7 Different Shades of Blonde Hair That Black Girls Can Rock (Trendy Transformations)

Which Shade Suits You?

Usually, when searching for new hair color, there is an array of shades that come to mind.

Throughout the many options, blonde is almost always the color that we all decide to go for at least once because it serves as an opportunity to show off our fun side and those undertones that everyone discusses.

But when going through the process, black women are sometimes criticized for wearing shades of blonde over their natural shade.


Who Says That Black Girls Can't Rock Blonde?

If anything we own it and kill it! With all of the choices, shades, variations, and tones, there is a shade of blonde for every black girl out there.

If you are one of those women, who hear that blonde is not for black girls, stay tuned to see how you can prove naysayers wrong while ultimately maintaining the health of your hair.

Before any hair coloring session, you should consult a stylist. If you want to lift to a specific shade, it may take a few sessions or happen in one sitting.


The lighter you go, the longer it will take to lift your hair; the darker you go, it may take as little as 45 minutes. No matter how long it takes, remember that your hair's health is your main priority because over-processing leads to damage and breakage.

The ultimate fear of blonde hair and black girls is that it just “will not look right,” and that is because you have to find your shade. You must treat your hair like shade-matching your foundation, ladies. Every skin tone has a different undertone, warm, cool, or neutral, which plays a factor in our hair color choices and the best complimentary makeup shades.

Keep hope alive, there is indeed a color out there for you.

We have seen Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Ciara, and many other brown-skinned beauties rock shades of blonde. We are seeing Black girls with blonde hair killing it all over social media. Black girls are no longer afraid of blonde hair; they are rocking bolder and bolder shades of


Golden Blonde Hair for Black Girls

It is a mix of honey hues with almost no brassiness to shine through. The original key here is to try a balayage technique so that the colors melt seamlessly through your locks.

However, even if you do not try the balayage technique learning how to blend your color and to make sure that everything melts together will give you a sun-kissed look to keep eyes on you.

Try this color on some Private Label Extensions hair, pair with full curls and you are sure to turn heads.

Beyonce messy blonde hair

Dark Roots Aren't Your Blonde Hair Nightmare

If anything, dark roots will be your best friend! Dark roots paired with an ash blonde or dirty blonde on dark skin is the image of perfection.

Seriously, have you seen Jackie Aina? This beauty vlogger is always reminding us that anything you can do, black girls can do better especially when it comes to hair.


Dark roots also help tone down the brightness of blonde hair, making the color change not appear so bold but still make a statement.

Blonde to Black

A Little Color Theory

Color theory is universal and will never change in painting, makeup, or hair color. The three primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. When combined, they create brown or a neutral. When mixed in fixed portions, the primary colors make all other colors on the color wheel; first, to create secondary colors, green, orange & violet; then tertiary colors, which are our blue-greens and red-oranges, and so on.

On any color wheel, if you go straight across from your starting color, you will find the color’s complementary color; or when it pertains to hair color, you will find the color needed to cancel out the unwanted pigment. For example, if I lightened my hair to a level 7, it would be orange. I will see blue if I find orange on the color wheel and go straight across. This means that I need to use a toner with blue in it in order to cancel out that unwanted orange-tone.

Violet-based toners cancel out yellow blondes, and green-based toners will cancel out or neutralize reds.

When it comes to getting that ash-blonde color, hair toner is an essential tool to remove the brassy-orange color you initially have after lifting your natural hair or extensions.

At first glance, it may seem like you have ruined your hair. I have first-hand experience with the scare of bright orange hair. But toners such as Wella Color Charm in T18 or T14 will lift and deposit color to achieve that beautiful, non-brassy, cool-tone blonde you are looking for.

Guaranteeing that you accurately followed the lightning or bleaching steps.


Rich Blonde

Imagine a color where your hair looks like honey. This shade of blonde is the color for you!

While this is similar to the golden blonde, it is somehow different. Instead of having multiple techniques, there is one slew of color from root to tip.

No balayage, ombre, or highlights.

Do not run for the door just yet! This color compliments so many skin tones from those with yellow undertones to those with orange and red ones. I have seen this work for everyone when done correctly. The key here is not to over-process the hair.

Leaving your color on for too long without the proper tools is what leads to that orange blonde that everyone is so afraid of having.

