9 wedding hair mistakes to avoid

9 Wedding Hair Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Congratulations, Girlfriend You’re Getting Married!

Wow, what is a better day than getting married?

Well, I’m sure many other events but a wedding up there!

Its one of the best days of a woman’s life!

The day she gets to get all dolled up, walk down an aisle and stand before the love of her life.

How beautiful!

But I’ll tell you something else that is also beautiful, and that stands out; how great the bride looks! I mean, come on, how you look on your wedding day is so important!

It’s a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

You will also have tons of photos reminding you of that particular day too. We want to make sure that your look is all together, whether you are wearing Indian hair extensions or a new closure wig.

So, besides making sure your makeup is excellent and nails aren’t chipped, your hair is top priority!

After your wedding is over, you don’t want to have one regret about how you looked!

To help out by women who are all currently engaged, I created a list of 9 wedding hair mistakes you don’t want to make!

Keep reading if you’re ready for some tips.

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Don’t Get A Brand New Style

Okay, hear me out.

I understand it's your wedding day, and you want to look your best, and you will but do not get a brand new hairdo!

Depending on the style, most women get their hair styled in the morning of their wedding.

That means if you get a style you don’t like, you have one of two options. You could have your stylist redo your hair and make your guest wait past the start time.

Quick Tip: If you are ordering bundles, glueless wigs, clip-in hair extensions, or anything else... Please don't wait to the last minute!

Or you could deal with it and walk down that aisle. However, we both know neither one of those options is good! I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a new style but try it out, first!

That is why its good to prepare ahead of time. In my opinion, the best time frame to try the style out you want is 30 days before your wedding.

That way you have time to wear it for a while before you make up for your mind.

Honestly, a few days should be a reasonable timeframe for you to know if you want that style for your wedding or not.

During the process of planning your wedding day hair, even your appearance has to be prepared.

Too many people think getting hair is makeup isn’t a big deal, until it’s a big deal and then its too late.

Don’t be that person. Set a date to where you get your wedding hair, nails, and makeup done so that you know its what you want.

Also, if your glam squad hasn’t worked with you before, then you want to make sure you try them way before the wedding.

Don’t Get A Non-Wedding Hair Style

Yes, you can get what you want for your wedding but make sure it's wedding-worthy.

No matter what you’re wearing or how your hairstyle looks, people can always look at it and match it with an event.

Think about it; would you rock a ponytail for your wedding day or do you also plan on going to a tennis match afterward?


On your wedding day, it's essential that you know to go outside the box. Be bold and be different.

Your wedding day will be one for the books, and you want it to be memorable. When you walk down that aisle, you want people to first be head over heels at how stunning you look.

You don’t want to feel or look basic.

Save essential for next Tuesday.

Don’t Get Hair Color Within 30 Days of Wedding

I must repeat myself; do not get hair color within 30 days of your wedding. Don’t.

Yes, we love hair color. It's different, funky and can change your entire appearance. But don’t forget that it's still a chemical which means anything can go wrong.

What if you apply hair color two weeks before your big day and the color turns out being a tragic mess?

Consider a blonde highlight wig or blonde clip-ins if you want to add a splash of color.

If it has dye in it, then you will have to wait a while before you can try to fix it. Also, depending on the color and brand, sometimes it takes a while before the color to set.

The last thing you want is to be walking down the aisle with orange hair knowing it should have been a burgundy color!

But get me wrong, color is still a good choice, but as I mentioned earlier, you want to test out the hairstyle or color you will be wearing, well in advance, so you are sure about its what you want.

However, make sure you try the color close to two months before the wedding.

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Don’t Wash Your Hair The Morning of Wedding

If you have hired a hairstylist to do magic on your hair, please, let them do their job.

Unless the hairstylist has instructed you to wash your hair the morning of the wedding, don’t.

Often we hire someone for service but still want to make things smooth for them so we do as much as we can.

However, if you hire someone for a job, you also don’t want to interfere with their plans.

For instance, let's say you wanted a high bun ponytail for your wedding. Grab a set of Private Label's human hair clip-ins so you have plenty of volume and length.

Most people know that older hair holds higher styler, better. Sure, clean hair is the best hair, but when it comes to styling it, old is best.

When your hair is older and needs washing, it usually has a lot more volume and character in comparison to freshly washed hair.

Do yourself a favor and your hairstylist, and let them do their job.

The last thing you want to do is mess up their process, in trying to make you look your very best.

Don’t Forget to Check The Weather

Although we all should check the weather often, for those getting married, you should check it a lot more frequently.

Like, hourly. Checking the weather goes a lot deeper than just seeing if it's going to be sunny or raining.

When it comes to hair, many factors of the weather can affect how it will look. For starters, we all know humidity is not our friend if we have shiny curls or straight hair.

Certain humidity levels can cause your hair to be puffy which will ruin your style.

And believe me, you don’t want a destroyed hairstyle on your wedding day or any day for that matter.

Also, if you do check the weather a few days before your wedding, and its nothing something you like then you can change your style that will be more suitable.

This section is where ‘plan b’ comes into play. Always have an extra hairstyle in your back pocket in case a storm is headed your way.

When it comes to your wedding, you never want to be underprepared. Always have extra ideas and a strategy in case something doesn’t go your way.

For example, if you were planning on wearing longs hair extensions and the weatherman is calling for rain, a cute, slick low bun would work just fine!

