10 Pixie Cut Styles You Should Try Right Now!

Who doesn’t love a classic pixie cut? Pixie cuts are always in style, and they can complement your facial features.

What is a Pixie Cut

I'm sure you're thinking to yourself: What is a pixie cut? A pixie cut, simply put, is a short hairstyle (Check out this article: hair extensions for short hair) where your hair is cropped in layers precisely done to create a slightly tousled effect. It can be messy, flirty, and fun! It allows ease of styling for whatever look you desire and helps you to stand out in any room.

Many women desire the look of a pixie cut but don’t want to commit to the style cut cutting off all their hair. That is why getting a weave or wig is the perfect solution. While all your natural hair is safe under the install, you get to rock your new short do with no commitment.

Pixie Cut Styles

We've got eleven pixie cut styles you might want to try. There are some DIY pixie cut styles out there! However, we always suggest going to a professional before cutting your hair or managing a short style. Many people assume that they can only wear a pixie cut with straight hair. However, you can have a pixie cut for curly hair and still look fabulous! Curly pixie cuts provide versatility as well. Anyway, let's get into these pixie cut styles.

short hair cut

The Pixie Cut Quick Weave

To complete this pixie cut style, you will need two bundles of Private Label Extensions 10in Malaysian Body Wave bundles.

In this video, YouTuber Rochelle Clark uses bundle hair to accomplish a Do-It-Yourself quick weave.

First, she brushes her natural hair into a wrap to create a flat foundation. You can also braid your hair down in cornrows for more protection. Then, she wraps her hair in cling wrap to protect it from the hair glue. She then applies a flesh-toned wig cap on top of the wrap. Now that the base is complete, she is ready to start the install.

She takes the first track and measures it around the nape of her neck to determine how much to cut off. She cuts off the track, applies hair glue to the track, then applies the track to her head. Rochelle completes this process until she reaches the top of her head. Be sure to shape this style with your shears and razor comb to shorten pieces that are too long.

pixie cut

Copper Pixie Bowl Cut Wig

In this Pixie cut tutorial, YouTuber PeakMill kicks it up a notch by adding color.

For the beautiful copper color, she used:

• L’Oreal Hicolor for dark hair only in ash-blonde

• Wella Color Tango in Copper

• 20 and 40 volume developer

She first colors the bundles with 40 volume developer and L’Oreal Ash Blonde. To create dimension, she dyed a pre-lightened bundle with Wella Color Tango in Copper.

To construct a pixie cut wig, she places an adjustable wig cap on a canvas dome head. Similar to Rochelle, she uses a glue gun to glue the tracks to the wig cap. She uses a combination of shears, razor comb, and barbering trimmer to create the bowl cut look. Once the cut is complete, she straightens the hair with a flat iron to create a sleek look.

short copper hair

Tapered Bob Pixie Cut

In another hair tutorial PeakMill is back again to show us how to slay a tapered bob pixie cut wig.

For this unit, you’re going to need a 12in Malaysian Body Wave Frontal. In the tutorial, PeakMill cuts the frontal into a large closure-like shape. She glues 27 piece hair in the back to create the tapered look. Once she gets to the top, places the frontal in the front and stitches it to the cap with needle and thread. She closes the wig off with more 27 piece hair and then starts to layer the hair to create a blend.

PeakMill uses a combination of shears and a razor comb to shape and thin the unit to create a natural look.

To style the unit, she uses a 1 ½ in- 2in curling iron to create big barrel curls. While the curls set, she further tapers the back and sides with a barbering razor.

short hair cut

Pixie Mohawk

For this next pixie cut, Ina Henry shows us how to create a mo-hawk look through a tutorial.

In this tutorial, Ina glues 27 piece hair to the back and sides of a dome cap. She then cuts a piece of a track and glues it to the middle of the cap all the way to the top to add volume and length. A bundle of Private Label Extensions 12in Malaysian Body Wave would be perfect to achieve this.

Once all the hair is applied, she uses a razor comb to shorten the length of the long tracks. Once the hair is the perfect length, she curls all the bundle hair with a flat iron. To finish the look, she combed through the curly and tamed her edges with edge control.

curly short hair

short hair

Curly Pixie Cut

For this next pixie cut, we will be adding beautiful kinky curls! A curly pixie cut, as previously mentioned, is a cute and versatile style!

In this tutorial, Juleen Forbes shows us how to create this curly “V-Hawk” using 27 piece hair and curly bundles. She glues the 27 piece hair to the back and the sides of the cap following a “V’ shape. She then glues curly hair tracks to the top of the unit. Private Label Extensions Brazilian Brazilian Kinky Curly would be perfect for this look. To create the pixie shape, she uses a razor to trim the hairs on the back and shape the sides.

The result is a beautifully tapered pixie cut with voluminous and defined curls cascading downwards in the front.

short mohawk

Pixie Cut With Bangs

A pixie cut with bangs can be an adorable, subtle change while being daring at the same time. Rocking bangs with your pixie cut adds edge and flirtatious vibes for you to sweep them over.

