did your hairstylist do a lousy sew in

How to Know If Your Hairstylist Did A Lousy Sew-In

Oh No, They Didn't! Catch the Signs of A Bad Sew-in

Hey ladies, the weather is warming up, we are showing less skin, and of course, we're excited to rock our long inches all summer long. A bomb sew-in can have any woman feeling amazing especially if your stylist does it correctly. But your great hairstyle can turn into a hot mess real quick if your stylist doesn't do it the right way. It's sad to say, but a lot of people do not know the proper routine and steps it takes to give a delightful looking sew-in to a client, from your wefts being visible for the world to see, or the hair not blending well with your natural curls. So, today we will be giving you a few insiders and things to know if you have a lousy sew-in in your hair. Sometimes we can mistake cheap weave with a bad installation, and that's not the case if tracks are falling out, causing major headaches, or creating any hair loss it's possible that your new sew-in is a lousy sew-in. Not to worry, we will have you ladies looking super fresh and fly this summer, and your bundles will be flowing in the wind. So, pay close attention to these upcoming signs the next time you have your stylist or friend install your extensions, it could save you a lot of time, money, and stress in the future.

Your Tracks Are Showing Honey

The right sew in weave can boost your confidence, self-esteem, and brighten up your day (Check out this article: how many bundles for sew in). But the whole point of getting extensions is that it looks like it's your real hair or darn near close. So, if by any chance your tracks begin to peak out or show then the whole hairstyle will look a mess. A proper sew-in will not show any tracks and blend in perfectly with your hair. Professional stylists say that if wefts or the weave tracks begin to be visible, it is because the hairdresser installs the extensions to close to the leave out. The only way that you can fix this problem when it occurs is to, unfortunately, head straight back to your stylist have them take it out and reinstall the hair, or wear a hat every place that you go. Next time you have someone install your bundles take the time to ask which stitch method they will be using. The overcast stitch requires that they use the needle through the wefts and pull it through. This is the most common of them all and will ensure that you don't have slack and that your tracks will not show.

Your Weave Is Falling Out or Becoming Undone

After you get a fresh sew-in, it should last for about two to three months before you must take it out and do a reinstall. The reasons ladies love getting this hairstyle it due to the durability and stability knowing that they will have a style that is going to last for a reasonable amount of time. If you notice that your weave is falling out or becoming undone it may be because the stylist during the installation did not sew the extensions in tight enough. This mistake is typical if they do not use a proper stitching technique or if the thread using to sew is cheap and easily breakable. Another reason you may not notice when it comes down to your weave falling out is the cornrows stylists put in your hair. If the braids are too small, the track may not hold. Also, you may want to think about adding synthetic weave to the cornrows this will make it a stronger hold for the bundles and a great protectant against the needle and thread. Typically, when you go in for wash appointment in the next few weeks, your hair stylist will tighten the weave back up afterward. But if you notice slackness within the first 48 to 72 hours, then please see your stylist and have them re-do the tracks. Never try to do this process on yourself for it can cause further damage to your hair.

Your Weave Begins to Shed

Now, your weave shedding may seem like a problem that comes from you buying cheap or lousy quality extensions, but it could be due to lousy sew in hair. If you notice strands or chunks of hair coming out every time you comb your fingers through your extensions, then that is a huge problem. This issue is standard no matter if you are dealing with synthetic, human, or natural hair. But if strands are falling out in large amounts, there is a huge problem. Shedding sometimes occurs when the stylists attempt to split the wefts for closure or to fill gaps throughout the head for a particular hairstyle. If the track is weak, then the hair will slip out of it. I would suggest that you or your hairstyles seal your wefts before installing them into your hair. Sealing is the process of locking in the strands to the weft using some sealant which glue or liquid adhesive is usually. Making sure you take the time to secure in the tracks is an excellent way of knowing that this significant investment you are making will last you a very long time. If you buy a high-quality weave, then I would make sure that the stylists try their best to avoid sewing the needle straight through the track. This not only decreases the lifespan of the hair itself, but it will cause increase shedding due to the direct damage of the weft. The trick to avoiding strand loss in your weave is to sew around the tracks so that it will not weaken over time.

