying out a fashionable pastel hair color. Thankfully, the experts at oVertone have just the right for you. It is available in every shade of the rainbow including rose gold and silver. OVertone's conditioners and masks are created to give you a pastel hair color infused with a rich blend of emollients for major hydration.

Best for Gray Hair

For the women with dry, gray hair, Keracolor's Color + Clenditioner is a cleansing conditioner that revives and revitalizes your hair instantly and effortlessly. Non-lathering and gentle on the hair, this conditioner instantly infuses color into the hair with each wash, so you'll get the most vibrant gray of your life. Best of all, it was aerated with a keratin base to strengthen hair with each use. So not only will your hair look better, it'll be healthier too.

Best For Blondes

Blonde can be a tricky color to upkeep. If blonde isn’t your natural hair color, you will have to bleach your hair to get to a blonde shade. For blonde shades, it’s essential to get a conditioner that will be able to keep your hair vibrant and nourished. Blonde is also a harsh color that can be very dehydrating, so the nourishment is essential. The best color depositing conditioner for blonde shades is the Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioner. This conditioner brightens hair without drying out hair.

Best For Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are similar to blonde shades. They require a lot of maintenance and will fade if not properly taken care of. Vibrant colors can disappear rather quickly in various situations such as hard water rinsing, UV exposure, and dehydrating hair products. With vibrant colors, you will need to ensure that all your products are color enhancing in some way. For vibrant colors, I have two different products that I consider to be the best. eSalon Tinted Love Color Enhancing Treatment is an excellent treatment to enhance pigment to your colored hair. The company will blend whatever color you want and ship it over to you. The next conditioner is the Overtone Haircare conditioner and treatment masque. This product comes in every shade possible, including silver! It’s perfect for anyone with a vibrant uncommon color that is in need of rejuvenation.

What To Take Away

Each of products mentioned above will help you maintain your hair color. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair color you have; you will need to make sure that you’re avoiding things that can fade the color in your hair. Too much time in between appointment, hard water rinses, and UV exposure can all affect the color in your hair. Color depositing conditioners are great for keeping your colored hair nourished while also enhancing your color. Different conditioners have different hues. You’ll want to make sure that you choose something that will improve your specific tone. Read all the labels so that you don’t risk picking the wrong one. By trying out these products, your colored hair should be vibrant for much longer than usual! As always, leave us feedback and let us know if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned above.
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