how to be confident with a bold hair color

How to Be Confident With A Bold Hair Color

My Story

Growing up I have always been a unique individual. I have always been bold from the inside out so when it came to my hair, there was no exception. I've always loved expressing my personality through bold hair colored looks. I have rocked almost every single hair color from natural colors like black and dark brown to bold hair colors such as blue, red, purple, pink, silver you name it (Check out this article on what color hair should I have)! I've even had a rainbow afro wig in my wig collection. I am not afraid to rock a bold hair color because I love to experiment and try new things with my look.

My Huge Green Afro Wig

One of my boldest hair colors was a bright green wig. Not only was the color bold but the style was bold as well. The wig was a towering high top afro wig that you couldn’t help but notice. I wore this wig for my 23rd birthday. I wanted to do something different and unique for my birthday, so I had a wig themed party and celebrated with friends. For my birthday I made it mandatory for all my friends to wear a bold colored wig as well, no exceptions. I also took it a step further and only allowed them to give me two types of gifts, wigs, and money. My birthday was hit! We had a wig themed photoshoot, and it was awesome. What was even better was the fact that a lot of my friends got to break out their shell. Wearing bold colored hair was new to many of them. Many of them had a new found boldness and started incorporating bright colors into their hair looks.

Wearing A Crazy Wig In College

I decided to wear the wig to school as well. It was my senior year or college, and I wanted a symbolic start, and this green afro wig was just that. That wig was the talk around campus, from students to professors, to administrators, everyone was talking about my hair. As I would walk on campus people would ask to take a picture with me and ask me what I did. I used my hair as a branding and networking opportunity every chance I could get. One of the most common questions I got was, how did you get the confidence to rock this hair look? In my mind, I thought why not just wear what you want and be who you are? I was wearing this wig to express myself yet somehow the wig became and unplanned social experiment. A lot of people started opening up to me about how they wished they could wear bold hair looks as well. I’ll never forget, one day I was in the cafeteria, and a student came up to me with her eyes tearing up and said: “Thank you so much for wearing this wig, I want to be bold and do bold things, but I don’t have the confidence. I am so scared of what others will think. You wearing this wig helped me a lot.” That moment touched my heart forever, the fact that me just being confident in who I am could inspire someone else was amazing. I began to wonder how many people want to express themselves with a bold hair color but are afraid of what people may think?

Do You Want Bold Hair Color?

Do you want a bold hair color but are too scared to try? Bold hair colors are beautiful, especially in the summertime. Although bold hair colors are beautiful, they can be very intimidating for many. Not everyone has the confidence to rock such looks and when it comes to rocking such hair looks confidence is key. Have you been eyeing bold colored hair looks but you’re scared to take that leap of faith? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this blog post, I will show you how to be confident with bold hair color. Here are my top 3 tips on being confident with bold hair!

Confidence Tips for Bold Hair

1. Stop Caring About The Opinions of Others

First of all, stop caring what people think. Fear of man is one of the number one things holding back so many people from their greatness. If you want to do anything bold in life, you should not even consider what others may think because then you may start thinking yourself out of it. Instead, think of those it will inspire. I’m not going to lie there were so many naysayers when I wore that wig, but there were even more people that were inspired. If you focus on the opinions of 5 haters, you will miss the chance to inspire 5,000. Wearing a bold hair color is not as scary as you think. If you can muster up the confidence to do this, it will help you be confident to do even bolder things. Wearing this wig did exactly that for me. It helped me to stop caring about what people think and live my best life.

2. Bold Moves = Bold Opportunities

You attract what you are, and the same goes for hair. When you wear bold hair, you will attract those who love or are interested in bold hair. If you are a hairstylist or sell hair having a bold hair look is a great way to get noticed, and you can potentially turn people’s interest into sales. People will start asking you about your hair left and right. Post your bold hair color look on social media, use some hashtags and many hair color lovers will flock to your page. People don’t just love seeing bold hair colors in person, but they love seeing it on the internet and social media! Youtube tutorials showing you how to attain a bright hair color garner millions of views. Doing tutorials and showing your bold hair color through social media is a great way to build your brand online and attract opportunities. My bold hair got me so many opportunities. It helped my personal brand, and even my campus organization grow as well. I started a fashion club on campus, and many people came because they loved the creativity of my hair and wanted to see how I would apply that same creative gift to a fashion show. One of my college mates was the host of a tv teen talk show and had me as a guest to talk to the youth about fashion and creative expression. I got to be on tv! What a great opportunity! She said she first noticed me with my bold, bright green afro wig, that wig got me so many opportunities.

3. You’ve Only Got One Life To Live, Express Yourself to the Fullest

You have only got one life to live so why not wear what you want? When you go to sleep at night your the only one left to sleep with your thoughts. You don’t want to have thoughts and feelings of regret because you are not the person who you want to be. Life is short; you should always express yourself to the fullest and confidently rocking a bold hair color is a great way to do that. Changing your hair color can change the way you feel about yourself. It will give you the confidence to do things that you were too scared to do and ultimately it will inspire others. When it comes down to it, it is all up to you.

Your Favorite Celebrities Are Doing It

A lot of times we see our favorite celebrities rocking bold hair colors, and we fall in love with these looks. The sad thing is many of us are afraid to rock these hair looks ourselves. One reason why we love these celebrities is that of the bold moves they make in every aspect of their life including hair. We love Rihanna’s red hair, Cardi B’s bold blonde and Nicki Minaj’s green bobs. There is something about these celebrities that attracts us to them. It is their confidence and boldness that attracts us to them, and you can carry yourself in the same way.

Will You Be Rocking A Bold Hair Color?

When it comes down to it, it is all up to you. You already have what it takes to rock a bold hair color you just have to believe and be confident. No one can hold you back but yourself. Not to mention it is summertime, right now is the perfect time to rock a bold hair color. Are you daring enough to try a bold hair color? Try it out and let us know how it goes. We know it will make you feel confident and ready to take on the world! For those who have already taken the risk, what is the boldest hair color you’ve tried and how did it make you feel?
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I coloured my hair turquoise and violet yesterday – eeeekk!!! It was so scary but everyone around me loves it and I’m starting to love it more and more every day. I’m so glad I took the leap and just did it. Now I can say I’ve tried at least. I own a small shop and the bold hair gets people talking even more than usual. I love it!!


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