Don’t Bring Too Many People During Your Consultation

If you’re like most people, you will set a consultation with your hairstylist ahead of time to discuss what you want for your wedding.

But beware, everybody and their mom don’t need to be in attendance.

The issue with having too many people at your consultation means too many opinions and unless you’re a mentally strong person who knows what they want, leave the other people home.

A lot of people don’t want you to have something just because you can't or don’t have it too.

So regarding your wedding, always try your best to know what you want.

When in doubt, remember you will have your hairstylist there to help you and maybe one other person with you in the waiting room.

You may also be someone who knows what they want, but then their family and friends may go against that and say it doesn’t look right.

Now you will feel confused or even upset because your mind is changed.

Of course, we all want our loved ones to agree with us but sometimes its best it's you entirely have your way, only.

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Don’t Think You Have To Hire a Stylist

I know one of the biggest things brides try to do is save money, where they can.

So I want to remember you do not underestimate your ability to do your hair for your wedding!

Nobody said you had to hire a hairstylist, did they? No. But I get it, you most likely don’t want to do anything for your wedding and want to be pampered.

That is fine as well.

A lot of times we pay for services that we are fully capable of doing ourselves.

So in case you forget that you have your cosmetology license, remember you can save that few hundred dollar expenses and put it towards a honeymoon or even keep it in the bank!

I’m sure your new significant other will be proud!

Don’t Ignore Your Hairs Health

Ladies, if you know you are getting married with the next 12 months, you need to make the health of your hair a top priority.

I understand that life happens and sometimes we put the health of our hair to the waist side. We continue our lives with that same raggedy ponytail that’s breaking our hair off.

That needs to stop, now. If your hair is damaged or in bad condition, how will your hairdresser be able to style you properly?

If you didn’t know, but damaged hair is not always the easiest to work with you know!

Also, because it's your wedding, you want to make sure you are looking your best, which includes your hair.

If you know your hair isn’t in the best shape right, I would suggest setting an appointment for a consultation with a hairstylist as soon as possible.

You want to make sure your hair begins to get the foods it needs and proper care!

Remember healthy hair is the best hair!

Don’t Forget About Gloss

Last but not least, do not forget about that shine girl!

There is nothing worse than someone looking their best and their hair ‘style’ is, but it seems dry! Trust me; dry hair is not something you want on your wedding day!

That would be a complete mistake! Just think about the number of pictures you have to take from sunrise to sunset!

You want to ensure your hair shine is bouncing off the photo!

One cool tip is to have someone carry a bottle of hairspray with them, in case you will need throughout the wedding.

Another tip is making sure you are keeping up with your deep conditioners and drinking plenty of water, in the months leading up to the wedding. Water is the best all natural moisturizer.

As long as you are feeding your body with the best foods and drinks and taking care of your hair, shiny hair shouldn’t be an issue.

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Now Say I Do!

Remember, your hairstyle is just as important as you decide if you want chicken or beef on your wedding menu.

As I mentioned earlier, your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life.

It’s a day that marks love and commitment for all the remaining years of your life.

You will have the chance to share that day with many friends and family while taking lots of photos!

Therefore, you want to make sure you look your very best. The above common mistakes that I listed are a simple guide to ensure you don’t follow the same mistakes.

Little things like checking the weather several times throughout the coming weeks or even having a backup plan, will save you time and money!

Before we go. Here are some frequently asked questions about wedding hair!

Wedding Hair FAQs

Is it a mistake to choose a wedding hairstyle with extensions that I've never worn before?

Yes, it can be.

It's crucial to choose a wedding hairstyle that you've tested out before your big day.

Trying a new hair extension style or texture for the first time on your wedding might lead to unexpected issues or dissatisfaction with the look.

It's best to have a trial run well in advance to ensure the style suits your taste, comfort, and the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

How important is it to consider the wedding venue and weather when choosing hair extensions?

Extremely important.

The venue and weather can greatly affect how your hair extensions hold up. For outdoor or beach weddings, consider humidity-resistant extensions or styles that won’t frizz or lose shape easily.

Raw hair extensions have a tendency to frizz up more because they will act like your real human hair.

For indoor events, you might have more flexibility, but always consider the temperature and potential for static.

Always discuss these factors with your hairstylist during the planning phase.

Can skipping a trial hair session with my stylist be a big mistake?

Absolutely, skipping a trial session is a significant mistake.

A trial run allows you to see exactly how your hair will look and gives you the opportunity to adjust anything you don't like.

It also lets you and your stylist determine how long the hairstyle will take on your wedding day and if your chosen extensions will work well with your desired look.

What's the risk of not matching the hair extension texture to my natural hair?

Not matching the hair extension texture to your natural hair can result in a look that’s not cohesive or natural-looking.

This is particularly crucial for partial sew-in weaves or extensions that are meant to blend with your natural hair.

Always aim to match the texture as closely as possible or opt for styles where the demarcation line is hidden or less evident.

How can failing to properly prepare my natural hair before installing extensions affect my wedding hairstyle?

Failing to properly prepare your natural hair can lead to several issues.

Without the right preparation, your natural hair might not blend well with the extensions, or the style may not last as intended throughout the wedding festivities.

It's essential to cleanse, condition, and thoroughly detangle your natural hair.

Also, consider a deep conditioning treatment a week before the wedding to ensure your hair is in its best condition for styling.

Just make sure your appearance is the top priority and have a fantastic wedding!


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