8 ways water makes your hair grow

Here Are 8 Ways Water Makes Your Hair Grow

8 Ways Water Moisturizes, Restores and Grows Your Hair

I’m going to introduce you to my secret weapon for healthy hair. It’s a magical substance that works miracles as it grows your hair. It’s what I like to call, water. Yes, that’s it. Our bodies are made up of about 60% to 80% water, so clearly, we need it to survive! A little H2O does more good for your hair than you would think. Ready to find out how water can not only improve your health but also add some inches to your hair? Let’s get into it!

Why Is Water Healthy for Us?

From the time we are old enough to drink on our own to our older years, we are told to drink water. Our parents forced it on us, our doctors suggested that we drink it more, and our schools had it available as an option for every meal. The question is, why?! Why and how is the clear substance that appears to be nothing and has little to no taste so beneficial to our health?
  • Water is a nutrient. Much like vitamins and protein, our system requires water for life and continuous growth.
  • Having water in your bodies increases the amount of body fluids that you have which is great for digestion, blood flow, cleansing your kidneys and other primary functions.
  • Water gets rid of the toxins and waste that enter our body.
  • It keeps you energized. Drinking water breathes life into your muscles and organs.
  • Water improves the appearance of hair, nails, and skin.
  • We lose about two to three quarts of water a day through bodily functions such as sweating, so drinking water adds it back into our systems.
  • Not drinking water can cause many health problems (a lot of which can cause you to lose your hair.)

How Does Water Contribute to Healthy, Growing Hair?

Time for the good stuff! Are you looking to transform your hair from dull and thin to long and luscious? Hydration is the key to growing your hair as dehydration can lead to hair loss, and what better way to gain moisture than to add more water to your daily routine? Still not sold on the fact that water can add length and fullness to your hair? Here are eight ways water can grow your hair.

Tip #1

Our hair is like a plant. When a plant dries out, it withers up and stops growing. Hydrating the hair shaft is necessary to prevent “withering” (breakage and split ends).

Tip #2

It strengthens our hair because about 25% of each strand of hair is made up of water.

Tip #3

The consumption of water aids in providing electric and magnetic energy from the scalp to the root which is both critical to our bodies overall.

Tip #4

Water activates the nerve endings that are within the roots and scalp.

Tip #5

If you struggle with dandruff, water helps to eliminate dry, flaky skin.

Tip #6

Water improves the hair’s cells by providing them with the vitamins that they need. Maintaining cell health is vital because there are specific cells that have the responsibility of producing hair growth.

Tip #7

Water also helps to restore thinning hair back to fullness.

Tip #8

Rinsing your hair with cold water after you condition it will smooth your hair to create length and leaving it shiny.

The Benefit of Using Water-Based Hair Products

Although drinking water is the most common way to hydrate our system, there are other things that you can do to increase your water intake such as using water-based hair products. When purchasing hair products, check the label and make sure the first ingredient is water. If you’re looking to add moisture to your hair, an oil-based product is essential to use, but you must first add in a product that is water-based. Oil is excellent for coating each strand and locking in the moisture that you apply with the water. To prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle, you must penetrate the shaft with water.

How to Incorporate More Water into Your Day

Whether you are a fan of bottled water or filtered tap water, it is crucial that you find ways to incorporate more water into your everyday routine. I have a few tips for making sure that you’re getting the proper amount of water every day.
  • Keep bottles of water everywhere. Have a few stored away in your work desk, car, locker, bedroom, anywhere that you visit frequently. If you’re on the go, pack a few of the small eight ounce bottles in your purse or bookbag.
  • Create a “drinking schedule” and set reminders in your phone to drink a glass at specific times throughout the day.
  • Fruits and veggies have high water content, so stock up on those during your next visit to the grocery store.
  • Make it your mission to have at least one glass of water at every meal. Even if you have another drink that you prefer, drink the water first and then, indulge in your favorite beverage.
  • Use a water bottle that has measurements or time markings to help you keep track of how much you’re drinking each day. You can choose your preferred size, but I recommend getting one that’s at least 32 oz.
  • If you don’t drink water often because of the taste, add fruit to give it a little flavor.

Drink Up!

I get it – water isn’t everyone’s first choice for a drink. It’s also hard to drink the right amount of water throughout the day. However, you can’t live a healthy life with growing hair if you do not consume water on a regular basis. Relying solely on hair products that contain water is not enough. So, drink up and hydrate your hair to quench its thirst! Do you have a favorite water-based hair product? Share it with us!
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