Your Hair Does Not Lay Flat, or It's Lumpy

If your newly fresh hairstyle does not lay flat on your head, it's a significant sign that you probably have a lousy sew-in installation. The number one reason that your weave might look lumpy could be because your stylist uses an incorrect braiding pattern to on your head. There are multiple ways to cornrow your hair underneath your tracks depending on whether you will have a leave out, a lace front, or a full sew-in. Circular and horizontal braids are standard for a full head of weave, so if a vertical pattern is on your hair, then this could cause your bundles to stick out in a not so beautiful way. Try using hand-tied wefts, and you do this by sewing the wefts tight with a needle and thread first before installing it into your hair. If the machine stitches the wefts, which is very common, then they are much thicker at the top. This issue contributes to the added bulk in your hairstyle. Lastly, this issue can be due to the thickness of the extension hair or tracks, try telling your stylist to avoid accumulating the wefts on top of each other method. The only reason you would need to stack bundles on your head is if the hair is thin and that usually occurs when you purchase cheap weave. Instead of piling up try folding over the tracks, this makes for an overall smoother finish and will have that weave laying flat honey! If you take the time to invest in high-quality extensions, then it will already have the volume and fullness that you are searching for in a hairstylist.

You Have A Bad Headache

Sew-ins are no walk in the park, but there is no reason at all for your scalp to feel like it is on fire after having someone style your hair. There are several reasons that you are experiencing a headache after getting a lousy sew-in, one, could be because the hairstylist did your braids or cornrows underneath the tracks too tight. If your twists are too small or tiny, this will also cause extreme tension on your head making it painful to sleep and go about your regular daily activities. The second reason you are probably having headaches is that the stylist is sewing the thread and needle too tight to your head. This is good for looks wise, but not so much for comfortability. There are sprays and multiple hair products out now that can loosen up the tightness of a sew-in. Also, I know people to take a couple of aspirins and wait for the pain to subside for the next few days. But in all honesty, if pain continues your best bet if you are going through this issue is to head back to your salon and have them take out the extensions immediately. I know you went through the time and stress to look beautiful, but nothing is worth losing your edges over.

Your Real Edges/Hair Start to Show A Little Too Much

A clear sign that your weave or any hairstyle you have is beginning you get old is if the edges of your scalp start to show. But if you have your extensions in for only a couple of days or weeks and you there is a clear sign of separation from the weave and the natural hair, then it's possible that you have a lousy sew-in on your head. This issue can happen for a numerous of reasons, the main one being the hairstylist installing the extensions did it too tight where the edges are, and if that happens your hairline could recede and cause permanent damage. When peaking hair around the hairline show, it is very noticeable that you are wearing a weave and could even make your hundred-dollar hairstyle look like a cheap wig. I cannot stress enough that when you get a sew-in, it is not supposed to hurt afterward if you are experiencing any pain after installation goes back to your hairdresser or salon to have them immediately fix the problem. I know they say beauty is a pain but not when it comes down to a sew-in. It's best to catch any issue you are having early on, so no further damage occurs to your lovely tresses.

Have You Ever Received A Lousy Sew-In?

Nothing can ruin your day more than knowing that you may have a lousy sew-in in your head. But you live, and you learn, and hopefully, you will never have to go through that stressful process again. If you look out for the signs above early on you may be able to fix the problem before it gets any worst. Remember that you can always avoid a lousy sew-in by one; going to a professional who knows the real art of doing extensions. And two, making sure that you invest in an excellent quality weave that is great and will handle any needle and thread. Shedding is normal. But if you see any large chunks of hair coming out with every comb or brush stroke, then you may need to switch up the quality of weave that you are purchasing. Getting a sew-in is excellent for adding volume, shine, and style to your hair, but if you don't take care of it, or have a proper install, then it can lead to loss of your strands, scalp irritation, and other dreadful issues. I hope you find this blog post helpful, and if you've ever received a lousy sew-in installation, please give us details in the comments down below.
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I just had hand tied extentions don to my fine hair, i notice the edves of the weft on one end is showing and ling thread is hanging out, is this normal? Its not layin flat on my head and when i tried to put it up in a bun or pony tail yu can see my weft line, im not sure if the install was done incorrectly or my hair is just too thin?

Rosie Hall

Hi, did she fix it? I am from Jersey and the same thing happened to me.


I had a la weave done three days ago and it’s all but practically come undone I am heartbroken, it cost me a lot of money and I don’t know how to get my money back .I am going there today to see what she offers me but I really don’t want her to do it again and half dug in my head and my daughter us to remove them (she used micro rings ) please advise


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