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Five Summer Friendly Ponytail Styles Using Braiding Hair

Pool Parties and Ponytails!

Summer is a time to try out new and fresh styles.

The switch-up does not have to be expensive or extravagant; your summer style should be quick, easy, and fun.

Something like a ponytail!

Here are five summer-friendly ponytail styles that you can create for under twenty dollars using braiding hair.

BLONDE ponytail

Things You'll Need To Complete Your Looks

  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Ties
  • Human Braiding Hair (Black or Multi-colored)
  • Eco styler gel
  • Your Favorite Hair Jewelry (Beads, Clips, Colored Thread)
  • Comb
  • Flexi Rods/Curl Formers
  • A hot cup of water
  • The number of pins, hair ties, and packs of braiding hair alternated for the thickness and tightness you would like with your style.

bobby pins

Five Summer Friendly Ponytail Styles Using Braiding Hair

Summer friendly hairstyles using braiding hair is essential if you want to survive the summer.

I've compiled five different ponytail styles you can wear while managing through the summer heat!

High Ponytail

A sleek high ponytail is a hairstyle to set your summer off right.

To create this look, start with your hair free of oils and products. Brush and detangle your hair thoroughly, and add your styling gel evenly throughout your hair.

Slick your hair up into a high ponytail; this base can be placed on the side or directly in the middle of your head, secure the hair with a thicker hair tie. With the hair, you have out, for shorter hair braid into a small braid, or fold under like a bun.

For longer hair, leave out, this hair can be used to cover your pins and hair ties later on. The braiding hair will come out the package folded in half with a rubber band in the middle.

DO NOT cut the hair or remove the rubber band.

Using the rubber band that holds the braiding hair in the middle, wrap the rubber band around your base, take a hair tie or bobby pins, and adjusts for tightness.

Using your natural hair, and a little of the braiding hair, wrap it around your hair ties until the hair has covered the rubber bands.

dFluff your braiding hair, fleek your edges, and done!

high ponytail

Low/High Jumbo Braid

I tried out the low jumbo braid myself, and I must say that it is genuinely as easy as it looks!

Not to be biased, but this hairstyle is my personal favorite. It's always harder to pull off these high styles with short and natural hair, but with the Jumbo Braid, I felt confident.

The braiding hair blended well with my natural hair texture, and I was able to swap out different accessories or re-do my braid when needed.

Slick your hair into a high or low ponytail; this will serve as the base for your braid. Start off the braid using your natural hair, then add the braiding hair in.

Do this instead of doing piece by piece, combine all of the braiding hair in at once.

The hardest part of pulling off this style is getting a thick, and consistent braid; though it is more accessible since the twist is so massive. Be sure to braid the hair using three equal parts.

When you're finished braiding the hair, tie a rubber band or hair tie at the bottom, and cut the hair evenly.

To finish off the style dip the endings in hot water.

Low/High Jumbo Braid

Braided Bun

The braided bun piggybacks off of the braided ponytail!

This bun achieved with the same steps as the braided ponytail, except this time you're going to take it a step further.

However, after you dip the endings, you'll wrap the long braid around your base, inserting bobby pins with each wrap to ensure that it will stay in place.

When you come to an end tuck it underneath the wrapped braids.

braided bun

Genie Ponytail

The Genie Ponytail is one of my favorites! It's a fun summer look to rock during the day or out at an event.

This look is created by adding the deep wave braiding hair to your natural ponytail.

Then add in rubber bands about one finger length apart or more. It depends on how many humps you'd like in your hair.

jumbo braid

Curly Marley Ponytail

For the Curly Marley Ponytail, you can either purchase pre-curled crochet hair or use straight Marley Braiding hair.

Add the hair to your ponytail and to achieve the curl braid the hair in three separate braids and wet with mousse or dip in hot water to allow hair to set. Then, leave hair braided overnight and take out in the morning.

Another option is using Flexi rods throughout the ponytail, dipping in hot water and allowing it to sit overnight.

When you've finished, fluff out the braided hair and add a light oiling serum to have a more polished look!

crinkled marley ponytail

Getting The Best Ponytails Possible

Ponytail Pro Tip: To get a sleeker ponytail that will last longer and lay flatter, lay our hair down in smaller sections before smoothing it all out for the ponytail.

Also, read your products.

If you are natural, try to avoid using a water-based product, or water itself to slick your hair down this will cause your hair to wave and make your ponytail appear less sleek.

Instead, use a promenade. All styles should be tied with a scarf tightly around your natural hair and topped with a bonnet to keep the braided hair from tangling, as braiding hair is prone to tangling!

Prepare Your Hair!

For girls with thicker hair deep condition your hair beforehand. A deep condition will make your hair easier to manage.

For thinner hair textures, allow dirt to build in your hair. It is weighed down and less prone to flyaways and to mess up.

red ponytail

Accessorize Your Hairstyles

Add some flair!

Now here's the fun part, accessories!

Adding a few golds or colored bobby pins to the front of your hair can add a whole new layer to your hairstyle.

You can also use the thread as decoration for the base of your ponytail giving your hair an "extended" and dramatic look. For the braided styles, one can weave the thread throughout the braid as well.

Beads or decorative clips are also great ways to add style to your braided ponytail look.

natural ponytail with bobby pins

Fun Summer Looks

All of these summer styles are quick to do in the morning, easy to accessorize, and stylish!

These styles are great for summer because they require little maintenance and easily redone.

Why We Love Ponytails in the Summer!

The Private Label babes know how to keep it cool in the summer.

And if you need a little extra hair to create the perfect pony we suggest considering a real hair ponytail from our collection. We love the jet black ponytail for a sleek look and the bleach blonde ponytail for walking on the beach.

A ponytail is one of our favorite go-to hairstyles when it’s hot, and here are a few reasons why we love this summer style.

Keeps You Cool

Ponytails help keep hair off the neck and away from the face, especially during the hot summer.

This reduces sweating and discomfort caused by hair sticking to the skin, making ponytails an excellent option for both temperature and fashion.

Low Maintenance

Summer activities often include outdoor events, swimming, and frequent trips that make hair difficult to manage.

A ponytail is a simple and practical style that maintains a neat daily appearance.

It's also easy to re-do if it gets messy and ideal for staying active without worrying about hair maintenance.

Versatile for Summer Activities

Whether you're hitting the beach, attending a festival, or enjoying a casual picnic, a ponytail fits every occasion.

It can be sleek and high for a more sophisticated look or loose and low for a relaxed vibe.

Accessories like colorful bands, ribbons, or even integrating braids can elevate a simple ponytail, making it stylish and functional for any summer event.

Well, we hope this helps with your summer friendly ponytail ideas. Don't forget that Private Label has the best human braiding hair and ponytail extensions to help with your hairstyle.

Have a question? Leave them in the comments below!

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I never really gave a thought to wearing a ponytail but after reading this blog I am considering doing it. I’ve always worried about my hair because it’s really thick and when I put gel in it it usually waves up. My favorite ponytail style idea was the curly Marley and I loved how it looked. I’m going to try it and get a little creative and put my personal touch on it. I’m super excited to try it 😃.

Taurus Dewberry

I have had second thoughts on using synthetic hair for my pony tails but this blog gives me some great ideas. The summer months are coming and I just want something easy and simple to do without using a lot of heat or product. I will post my results to our group!!! Excited…

Anna Barnes

Ponytails are my go to for summer months!

Adrianne Brown-Johnson

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