Headband wigs for beginners

The Wig For Beginners: How Headband Wigs Are Changing The Game In Atlanta!

If you’ve NEVER worn a wig before and you’re looking to ease into the wig game, we’ve got just the right wig for you!

Introducing Private Label’s headband wigs, the EASIEST wig to install on the planet.

Cute, simple and classy!

Trust me, when I say you’re going to fall in love with this wig! Let’s not prolong and get right into it!

A curly hair model with a headband wig

Why Headband Wigs Are So Convenient

So here’s a random scenario: Let’s just say it’s been a long and stressful week.

You've been battling the flu, trying to get better, keep up with the kids' homework and extracurricular activities on top of cooking and cleaning and much more!

You finally start to feel a little bit better and work up the strength to get back to work in the morning

but WAIT…

you haven’t done a single thing to your head nor do you feel like doing anything to it, you’ve been so drained.

So what do you do? I’ll tell you exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to put on a curly headband wig and keep it moving honey!

If you don’t have one, you need to head on over to Private Label Atlanta right now and invest in one. Seriously, you’ll thank me later!

Headband wigs come in the clutch when you’re having a lazy day but still need to look presentable.

No more bad hair days.. EVER!

A model with messy hair in her bathrobe

How To Wear Your Headband Wig

Wearing your straight headband wig is super easy!

We’re going to walk you through it step by step, so don’t worry! We’ll hold your hand!

  • Prepare Your Hair: If you have long hair, it would be best to braid it down flat against your head to create a smooth base. For short hair, you can simply brush it back.

  • Put on a Wig Cap: This is optional but if you would like to wear a wig cap any color is fine as it won’t be seen. Wearing a wig cap just helps to keep your hair in place and provides a smooth surface for the wig.

  • Place the Wig: Hold the headband wig by the headband and align it with your natural hairline. Slide the wig onto your head from front to back, ensuring the headband sits comfortably at the nape of your neck.

  • Adjust the Fit: Use the adjustable straps or clips inside the wig to secure it in place and ensure a snug fit. You can also adjust the position of the headband to your liking.

  • Blend Your Hair: If needed, blend your natural hair with the wig by pulling out a few strands of hair along the hairline or parting to create a more natural look. This is optional as well, you can even wear your headband wig with no leave out if you desire! The possibilities are endless!

  • Style as Desired: Style the headband wig and your natural hair as desired. You can leave some of your natural hair out at the front or sides for a more natural look.

  • Add Accessories: Finish off your look by adding headbands, scarves, or other accessories to complement your headband wig style. Have fun with it!

  • Secure the Headband: If the headband wig comes with a detachable headband, secure it in place over the wig for a complete look.

And there you have it! A quick and easy way to wear a headband wig. Convenient, right?!

A woman relaxing with a head towel in her bathrobe

Are Headband Wigs Protective?

Heck yeah! Headband wigs are one of the best protective styles on the market!

Since you are able to take the wig on and off as you please, it makes it 10x easier to keep up with the maintenance of your natural hair.

You are able to grease and oil your scalp daily, itch your hair if you need to and give those edges a break!

Minimum to no heat is required which is a bonus to prevent heat damage. It’s an all around 10 out of 10 if you ask me!

Headband wigs also cover your natural hairline and don't require the use of glues, tapes, or other adhesives, which can be damaging to the hair over time if not used properly.

Headband wigs are also gentle on your hair because they don't require the same level of manipulation or styling as other types of wigs.

They can be a great option for giving your natural hair a break from heat styling or chemical treatments while still allowing you to switch up your look easily!

A model showing off her curly hair

How Long Will My Headband Wig Last?

With proper care and maintenance your headband wig can last well over a year and even more!

Now, if you’re one of the ones that come home from work and just sling your wig across the house and don’t look back, don’t expect your wigs to last forever.

Just being completely honest, if you treat your wigs like garbage, you’re going to get garbage results.

The better you treat your wig, the better it will treat you! I always say take care of your wigs like you would for your natural hair. Doing this, your wigs will last you a very long time.

If you’re looking for the best headband wigs, check out Private Label Atlanta where you can get different textures and lengths.

Our Atlanta hair store offers textures like deep wave, body wave and silky straight. The best thing about Private Label’s headband wigs is that they are 100% human hair, can be dyed, curled, straightened and much more!

You won’t be disappointed!

The wigs come in 150 density, which is nice and full but not too thick, giving you a perfect glam and go look!

Whether you’re looking for something short or want to go long, Private Label has you covered.

If you’re ever in the city or close by the Edgewood, Midtown or Kirkwood area, come on by! You’re in great hands here! Remember, we’re your one stop shop for all things hair and beauty related!

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