What is Edge Control and How Does It Work?

What is Edge Control and How Does It Work?

Have you ever had those days where your makeup looks perfect, your outfit is excellent, and all seems well with the world, except your baby hairs appear to be having a party of their own, messing up your sleek, polished look?

You may want to panic, but don't fret just yet.

This is where an edge control swoops in to save the day. But what exactly is an edge control, and how does it work wonders on unruly edges to give a perfectly sleek look? 

Sit back and grab a cup of tea as we unravel all there is to know about edge controls, the secret weapon to getting your baby hairlines laid to perfection. 

Private Label Edge Control Clear and Black Unbranded

Understanding What Edge Control Is

Alright, let's take a crash course on what edge control is. This includes understanding what is in your edge control and the available types. Let's get started!

What Is an Edge Control?

Edge control is a hairstyling product specially formulated to tame and even style the short, soft hairs along your hairline, mainly referred to as 'edges.'

While you may be looking to have naturally sleek and curly edges, some of us aren't so lucky, and there are days when your edges seem to be having their chaotic dance.

This is where edge controls come in handy to give you a smooth, frizz-free look.

What Edge Control Is Made of

Sounds like a magic potion, right? Now, you may wonder what an edge control is made of that allows it to hold your edges in place. Different edge control brands have a unique mix of ingredients.

For instance, the Private Label range of edge control products like our Black Edge Control comprises Purified Water (Aqua), Ceteareth-20, Castor Oil, Glyceryl Cocoate, CP2 P Jojoba Oil, Fragrance, and other ingredients.

Other than this, most edge controls mostly contain the following ingredients:

  • Gel and polymers for a firm hold.
  • Beeswax will provide extra hold and help with styling.
  • Glycerin to prevent your edges from drying out and looking flaky.
Private Label Edge Control Products Showroom

Types of Edge Control

Just like you'd find various forms of foundations for your face or lace tints for your wigs, there are also different types of edge control for any styling needs. The most common types are:

  • Gel-based edge control is the most popular type found in beauty stores. It is great for maximum hold and sharp, defined hairstyling.

  • Cream-based edge control is usually less intense and tames edges without the stiffness associated with gel-based edge controls. It is perfect for everyday wear, especially if you want a softer, more natural hold.

  • Spray-based edge control is less common than gel or cream-based edge control, but it works well for a temporary hold. It is the easiest to apply and also great to carry around.

  • Pomade-based edge controls are often thicker in texture and provide maximum hold without the flakiness or stiffness associated with gel-based edge control products.

  • Edge control also comes in different colors. The Private Label range of edge control products comes in two types, black and Clear Edge Control, to suit any look you want!

How Does Edge Control Work?

We've covered edge control, its content, and the types available. Now, let's understand how edge control works wonders on your edges. 

First, you must understand that edge control is a concentrated beauty product, so you only need a little to get it to work.

You must use your fingers, a toothbrush, or even a particular type of brush, such as the Private Label Edge Brush, to comb, brush, or swirl your baby hairs into a smooth, sleeked-back, or more creative pattern.

With ingredients like Polymer, the edge control eventually stiffens as it dries, further locking your hair in place. Think of it as an invisible cast or wrapping that keeps your styling in place daily.

Private Label Edge Control Clear and Black Different Sizes

Importance of Using Edge Control

Now that you know how edge control works, let's understand why you must cop one as soon as possible.

Edge controls aren't just any beauty products; you can think of them as a game-changer, especially if you've got frizzy hair. Here are six importance of using edge control: 

Tames Baby Hairs and Flyaways

Sometimes, your baby hairs and flyaways are disruptive guests who always prefer to stay alive.

They can make what is otherwise great hair look somewhat messy, which no one likes.

Edge control combats this problem by smoothening your baby hairs and keeping your hairline neat, especially if you've got textured or curly hair with more pronounced baby hairs.

Improves Hairstyling

Using an edge control on your baby hair takes your hair from 'nice' to 'wow.' Think of it as the cherry on your hairstyling 'cake.'

Keeping your baby's hair at bay makes your hairdo look more flawless and professionally done regardless of the type.

Blends Hairline Appearance

Another underrated advantage of edge control is its ability to blend hairline appearance.

If you've ever wondered why many girls with wig installs love their baby hairs, it's mostly because sleeking them with edge control seamlessly blends the wig with their hairline, reducing the tell-tale sign of a visible lace.

The great thing is that edge control works well even with brands for an undetectable and more real.

Private Label Edge Control Black Unbranded

Long-Lasting Hold

A high-quality edge control is durable and can hold your edges in place for 24 hours without moving an inch!

For instance, Private Label Edge Control products are specifically formulated to maintain your hair firmly in place with their super-holding quality.

With an edge control, you don't need to check and reapply products to keep your edges intact constantly. 

Versatility in Styling

Another fantastic reason edge control products are a must-have is their versatility.

They can be used on the edges, the entire hair, and, in fact, any hair, whether human hair or synthetic hair.

Whether you are into sleek, straight edges or love more creativity with swirls and patterns, edge control can help you achieve almost any look you want.

Keeps Hairline Moisturized

The Private Label Clear and Black Edge Control products contain jojoba and castor oils to not only hold your hair in place but also leave it shinier and healthier.

Any good edge control product is formulated with oils to moisturize your hair and prevent breakage. Using reasonable quality edge control, you style your hair and ensure it is well cared for.

How to Correctly Apply Edge Control

The significant part about applying edge control is they're straightforward! You don't need to watch a training video on YouTube or all the tools in the world to get started.

Here are simple step-by-step instructions on how to correctly apply edge control. You can think of it as the manual you need to get things going: Start with having clean, dry hair for the best result.

  • Apply a small amount of edge control to your fingertip, toothbrush, or edge brush and spread through your baby hairs.
  • Ensure the product is distributed evenly across your hairline.
  • Using your best edge brush, style the edges as desired.
  • If you want your style to hold much longer, wrap your edge with a scarf or headband to set the edge control, and viola! You are good to go!
Private Label Edge Control Black Two Containers

Find the Best Edge Control Products

As you can now tell, edge control is essential to hair styling. In this crash course, we define edge control, explain how it works, describe the types available, explain why it is necessary, and show you how to apply it correctly. 

So what are you waiting for? You can grab any of our edge control products, the Private Label Black or Clear Edge Control.

If you're still skeptical about using one, you can get our Clear Mini Edge Control and witness its wonderful goodness!

Remember to visit a Private Label Hair Store for additional advices!

Now go forth and slay those edges!

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Great overview! Edge control really is a game-changer for keeping those baby hairs in check. I didn’t realize there were so many types and that the ingredients could make such a difference. The step-by-step guide on application is super helpful too. Thanks for breaking it all down, I’m definitely going to try some of these tips for a sleeker look!


Great breakdown on edge control! Could you recommend the best type for someone with fine, straight hair looking for a natural hold?


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