How to Choose the Perfect HD Lace Wig for Your Needs

How to Choose the Perfect HD Lace Wig for Your Needs

HD wigs are a must when searching for the most natural wig.

They’re made with delicate lace that makes them melt into your hairline, so they’re almost entirely invisible.

Not only is this great for achieving lustrous hair that looks like it’s growing out of your scalp, but it’s also healthier for people with sensitive skin.  Are HD wigs better? Absolutely!

If you’re interested in purchasing an HD lace wig, you might not know where to start. Here’s everything you need to know so you spend your bucks wisely and turn heads with your gorgeous new hair. 

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Two Main Types of HD Wigs

There are two HD wigs: HD Lace Front Wigs and HD Closure Wigs. Here’s what to know about them. 

HD Lace Front Wigs

These wigs have lace installed around the edges of your hair, creating a seamless hairline. The lace material is super-thin, resting comfortably on your skin without grabbing attention.

HD lace front wigs have many advantages, such as the following:

  • They’re lightweight. Since the lace is thin, it feels comfortable and breathable to wear.
  • They can be styled easily. With natural-looking hairlines, the lace on these wigs enables versatile styling, such as with different partings. 
  • They can be customized. HD lace front wigs can be designed to match your skin tone, such as with tinted lace or with makeup to blend the lace with your scalp. We recommend Private Label Lace Tint Products.

HD Closure Wigs

HD lace closure wigs are similar to HD lace front wigs because they have delicate lace, but they cover a portion of the scalp, usually around the crown. Here’s what to know about them.

  • Their small lace portion usually measures 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 Inches Lace Closures. This produces a natural scalp where the closure is positioned.
  • They’re easy to install and comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • They offer hair partings within the closure. But pulling your hair back isn’t possible with this wig. 
Hazel Glueless 5 by 5 HD Closure Wig

Which One Should You Choose?

If you like to wear different hairstyles, you’ll want to buy an HD lace front wig that lets you wear your hair in any direction.

On the other hand, if you prefer sticking to the same styles without experimenting too much, an HD lace closure wig will work well for you. It also provides a more realistic part. 

Which One is Easier to Install?

To ensure the wig fits your lifestyle, you should consider what it takes to install. An HD lace front wig installation can be a bit more time-consuming because you’ll have to trim the lace so that it blends into your hairline. You might be wondering, “Do HD lace wigs need lace frontal glue?”

Although not always the case, you might require glue or other adhesives for this type of wig. By comparison, HD lace closure wigs are generally easier to install.

This is because they have a smaller piece of lace that covers some of your scalp, so you don’t need as much glue.

You can also find HD lace closure wigs that don’t require glue, which makes them ideal for beginners or those who don’t have much time to dedicate to wig installation in the mornings. 

HD Deep Wave 13x4 Lace Front Wig Cap

Special Features to Look for in an HD Lace Wig

If you’re interested in an HD lace front wig, look for the following features for the most comfortable and user-friendly experience.

Pre-Plucked Hairline

An HD lace front wig should have a pre-plucked hairline to make it look more natural. What does “pre-plucked” mean?

It refers to how the wig has already been thinned out to look like you have baby hair. This is convenient because you don’t have to pluck the hair with a tweezer yourself!

Private Label offers HD lace-front wigs pre-plucked for convenience, so you can install them without much work—no mess, no fuss. 

Adjustable Sizing

Another essential feature in HD lace front wigs is adjustable sizing, thanks to an elastic stretch fit.

This makes it easier to find the most comfortable wig. Private Label’s HD wigs are adjustable to feel like a more natural fit. 

High Density

Human hair wigs come in various densities so that you can choose your desired hair thickness.

Private Label’s wigs have between 130 and 180 percent density, so you can select flowing locks or thicker tresses that turn heads. 

Bleached Knots

When a wig has bleached knots, bleach is applied where the hair is attached to the lace, making it a bit lighter in color.

This prevents small black dots from being visible on the wig, resulting in a more professional result, as the hair looks like it’s growing from your scalp. 

Should I Get a 13x4 or 13x6 Wig?

HD lace front wigs you can buy on Private Label come in 13x4 Lace Front Wigs and 13x6 Lace Front Wigs versions. Which one is best for you? Here’s what to know! 

  • A 13x4-inch lace front wig has lace that stretches 13 inches from ear to ear to cover up your hairline. It has a four-inch-deep part, which provides a natural-looking scalp.
  • A 13x6-inch lace front wig also has lace that’s 13 inches in the front, but it has a six-inch-deep part. This enables you to part the wig in various ways without making its hairline look unrealistic. So, it’s ideal if you want more versatility in your wigs.
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What to Look for in an HD Closure Wig

A few essential features make an HD Closure Glueless wig much easier and more comfortable. So, make sure you look for these: 

Glueless Design

You can find HD closure wigs that don’t require glue, such as wigs sold by Private Label.

This makes them user-friendly for beginners and experts alike, as you won’t have to take much time daily to install your wig. 

Adjustable Sizing

Just like with HD lace front wigs, you should look for adjustable sizes when shopping for HD closure wigs.

Private Label offers wigs with a medium cap, but you can make it smaller or larger to get a more comfortable and customized fit! 

Pre-Cut Lace

Wigs with pre-cut lace are easy to grab and go whenever you want a style makeover!

If you need to make further adjustments, you can customize the lace further, which is excellent if you want a wig that feels like it was made just for you. 

Bleached Knots

As with other HD wigs, bleached knots are something to look for when purchasing a wig, as they provide more natural-looking hair. 

Fantastic Colors

If you don’t want the drama of having to color-treat your wig to get the shade that best reflects your style and matches your skin tone, you should purchase a glueless HD closure wig that’s already been tinted to perfection, like those from Private Label.

Whether you want caramel blonde, sandy brown, or Ruby Blonde Ombre Glueless Wig, these unique painted wigs give you many options. 

Private Label blonde straight glueless wigs close-up

Found Your Perfect HD Lace Wigs

If you’re interested in HD lace wigs, you might wonder what features to look for so you can make the best purchase.

Learn more about HD Lace Wigs Features.

After reading this article, you know the main differences between HD lace front and HD closure wigs to choose the best one for your lifestyle and needs.

Time to go shopping! 

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Thank you for this informative guide on choosing HD lace wigs! I’ve been considering upgrading to an HD lace wig for a while now, and your breakdown of HD lace front vs. HD closure wigs really helped clarify the differences. I love that HD lace wigs offer such a natural look and are comfortable to wear, especially with their lightweight and breathable qualities.


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