When trying to achieve this color, less processing time is more.

Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots...or Not!

Do you see the trend yet? Dark roots can save lives and looks. Or you can completely abandon it and still rock your hair.

While this shade of blonde is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a favorite for our risk-takers. This shade suits every tone of black skin so well that it is a wonder how we slept on it for so long.

We have seen the likes of Eva Marcille (Pigford) rock this shade straight out of America’s Next Top Model, YouTube beauty Vlogger Jennie Jenkins teaches us how to curl and style it and so many more black women who decide to go against society’s ideals of black hair.

Platinum blonde is still one of those silent risks that many black women are afraid to try.

But, given today’s hair techniques, we can take anything from a disaster to “a look” when we confidently wear it.

Platinum Blonde Hair

Pink Blonde Hair

The fun hair is always in, and pink is a fun color, so why not combine the trend with your hair?

We have seen in the last two years how untraditional colors are now an everyday thing. Whether we are walking down the street or if we are going to the salon to try something new. The request for non-traditional hair is now vividly acceptable.

Specifically, pink blonde hair is everything and more especially for black girls looking to revamp their style and elevate it to the next level.

Imagine taking your ash blonde hair and adding light streaks of faded pink to it. It's a look right? And now imagine darkening those roots, chopping it into a shoulder length bob and adding in some messy wand curls.

Are you convinced yet?

Pink has always been one of those colors to steer away from until recently, where it is a complementary color to the melanated skin.

The best part about this is that as the different shades of blonde vary, there are different shades of pink to get your hands….or hair on to try.

If you are not into making it a four-month commitment, try a rinse color like Adore semi-permanent in Pink Petal or ion Semi-Permanent color in Rose Gold.

Pink Blonde

Grey Blonde

And no, this is not your grandmother's gray hair.

With the grey color trend still going strong, many have found a way to incorporate this into their blonde hair list.

This color varies slightly different from ash blonde because it provides more color to your already stunning look. While ash-blonde gives a bit of warmth, grey-blonde can come off icy and a tad bit bolder.

This color is definitely for black girls who love blonde hair because it is not your traditional shade.

While we know how to push and break down beauty barriers, we kill it in this area.

Every black girl can wear this color with dark roots, ombre, highlights, or even full root to tip realness. If you are feeling risky, try it out and see just how much you love it.


Lilac or Lavender Blonde


Like its sister of pink hair, lilac or lavender hair is not something we were ever encouraged to try. It was like all the fun stuff was only reserved for us once we decided we could do it.

Considering that you will have to lift your hair or extensions to achieve different shades of blonde, I encourage you to try something different, and maybe lavender is your look!

This very light purple gets accomplished by adding a rinse over your blonde with the intention of fading it for the color effect.

Any black girl can wear this color if she has confidence and the right shade of lipstick.

YouTubers and Tumblr beauties everywhere have made this trend possible with their overwhelming confidence and willingness to simply be different.

So, again, who said that black girls couldn’t wear blonde hair?


Black Girls Can Do Anything, Especially Rock Blonde Hair


So what have we learned here other than brown girls of every shade can rock blonde hair? Black girl hair magic is on the rise and not to be limited or put in a box. When you Google "Black people with blonde hair," many beautiful images will appear.

If anything, we see that no matter your idea for your blonde hair, you can go for it, even if society is completely against it. Deciding on what you want to do with your hair as a black woman is an experience and a fun way to show off your personality in a world that has already decided on your persona.

The point is not to prove others wrong but is to show yourself that you can wear any color in your hair that you want. From platinum blonde to golden blonde, to pink blonde with dark roots or faded lavender blonde hair with no roots. Your hair is up to you!

The best part about all of this is that each color is temporary; just like our minds, we can change them as often or as little as we like.

And if you are super apprehensive about coloring your natural hair, no worries, Private Label has an array of 613 or blonde extensions, ranging from bundles to even wigs, that you can color and tone without the commitment.

So to every black girl who believes she cannot rock blonde hair, I dare you to think twice and try out one of the styles mentioned above because you might surprise yourself.

Try something new, something different, something outside of your comfort zone, and let us know in the comments how amazing the perfect shade of blonde made you feel.


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