How To Measure Your Head For A Wig (To Get A Perfect Fit)

Your Guide to a Perfect Fitting Wig

You find the perfect wig, order it, then as you are trying it on- it does not fit!

I am sure some of you are familiar with that feeling. The way your wig fits your head is vital.

A good, comfortable fit is essential, especially if you wear your wig for an extended amount of time. If a wig cap is not fitting or is too tight for your head, you will have a feeling of regret that you did not take steps to find your size.

First-time wig wearer? You may want to buy two different sizes, keeping the one that fits your head.

Knowing your head measurements before you order or make a wig, is a key step. Having a wig that fits helps with the overall look and feel.

Once you know your correct size, picking out various styles of wigs is a breeze!


Prep Your Hair for Sizing

The first mistake that people make is measuring their head while their hair is not slicked back or molded down.

Taking the proper steps before measuring gives you an accurate size. If your hair is long, gather the hair into a low ponytail or create a braid pattern (straight back cornrows).

If you have short hair, mold your hair down with a product, and apply a wig cap to lay your hair further down. Once your hair is in the style that you wear your wigs, proceed to measure your head.

To determine the size that's right for you, measure your head size by taking the following measurements.

If you do not have time to style your hair for head measurements, simply part your hair. Parting your hair moves excess hair out of the way.

For the forehead-to-nape measurements, create a middle part while dividing your hair into two halves.

Start the part at the front of your hairline and end at the nape. Guide the measuring tape along the part to measure. For ear-to-ear measurements, create a horizontal part atop of your head and divide the top and bottoms halves of your hair.

Guide the tape across your head to get the right head measurements.

Wig Cap Sizes:

  • CHILD: (18." - 19.5" Circumference), (12.5" Ear to Ear), (12" Front to Back)
  • AVERAGE: (21.5" - 22.5" Circumference), (13.5" Ear to Ear), (14" Front to Back)
  • PETITE: (20." - 21.5" Circumference), (13" Ear to Ear), (13.25" Front to Back)
  • LARGE: (22.5" - 23.5" Circumference), (14" Ear to Ear), (15.5" Front to Back)


Remember, the sizing is a guideline. All companies and manufacturers have their sizing system. There are many simple techniques to make your wig feel more secure on your head.

Ways to Measure Head

Start with the circumference. This measures the distance around your hairline.

Using a fabric tape measure, start at the front center of your hairline, bring the tape around to your nape, and back up to your hairline.

Mark where the tape ends, and use the chart above to see what size you are.

Ear to Ear

Start the tape at one ear, bring it across your hairline, and stop at the other ear. Refer to the chart above.

This measurement is the most important one. If you are not sure your size, based on the other numbers, always go by your ear-to-ear measurements.

Forehead to Nape

This measures the length of your forehead to the nape. To determine where the nape of your neck is, slightly look up and place your finger on the bend. Where your neck bends and the skin folds, is where your nape is.

You will want the bottom of the wig to sit above this area; so that when you move your head back that far, your wig will not move on your head.

Place the tape on the center of your hairline, bring the tape atop of your head, and down to the nape.


Measuring For Custom Made Wigs

There is no worse feeling than creating a gorgeous wig, and have it not fit your head.

If you are making a wig on a wig head, having the correct measurements is key for a great fit. Draw a rough sketch of your hairline and nape perimeter. Use your measurements and the tape to mark out the distance on your wig head or wig block; the circumference, ear to ear, and forehead to nap.

Measure your head and then put a cap on the wig head, carefully making sure that it is a right fit, and pin it down.

The Styrofoam wig heads usually measure 21 to 22 inches around. You can also add height or width the head up with masking tape.

The most important measurements are the circumference and ear to ear measurements. If the circumference is too tight, it will loosen up over time.

You can always purchase a wig cap with the adjustable straps if you are worried about taking your measurements.


Perfect Fit Feeling

Your wig should fit comfortably with your natural hairline, which is a few inches above your eyebrows.

The back of the wig is to come down to the nape on the back of your neck. Studies show that 95% of the population wears an average or medium wig cap size.

Majority of wigs come in the average/medium cap sizes but come with adjustable straps in the back. Adjustable straps allow you to adjust the overall size of your wig for the best and most relaxed fit.

Wig caps have a size label inside. If this is the case, remember your size so you can reference it the next time you order a wig. Once a person has decided to wear a wig, there is no reason not to enjoy the process. The first step to effectively pulling off new tresses is to be sized correctly.

No wig will look natural if it is not the right size, and hopefully, this post will help you find your size.

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