How to Remove Lace Glue Safely Without Damaging Your Wig

How to Remove Lace Glue Safely Without Damaging Your Wig

With your first installation, the worry is always whether the lace glue will hold throughout your wear.

Your lace glue plays a vital role in how your installation will hold up to achieve that desired look.

Removing lace glue shouldn’t be done quickly since you can ruin your precious edges and disrupt your natural and healthy hair routine.

For this reason, you should learn how to remove your lace glue safely.  But there is no need to worry when that lace glue removal time has reached, as in this article, we will shed some light and insights on how to remove the lace glue safely without damaging your unit or edges.

With several options to choose from, you should consider the following tips before making a decision: Light lace glue residue- if it has a sticky texture, try using soap or conditioner before trying more aggressive methods.

Medium to heavy lace glue residue-if it doesn't budge with easier methods, try using alcohol or a proper adhesive remover.

If you used lace glue from a specific company, it’s recommended that you also try using a remover from the same company for easy removal. Now let us dig in and try to understand the different methods.

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Using an Alcohol-Based Solution to Melt The Glue

After that perfect lace glue installation and gluing down your unit, using an alcohol-based solution will be a helpful idea since any product you use will determine the outcome of the removal process.

You will start by dispensing a generous amount of rubbing alcohol into a clean towel or a sized amount of cotton balls.

Going around your lace, using circular motions, using gentle pressure, wiping your hair utilizing this towel or the cotton balls getting into all the nooks and corners since the alcohol dissolves the glue which afterward you will be able to gently lift the lace off your head making sure you don’t hurry the process.

Lifting Off Your Lace

While rubbing the alcohol or lace glue remover on your lace, you should be careful and wait for a while. Then, you can gradually start by pulling the lace off, revealing the glue patches on your forehead.

Gently rub off the lace glue residues from your forehead until clean. Now, we can focus on the wig cap with a clean forehead.

Take Your Wig Cap Off

Your wig cap is in contact with your hair, so you must exercise caution. When removing your wig cap, be careful and gentle, as you want to protect your edges and your hair underneath.

Removing Lace Glue From Your Natural Hair

After carefully removing your wig cap, gently rub off any lace glue residues underneath.

Comb out your hair gently to keep your scalp healthy and free of product build-up, avoid hair loss, and make your future installations easy and manageable.

Locking the Moisture by Sealing in the Hydration

The rubbing alcohol in the previous steps can dry out your hair and make your strands brittle, sucking out all the moisture since the alcohol dries very fast.

Hydrating your hair is very crucial. Clean your scalp with a conditioner and ensure your edges are clean to replenish and lock in moisture and hydration.

For an extra clean scalp, use a Citrus Lace Paste Cleaner.

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Removing Lace Glue Without Alcohol

For those with sensitive and dry skin or who experience breakouts when they come in contact with alcohol, we can use alternative methods.

Alcohol is a great product when removing lace glue, but other alternatives can assist in this process, too. You can use the below options;


Acetone is the most utilized lace glue alternative product.

Spray a minimum amount of the product or use a dabbed cotton ball on the safe lace glue and allow it to sit for a few minutes before carefully lifting off the lace and combing out the hair, avoiding pulling it off.

However, its drying agents and properties can damage your skin if used for a more extended period.

Vaseline or Hydration Oils

This multipurpose wonder offers a safe and gentle way to remove lace glue since your edges have suffered during the installation.

It’s a staple in many households; for those with sensitive skin, it helps by breaking the lace glue bond for easier and gentle removal.

Using a wipe or a gentle towel, use gentle friction to loosen the lace glue grip further. Once the lace is gently lifted, apply the oil or Vaseline to obliterate the lace glue.

Use of Warm Water Solution

Mix warm water with a pinch of salt, baking soda, or shampoo well in an empty sprayer.

Spray it around your hairline on your lace glue and wait a few minutes until the lace glue is properly dissolved to lift the lace wig off gently. This is the most natural and effective method, though it’s time-consuming.

Be careful since excessive water can damage your lace. Make sure the remaining lace glue residue is well-rinsed off.

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Easiest Lace Glue Removal Ever!

I hope this article was resourceful, as removing lace glue safely is a mandatory skill for anyone who does installations. We have gone through eliminating the lace glue without damaging your wig.

Remember that while these methods work effectively, prevention is always our priority despite the side effects.

Avoid harsh chemicals and irritations, prioritize your scalp health, and nurture your edges. Safe techniques include using coconut oil or Vaseline in moments of rashes, dryness, itchiness, or skin issues.

Instead, use gentle and natural methods to achieve a successful lace glue removal, keeping a nourished scalp underneath with properly maintained edges.

And learn how to choose a good lace glue.

Also, it's advised to give your scalp and edges a break between your installations for healthy and continuous growth. In case of any queries or assistance, reach out to a professional.

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Great tips for safe lace glue removal! It’s crucial to handle the process gently to protect both your wig and your natural hair. I especially appreciate the alternatives to alcohol, which can be harsh on sensitive skin. Using oils or warm water solutions is a smart move for those with delicate scalps. Thanks for sharing these detailed and practical methods!


Thanks for the detailed guide! What’s your preferred method for removing stubborn lace glue residue from the wig cap?


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