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Best High Ponytail Styles With Clip In Extensions (Step by Step)

Oh, how everyone loves a good high ponytail. It's a go-to summer hairstyle.

However, it does not have to be your typical high ponytail creation. When we think high ponytail, gym day magically pops up out of thin air.

Top ponies, can be dressed up, and boring is one thing it does not have to be! Your ponytail can be sleek, soft, or messy; it's all about the mood and occasion you're going for.

With the clip-in extensions, you can create the perfect high ponytail each time effortlessly by adding various lengths, textures, and colors.

Instead, you want to add length, volume, or feel, to your hairstyle clip-ins are the way to create and re-create various hairstyles for every occasion!

So let's get started!

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high ponytail

The Ponytail Basics

Using your clip-in extensions to create your high ponytail, there are five necessary steps to achieve the look.

Once forming the bases of your high ponytail, you should then make small adjustments to cater to you personally.

Step #1

Create a small ponytail at the crown of your head; this will act as the base to secure your clip in extensions.

Step #2

Take your largest weft and start clipping around your ponytail base (be sure to clip the extensions in as close to your base as possible, the tighter, the better, you want your hair to feel secure)

Step #3

Continue to place the wefts in the same manner with your largest used first.

Step #4

Now, gather your hair into a high pony, and be sure it covers the wefts and clips. The smaller the base of your ponytail, the easier it is to conceal

Step #5

Secure the hair with a ponytail holder

One Polished Pony

Date night anyone?

High ponytails have come a long way, and it is special occasion approved!

The sleek pony is classic, but with intense shine and stick straight strands it dresses up dramatically!

After following your basics steps listed above, take a hair strand large enough to wrap around the base of your high ponytail. Although, not a necessary action, it will hide your elastic as well as give a polished finish.

Tip: Be sure that your hair has been blow-dried straight and flat ironed.

To rid flyaways, you can spritz finishing hairspray onto a small brush and smooth accordingly.

simple ponytail

Soft and Simple Pony

You know how they say "the simpler, the better?"

That goes for high ponytails as well! After creating your basic high ponytail, with your clip in extensions use a large barrel curling iron to create subtle waves.

Curl in various directions and different section sizes to create multiple wave patterns so that it won't be uniform curls.

Tip: Adding clip in extensions with various lengths will create more volume and waves!

Want to add a bit of dimension?

Add highlighted clip in extensions, the variation in tones will make the waves pop!

'I Woke Up Like This' Pony

We know, this pony seems like it can be a bit hard to pull off, especially if you aren't one hundred percent sure how to accomplish the look.

No fear, we are here to show you how to get the messy high ponytail using clip in extensions!

Our basic steps do not work for this pony, so let's get started!

Step #1

Clip in your extensions the same directions that your hair will go naturally when your hair is put into a high ponytail (step three will explain this).

Step #2

Separate some hair in the front and add clip-in extensions as well if you'd like a bit of volume to tease your hair after inserting the clip ins.

Step #3

Separate hair midway and flip your head over to begin pacing your clip in extensions, remember to place your wefts the same direction your hair is going

Step #4

Now, remove random pieces of hair in the front to frame your face and give the "messy" look, you can add soft curls as well.

Step #5

To loosen the ponytail tug lightly at the crown.

Step #6

To add volume and texture backcomb and scrunch up the ponytail with your hands.

Step #7

Spray with a bit of hairspray.

Tip: To add more texture, and a bit more messiness, do this style on day-old hair and loosely curl 3-inch sections of hair with a curling iron.

bump up high ponytail

Bubble Pony

Looking to be more creative with your high ponytail?

Look no further the bubble pony is all the new rage and for a good reason. With the extra length and volume of your clip in extensions, this high ponytail will be sure to turn a few heads. It's so simple, yet stylish!

This hairstyle can be started off with whatever hairstyle you may have; straight, curled, creased, it does not matter!

Step #1

Use your basic high ponytail instructions using your clip in extensions.

Step #2

Pull some pieces on top of your head to give a little volume so it won't be slicked down to your head; you can even backcomb and tease here.

Step #3

Take a section of the hair and wrap it around your elastic band.

Step #4

Find the elastic band underneath the hair and pull the ends through to ensure it will not come out.

Step #5

Now tease the ponytail.

Step #6

Add an elastic band underneath where you want your first bubble to form.

Step #7

Take a section of your hair and wrap it around the elastic band once more.

Step #8

Find the elastic underneath and pull the ends through.

Step #9

Continue steps 7-9 until you reach the end of your ponytail.

Step #10

Once done, tug at all the bubbles to loosen them a bit, try ro be sure they are all the same size, width and lengthwise. If it still looks a little too polished for your liking continue to tug, and tease until you like your overall look!.

Step #11

Last, but not least, be sure to hairspray everything.

Bump Up That High Ponytail

No matter if you're going for soft and stylish or messy and wavy, these ponytail hairstyles will take your look to the next level.

No longer are ponytail hairstyles saved for the gym and bad hair days. Adding clip in extensions with variations of lengths and colors only heightens the look and proves it will be a timeless classic!

Creating a base for your hairstyle while dressing it up and personalizing it to tailor to your personality and style, will never go wrong!

Ponytail hairstyles are back and more sexy and stylish than ever!

Top 3 Ponytail Tips!

Since we are talking ponytails we thought we would finish the article off with some quick tips!

1. Prep and Section Your Hair Properly

Before you start, make sure your natural hair and extensions are tangle-free.

Use a brush to smooth out any knots. Begin by sectioning off the top half of your hair and securing it with a clip. Attach your clip-in extensions around the base of the lower half of your head, layering them as needed to ensure even coverage and fullness.

For the high ponytail, it's essential to place the clips so they lay flat and point upwards towards where the ponytail will be gathered; this ensures the extensions blend seamlessly when the hair is pulled up.

section hair ponytail

2. Smooth and Secure the Ponytail

Once your extensions are in place, unclip your hair's top section and comb it with the lower section.

Use a brush to smooth all your hair back to where you want the base of your ponytail to be, typically at the crown or slightly higher for a dramatic effect. Ensure there are no bumps, and the extensions are not pulling uncomfortably at your scalp. Secure the ponytail with a sturdy hair tie.

To add sleekness and prevent flyaways, use a wax stick or hairspray as you brush your hair into the ponytail.

3. Conceal and Finish

After securing your ponytail, take a small strand of hair from the underside of your ponytail and wrap it around the base to conceal the hair tie, securing it with a bobby pin underneath.

This adds a polished look to your high ponytail. If you want even more volume, gently tease the ponytail with a fine-tooth comb. Finally, if your natural hair and extensions have different textures or you want a more cohesive look, use a flat or curling iron to style the ponytail.

This will help the extensions blend more naturally with your hair and can add waves or curls for a chic finish.

Have any questions about ponytails? Drop them in the comments below!

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