With short hair at the nape of your neck and longer strands dangling in the front, this style can work with any hair texture and shade.

Celebrities Rocking The Pixie Cut

After all these tutorials, you should be well-prepared to create your pixie styles, but here are a few of my favorite celebrities rocking the pixie cut, just for your inspiration!

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has always pulled off a pixie cut with class, style, and confidence. I love to see her in a nice, shortcut.

Kelly short hair


Please hear me through your computer screen when I tell you Zendaya slew with this blonde pixie cut! Zendaya served us sexy bowl cut realness with this look. Zendaya and her team paired this hair perfectly with thick eyebrows, dramatic and a dark brown matte lip. What a look!

Zendaya blond pixie

Cardi B

Cardi B rocked a classic black pixie cut for a while and looked so amazing while doing so.




Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson always rocks a beautiful, carefree pixie cut. With her confidence and style, she pulls them off with ease.

Jennifer Hudson

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe was no exception when it came to rocking the pixie style and boldly with various colors at different times. She constantly graces the red carpets time and time again with this look. All thanks to her hairstylist, Nikki Nelms, who shares that the secret to a flawless pixie such as Zoe's is all in a great cut.

Zoe Kravits

Maria Borges

Victoria's Secret model, Maria Borges, has set a new standard for the runway by rocking not only a sexy pixie cut but also rocking it with her natural hair texture.

She is considered to be the first woman to walk the brand's renowned show with a short, natural look. She has inspired many others in the industry. While breaking the barriers of the stereotypical model look, she's also inspired women around the world to boldly rock this style.

Maria Borges

Cara Delevingne

Cara has effortlessly slayed any hairstyle applied and it's no different with her pixie cut debut.

Not only has she stunned us with this gorgeous cut but rocked bold vibrant colors with it as well. The model gives the cut a chic taste and has creative ways to show just how versatile short hair can be from styling it with finger waves to ribbon headbands.

Katy Perry

Katy has a new look and it's here to stay, not going anywhere! Surprisingly, her dramatic hair change did not come by accident but by her desire to want to really switch things up. Not just by telling us but by showing us, Katy reminds us that things are a bit more fun with short hair. Her pixie cut gives her the liberation she needs.

Janelle Monae

Hairstylist Nikki Nelms did it again by giving the Hidden Figures star, Janelle Monae, a sassy pixie cut accompanied with loose wavy curls. Nelms cut her lush locks into choppy face-framing layers that only enchanted her gorgeous features.

jannelle monae


Kehlani stepped out the box flaunting her brand-new pixie cut courtesy of her hairstylist Shai Amiel. With the perfect features and natural hair texture, she has shown us a softer side to pair with her edgy style.

Halle Berry

If anyone is the queen of the infamous pixie cut, it is none other than the one and only Halle Berry. She has been known to wear her hair short for the past years and has, in fact, made it a staple style that many women request.


Charlize Theron

Charlize debuted her pixie cut back in 2013 for the Academy Awards in such a stunning, classy way. With the perfect face frame, the stylist responsible, Angileri, shared that the key to the flawless look was trimming and adjusting the cut every step of the way. The look was iconic and done with much taste accentuating her neckline and ageless shape.

Tyra Banks

Supermodel mogul, Tyra Banks, twisted things up with her pixie cut. She also reminds us that barriers should be broken according to what someone is supposed to look like. Instead, she helped set the standard by ditching the long extensions and going straight for a killer pixie cut.


I can’t finish this article without mentioning Miss Fenty herself! Rihanna owned the Pixie Cut a few years ago when she was promoting her Unapologetic album. The pixie cut complimented RiRi’s facial features so well, and she always served us a bad-girl rebel look with her hair and makeup.


Riri Short

Riri Short

How To Cut a Pixie Cut

Cutting your hair into a pixie cut is fairly easy.

When cutting hair, you always want to start off on damp, freshly cleaned hair. It's always easier to start with hair that is somewhat short however if your hair is long, I'd recommend seeing a professional hairstylist for a seamless cut.

Using a rattail comb for precise parting, create sections, first with a vertical part right behind your ears. With your hair pinched in between your index and middle finger, take shears and cut the hair that's out between them.

Cut the sides and the top for a clean pixie cut using the same method but in two different sections. Thin any area if necessary.

Should I Get a Pixie Cut?

While pixie cuts give a boost of confidence and offer a charming, daring look, it's important to consider certain factors that go with the pixie life and if they suit your lifestyle. Styling a pixie cut to look good requires maintenance.

In today's day and age, society is all about trying to stick out and be different with sometimes forgetting to do what works for them individually. A pixie cut sets the tone and exposes more of you.

If you are looking to show off your face or ready to commit to consistent hair maintenance and proper care besides just looking for a change, then a pixie cut may be for you.

What is Your Favorite Pixie Cut Style?

As you can see, a pixie cut doesn’t have to be so scary. With a talented stylist and the help of Private Label Extensions, you can create a pixie cut look without the commitment to cutting your natural hair.

Are you going to sport a pixie cut for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

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