why changing your hairstyle can boost your confidence

Why Changing Your Hairstyle Can Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is Key

It’s entirely and normal to need a confidence boost every once in a while. Confidence doesn’t need to be unwavering, but it should be strong so that we can feel at our best as often as possible. When I wasn’t younger, I often struggled with confidence issues. I didn’t know how to cultivate confidence, so I had poor self-esteem. Something that I never realized was how much of my pride and courage came from how I presented my hair. For a long time, I permed my hair; then after realizing that it was damaging my hair, my mother decided to stop allowing me. Since I couldn’t straighten my hair, I didn’t know how to style my hair and feel confident outside of that. Luckily, I grew out of that phase and in my teens, I began to embrace the versatility of my hair. As I started changing my hair and trying different styles, I gained my confidence back! I finally stopped feeling so dull and felt vibrant and outstanding. My experience with changing my look has led me to believe that improving your look every once in a while will boost your confidence. Let’s get into why changing your look can boost your confidence!

Why Try Something New?

Trying a new look is great for a variety of reasons. For me, I always love doing something new with my hair after a significant change in my life, before an interview, and after a major breakup. After a substantial change occurs in my life, I am always searching for something new to try. Sometimes, I want to change my house around or switch up the energy in my space, but more often than not, I’m looking to improve how I see. Ultimately, I want to look in the mirror and feel different from the parts of my life that have changed. My hair is always the first thing I go to. Now, sometimes this can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! When braids weren’t expensive for me, I would always change my hair to braids to have that fresh look I needed. After changing my look, I always feel more connected to the new territory of life I’m experiencing. The same applies to when I’m going into an interview. When I feel brand new, I typically present myself in a much better light than I usually would. Many interviewers have said that I exuded confidence in the interviewer. Of course, they had no idea that I had just changed my hair, but I knew that my new style contributed to what they described. We all know about the cliché of changing hairstyles after a significant breakup, but it indeed works. When I went through my last breakup, I changed my hair and felt so much better. I felt better about moving forward when I wasn’t reminded of the past by my appearance. Try it out and see how it works for you!

A New Style Means Better Self-Care

In most cases, when people aren’t feeling happy with themselves, their self-care becomes less of a priority. When you decide to change your appearance, you’re taking charge of your self-care. You’re doing this by putting your time and effort into how you appear. The more that you invest in yourself, the better you’ll feel and the more confidence you’ll have. I always notice that when I’m on top of my self-care, I feel the best. Simple things like wrapping my hair at night, and brushing my hair in the morning made all the difference. Don’t mistake tending to your appearance as vain. It’s not as long as it’s not overindulgence or obsession. Be mindful of how often or how little you’re taking care of your appearance. Your hair will always let you know when it needs some love. Boost your confidence by moisturizing your curls, taking care of your coils, or having a wash and spa day. Your new found confidence and your hair will thank yourself for it!

Trying Something Daring Is Fun!

Trying something daring with your hair can cause an influx of confidence. When you’re willing to be daring with your look, you’ll be more likely to be daring in other aspects of life. When I finally tried a new hair color, I tried so many different things that same week. I went out to a place I had never been before despite my social anxiety. I tried some new foods despite being particular about what I eat. Being daring is subjective to each. For me, it was a new color. For others, it could be a new curl pattern or a new protective style. Whatever your level of daring is, be sure to choose that and go for it! You never know what other daring things you’ll try with your new confidence level.

Don’t Worry About Other People!

The more confidence you have, the more you’ll be able to choose your lane when it comes to your style. Confidence should be entirely based on how you feel about you, not what anyone thinks about you. When I was worried about other people’s opinions, I found that I wasn’t able to express myself how I wanted. Since I couldn’t express myself, I felt like my confidence couldn’t be at the necessary level for me to be comfortable. Once I stopped worrying about how people felt about my look, primarily as a black woman, I was able to choose a look that suited me. It took a long time for me to get there but I did, and I’m sure you can too.

Remember This

Trying a new look has many benefits that you may not be aware of. For me, stepping into a unique style has helped me with major changes in life, a sad breakup, or a job interview. Trying a new style can boost your confidence if you let it! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something different and get your confidence in check.
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