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8 Reasons Why Wigs Are the Best Protective Style!

Wigs for the Win!

I have to be honest, I've always been interested in wearing wigs especially since making several custom units for my clients.

You have to admire how natural they appear once placed on the head.

Now that wigs have become go-to for women I may have to step my game up and become a part of the trend.

We can all agree that every woman is different and while some prefer to wear their hair, others like the convenience of wearing a wig. Some like to wear their wig in a particular hairstyle while others want to keep them guessing by being versatile.

Some are committed to being in the shop every two weeks while others save every coin.

These are just some of the reasons why women decide to become a part of the wig movement, and I'm here for all of it!

So let's chat.

Below are my reasons why I feel wigs are the best protective styles, but you may have some too.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know why you are a wig lover!

woman wearing a wig

Wigs are Convenient

I must agree.

Can you imagine waking up every morning applying heat to your hair?

Or not knowing what to do with your hair? It can ruin your day!

For my wig lovers, their hair is braided, scalp treated and they can wear any human hair wig they desire.

The best thing about it is if you want to use an adhesive, something simple like Got2B Glued you're able to apply and go in no time. If you prefer using tape, I would recommend bold hold lace tape.

I've personally used this product on a couple of my clients, and they loved it.

Every month I would make an appointment for my client to come back so I can fix any issues with the frontal. Most importantly it's easy to remove by using 91 percent alcohol. Using a clean washcloth with alcohol place in the areas where the tape is.

One tip that I would say is to make sure you don't pull the lace because you don't want your hairline to become damaged.

Wigs Offer Versatility

Have you ever woken up feeling like a different person?

Felt like your name should be something else?

Well, you can name that wig and become that person!

Monday through Thursday you may want to wear something simple but makes a statement. Fridays are casual so a curly wig will do the job. For the weekend bring out the colors.

Honestly, wigs bring out the personality, and people will start noticing you because you have different looks every day!

Bye Flat Irons!

I have to admit I love my flat irons.

I may have about 25 in my closet in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Although I'm a relaxed beauty (I've been transitioning to become a natural beauty for two years) I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to walk away.

However, if you're tempted to add heat to the hair, you can always use a heat protectant. It's important that we keep our natural tresses healthy because there may be times when we want to wear it out.

I need to take my advice, stay away from heat because it doesn't do a body good LOL.

flat iron

Wigs are Low Maintenance

I live to do NOTHING to my hair.

Do you feel the same way?

I'm sure you do. Listen, start the morning off right by blasting your music while picking out the outfit of the day, eating breakfast and applying your makeup. Every woman dreams. I consider curly hair as less stressful because it's a wet, shake and go texture.

There are so many different hair textures when it comes to curly hair.

Some people aren't sure what their hair patterns are so as an example I will use pictures from the Private Labels Hair website so you can determine if your Type 2 wavy hair, type 3 curly hair or type 4 coily hair.

Different Hair Types

Private Labels Type 2 Hair

From the extensions that I've mentioned and the pictures that I've provided, type 2 is wavy hair.

When purchasing extensions if your hair has a slight wave I would recommend the loose wave extensions. If your texture is more of a wave which is slightly tighter than a loose curl I would suggest the body wave or the Vietnamese natural wave hair extensions.

If your texture has more of a curl, then I would recommend the curly raw Indian hair.

Can the Private Labels hair extensions be colored, straightened and go back to its natural curl? YES!

How do I know because I've used the extensions on several clients and I haven't received a bad review yet. Are you worried about blending?

You shouldn't because if you purchased the extensions that are the same or similar to your hair pattern the blending should fall right into place as soon as you begin to style.

Private Labels Type 3 Hair

Let's look at the pictures provided for type 3 hair patterns. I listed the hair extensions that I recommend for this hair type the word "wave" can be a bit deceiving.

Make sure you look at the pictures that I provided so you can see why I choose that texture for this hair type. A lot of clients asked me if they could straighten that hair and the answer is yes.

I had a client who tried it, and I was nervous that they hair wouldn't go back to its pattern, but it did.

As always you can this hair can be colored and you can have this hair for more than a year with proper care.

Private Label Type 4 Hair

  • Brazilian Kinky Curly
  • Brazilian Kinky Straight
  • Brazilian Afro Kinky Hair

Let's look at the pictures I provided for type 4 pattern.

As I mentioned in the last paragraph, I'm giving you an idea of what I think may blend well with this texture. For the Brazilian kinky curly hair extensions, let's think out of the box for a moment.

Type 4 pattern is more of having an afro with tiny curls. Using the Brazilian Kinky Curly extensions can be used for a sew-in or just adding a few pieces as long as you unwinding the curl.

By doing so, you will be able to blend your natural hair with the extensions if you decide to leave any hair out. For the natural beauties who's hair is longer the Brazilian kinky straight bundles is the way to go.

While being a vendor at an event a lot of women loved the texture and the fact that the hair wasn't shiny and bone straight. They all wanted the same thing as something that would match their texture.

So if you are a natural beauty with thick long tresses with minimum curl the Brazilian Kinky straight is the way to go.

human hair extensions

Hair Loss

I have two clients who are dealing with hair loss.

I can remember the pain in there voice explaining how embarrassed they are or depressed. As a stylist, I have to make sure my clients are confident no matter what their issues are.

It's my responsibility to provide different options and make sure they are comfortable with the decision. Depending on how severe the hair loss is some can cut there hair down, get a quick weave or get a wig.

Women are rocking the low haircuts these days honey, and they don't have a care in the world as to what anyone has to say about it. Owning your decision shows that you have confidence. Sometimes we like to take it up a notch and add some color but if your taking medication, please consult with your doctor.

Allow the doctor to read the ingredients in the hair color to make sure it won't interfere with the color your considering. Last but not least the infamous quick weave. Youtube is where all the action goes down if you're doing this style.

From the stocking cap to scalp treatment Youtube provides all the information needed to make the client feel FAB once her hair is complete.

Easy Protective Style: Glueless Wigs

Don't forget about trying out a glueless wig!

We love the new glueless wig options that make wearing a wig easy. Their pop on and pop off functions make this one of the best protective style choices.

Our glueless wigs come with bleached knots, glueless band, pre-cut lace, and a great style. You can't lose with a glueless wig!


Saving a coin makes the day better. Wigs can be expensive.

A custom unit using a frontal, closure or a 360 can cost you 300 dollars and up.

However, if the stylist who's making the wig is using good hair and your taking care of the wig you can have it for over a year.

The wigs at the beauty supply store are a lot cheaper because they use synthetic hair, synthetic and human hair mixed and 100% human hair.

Don't get me wrong they have served a purpose, but are you saving?

Low Manipulation

Leave the sew-ins and the quick weaves alone and invest in quality.

If I weren't rocking the Halle Berry, I would probably want a sew-in or a quick weave, but it's important that we allow the scalp and the hair to breath once in a while.

Wash and condition your hair every two weeks. Also, make sure you do a treatment then go back to the wigs.

Live Life

If you are a person that never wore a wig but considered it I say just do it!

Go to your local beauty supply store and try on every single wig in the store. Then purchase a wig from Private Label because that's where the quality hair is. Ask questions, try colors, live a little.

You never know, you may become a wig master once you get the hang of it.

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