The Ultimate 13x4 Wig Care Guide: Keep Your Wig Looking New

The Ultimate 13x4 Wig Care Guide: Keep Your Wig Looking New!

Wigs have become much more famous in the last few years among those fond of styling.

Among the various types, 13*4 lace wigs are trendy as they are easy to wear and help achieve your desired look while protecting your natural hair. Although 13x4 wigs are the best choice for elevating your style, they also need special care to keep them pristine.

When dealing with wigs, one should consider them an investment to give them proper care.

This care will provide you with the best return in the form of longevity of your wig and healthy natural hair. To ensure that your wig always looks new, follow the guide given below:

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Pre-Wear Preparation for Your 13x4 Wig

Pre-wear preparation includes inspecting your wig thoroughly before wearing it to look for damages such as lace tears, shedding, or loss. Also, look for hair texture, dryness, and tangling.

This will help you overcome minor damages, thus increasing the wig’s life span.

Detangle the wig before wearing it using a wide-tooth comb or brush. It will be easy to start from the tips and then move upwards.

Adhesive glue is a key factor in ensuring longevity and natural appearance. High-quality glue, like those provided by Private Label, is excellent for getting a proper fit without any hazards.

Regular inspection and cleaning off the glue with a good product guarantee the preservation of the adhesive’s effectiveness.

Wearing Your Wig

While wearing a 13x4 wig, some precautionary measures must be followed to keep your wig looking new for a longer time. Before wearing a wig, wash and condition your hair thoroughly and then dry them completely.

This will prevent the transfer of dirt and oils from the scalp to the wig, which will otherwise become greasy and dull. Secure your wig correctly. For this purpose, a wide range of wig caps are available.

Put on the wig cap, covering your natural hair properly. Remove the bumps, then place the wig, aligning it with your natural hairline.

Secure the wig with straps and combs. At the time of removal, the most trusted product for you is Lace Glue Remover, available at Private Label. It will give quick results and save you time.

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Wash Your 13x4 Wig

Private Label human hair wigs can be treated just like normal natural hair. Regular shampooing is required for excellent durability and to maintain the texture of your 13x4 wig hair.

Depending on your wearing frequency, you must wash your wig every 7 to 14 days to remove dirt and help product buildup, increasing the wig’s lifespan.

During the wash, be gentle, avoid lace areas, and prefer sulfate-free shampoo.

One can go for Private Label’s Clean and Prep with Citrus Lace Cleaner and Skin Prep to simplify the application and removal process.

Use lukewarm water for rinsing. At the end, apply conditioner for a few minutes and then rinse the hair. It is preferable to air dry the wig by placing it on the wig stand.

If one wants to increase the washing intervals, a wig cap and dry shampoo are advised. These will absorb the extra oil and keep the wig clean for an extended period.

Conditioning Your 13x4 Wig

Conditioning must follow the washing of the wig, as it helps to keep hair soft, shiny, and radiant and to regain moisture and nutrients.

For proper conditioning of Private Label’s 13*4 wigs, apply fatty oils like coconut oil or argan oil-enriched conditioner to wet hair, then distribute it, focusing on ends and mid-strands.

Leave the conditioner on for a few minutes to enhance its absorbance, followed by rinsing with cold water and air drying.

Tips for Storing Your Wig

Proper storage is necessary to maintain the quality and style of a 13x4 wig and add longevity.

I prefer wig heads for shape maintenance. Store it away from heat, as excess heat will discolor your wig and damage its texture. While traveling, use a container to avoid tangling.

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Sleeping with Your 13x4 Wig

Wig users are often frightened of sleeping while wearing their wigs because they fear wear and tear. Private Label’s 13x4 wigs can be worn while sleeping without any damage, reducing the need for daily application and thus saving time.

Doing so requires a few precautionary measures, like using a soft pillow to minimize friction and keep the wig fresh and long-lasting.

It is also advised to cover your wig with a satin scarf or a silk bonnet to protect it and keep it in place. This will help keep your wig smooth and safe.

Daily Maintenance for Your 13x4 Wig

Daily maintenance is crucial to keeping your wig in better condition and fresh. Brushing the hair regularly using a brush made for wigs detangles it and distributes oil.

Use a wig brush designed for synthetic or human hair wigs. If you are using a colored wig, limit your sun exposure or wear wide-brimmed stylish scarves, as sun rays fade the color and weaken the hair fibers.

You can also use UV protection spray explicitly made for wigs or rotate wigs to reduce UV rays exposure.

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Tips for Safe Styling

Special care is needed while styling your 13x4 wig. If heat tools are required, their use must be limited to give longevity to the wig’s hair. Heat causes dryness and breakage of hair.

Hair must be dried and sprayed with a hair protectant before heat exposure. To get voluminous curls, it is better to use heatless methods like large rods or braiding damp hair.

This will keep the hair healthy. Daily, avoid tangling hair and limit the use of products to minimize buildup.

Additional Tips

Additional tips for maintaining your 13x4 wig’s healthy look and new look include wearing a wig cap and using  Private Label’s New Life Hair Serum to retain the natural oils.

Heat must not be applied near the base to avoid hair shedding. Use Private Label’s products to clean lace glue. Always opt for light, water-based styling products to reduce buildup.

Use apple cider vinegar to restore the wig’s hair’s shine. Steaming the wig will revitalize and moisturize it. Or use our Glow Shine Spray!

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13x4 Lace Front Wigs Are Here to Stay

So, proper care and maintenance are essential for keeping your 13x4 wig looking fresh, new, and beautiful.

From pre-wear preparation and washing routines to storage tips and safe styling practices, these care tips ensure longevity and preserve the quality of your wig.

By following these steps carefully and regularly, you can enjoy a vibrant and natural look for your wig, confidently enhancing your overall style.

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