how to perm or relax your hair extensions

How To Perm or Relax Your Hair Extensions

To Perm or Not To Perm

Can you really perm your hair extensions? The answer to this question is yes.You can perm your hair extensions, but please be cautious when doing so. Private Label Extensions has high-quality hair capable of being permed. However, please be mindful that perming your human hair extensions will decrease the quality and possibly longevity of the hair. Believe it or not, perming hair extensions is very normal.

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What is a perm?

A perm (permanent wave) is the process of chemically creating a wave or curl in human hair. People who perm their hair typically have straighter hair and desire bouncier hair with more hair volume.

"I thought a perm straightens hair?" No, a "relaxer" straightens the hair. Even though you've probably heard people refer to relaxers as perms, it's essential to know the difference. As stated before, a perm chemically alters your straight and wavy hair to become curlier. Likewise, a relaxer chemically alters your curly hair to become straight.

Since referring to both processes as perms is so common, always make sure you know which method you want. If you're going to a licensed hairstylist, make sure you are clear about how you want your hair: curly or straight. From now on, I'll use the terms "perm" and "relaxer."

Got it? Good! I hope so!

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Type of Hair Extensions to Perm

What kind of hair extensions can be permed or relaxed? Human Hair? Synthetic Hair?

Make sure you only perm or relax 100% human hair extensions. It's just like if it were your own hair; it's real. Do not make the mistake of perming synthetic hair extensions. The process of perming or relaxing synthetic hair will not be as effective as it would be with human hair.

You may be wondering how long perms and relaxers last. Perms can last months to years, depending on the maintenance of the hair. Relaxed hair is permanent.

Another important thing to note when dealing with perms and relaxers is knowing when to color your hair. Should you color your hair before or after you have chemically treated hair extensions? Coloring your hair after you have permed or relaxed it is best, and you want to wait a few weeks between each process.

For example, when you relax your hair, wait three or four weeks to color. Remember, "Never perm a color; always color a perm.

How do I perm my hair extensions?

Since we are talking about perming your hair extensions, you want your straight or wavy hair extensions to get curly. Well, there is a process, and it is a long process, but it’s worth it in the end. Let’s jump right in.

Caution: Please be very careful in this process. Wearing gloves is imperative.

Follow all directions on the products you use.

What You Need:

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Steps to Follow

Step #1
Prep: To cover the surface (table, floor, etc.), use aluminum foil.

Step #2
Wear gloves.

Step #3
Wash the hair extensions with shampoo.

Step #4
Rinse the hair.

Step #5

Thoroughly add hair-perfector treatment to the hair.

Step #6
Thoroughly comb out all the hair extensions.

Step #7
Start curling the extensions with hair rollers or flexi rods in any desired size. Start from the tip of the hair and wrap around the hair curler or flexi rod up to the root. The hair should be wet while wrapping the hair rollers/flexi rods.

Curling Rods

Step #8
After curling all the hair extensions, apply the perm on the hair. You should drip the product all
over the curled hair. Then, put them in a bag for about 20 minutes to process.

Step #9
With the hair rollers or flexi rods still on the hair, rinse the hair thoroughly with water.

Step #10
Add neutralizer to the hair. Let it sit for 5 minutes. This helps create the size of the curls.

Step #11
Gently take out the hair rollers/ hair rods.

Step #12
Shampoo and rinse the hair gently.

Step #13
Let the hair dry. You can use a hairdryer, or let it air dry.

And there you have it. Your hair extensions are curly.

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How do I relax my hair extensions?

Want to make your hair silky straight? Let’s start.

Caution: Please be very careful in this process. Wearing gloves is imperative. Follow all
directions on the products you use.

What You Need:

Bleach Hair Blonde

It is recommended to relax hair extensions that are not installed in the hair already.

Steps to Follow

Step #1
Prep: To cover the surface (table, floor, etc.), use aluminum foil.

Step #2
Wear gloves.

Step #3
Thoroughly comb out all the hair extensions. This may be tough for very curly hair extensions.

Step #4
Place the hair on the surface on top of the plastic bags.

Step #5
Open the hair relaxer. Caution: Some hair relaxers require the mixing of the activator, and some
do not. Please follow the directions on your relaxer product for better results.

Step #6
Use the application brush: carefully dab the relaxer on the hair.--stroking It up and down the hair extensions. Apply evenly and distribute it all over the hair.

Step #7
After applying the relaxer to the hair, let it sit for about an hour.

Step #8
After, rinse the hair extensions thoroughly with running water. While rinsing, it is optional to
detangle it with your fingers. Make sure all the relaxer product is entirely out the hair.

Step #9
Use a neutralizing shampoo to wash the hair extensions.

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Now your hair extensions are straighter than ever before!

Perming or relaxing hair extensions are possible, and it's a lengthy process, but it's worth it with care and caution.

Have you ever permed or relaxed your hair extensions? Tell us below

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