The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Bulk Human Braiding Hair for Your Style

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Bulk Human Braiding Hair for Your Style

It's a new year, and braided hairstyles are still taking the hair-styling world by storm with no signs of slowing down.

More people just keep seizing every opportunity to rock stunning braided styles. Often, these braids are enhanced with extensions, and among the many options available, one that stands out for its durability and stunning appeal is the bulk human hair.

Bulk Human Braiding Hair has become increasingly popular in recent times due to its versatility, natural look, and long-lasting durability. Its ability to blend perfectly with natural hair to create stunning braids has made it a particularly preferred choice for many.

Are you ready to elevate your hair styling game with stunning braids?

Whether you’re a hair expert or DIY enthusiast, choosing the right bulk human braiding hair can make all the difference in achieving that perfect look. And while it may seem overwhelming, Private Label has got you covered.

Our guide will help you discover expert tips and everything you need to make informed choices on bulk human hair.

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What is Bulk Human Braiding Hair

Bulk hairs are loose bundles of unprocessed or slightly processed human hair that have not been sewn into a weft. It’s often used to create a variety of hairstyles, including custom hair extensions like fusion extensions and custom wigs.

Bulk human hair has also become especially popular for braiding applications, particularly with the tree braiding technique. This process looks to braid small sections of natural hair close to the scalp while leaving most of the extension hair loose.

The result of this braiding is a very natural look, with extensions hanging freely and mimicking the appearance of naturally long hair.

Braiding with bulk human hair offers a versatile and durable option, making it a popular choice for those seeking both style and protection for their natural hair.

Types of Bulk Braiding Hair

Typically, bulk human braiding hair comes in two forms: single-drawn and double-drawn bulk hair.

Let’s delve into the characteristics of each and determine the best situation for choosing one over the other.

Single Drawn Bulk Hair

Single-drawn bulk hair is the most popular choice, featuring the standard thickness of many hair extensions.

They are cut from a single donor and contain a combination of different hair lengths, often around 50% full-length hairs and 50% varied-length hairs. What this means is that for an 18-inch bundle, only about 50% of the hair will actually measure 18 inches, while the remaining 50% will include lengths ranging from 13 to 16 inches long.

The varying hair length means strands are thick at the root of the bundle and become slightly thinner towards the tip.

Single-drawn bulk hair closely mimics the natural hair growth pattern, which includes different growth rates and, as a result, slight thinning at the tip. This characteristic makes it a popular choice among stylists and hair enthusiasts.

Besides its natural appearance, single-drawn bulk hairs are more cost-effective than double-drawn options, and you can also get the overall appearance of a double-drawn bulk hair by trimming the thin ends.

Double Drawn Bulk Hair

In contrast, double-drawn bulk hair removes the shorter hair and replaces it with longer hair to provide volume consistency across the entire extension.

This means that for the same 18-inch bundle, about 95% of the hair would have the same thickness from the root to the tip, as the entire bundle measures 18 inches. As you would expect, the double-drawn bulk hair is the perfect choice for folks looking to add more volume to their hairstyle.

Their consistent volume makes them more expensive; however, you’re less likely to need a lot of hair bundles for any hairstyle.

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Why Choose Bulk Human Hair for Braiding

Considering the multitude of options available for hair extensions, why should you opt for bulk human hair when it comes to braiding?

Well, the uniqueness of bulk human hair lies in its versatility, durability, and natural look. Let’s explore each of these benefits.

Versatility in Styling Options

One of the standout benefits of bulk human hair is its versatility.

These bundles provide several styling options, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to creating different variations of a hairstyle.

Natural Look and Feel

As the name suggests, bulk human hair is sourced from real human donors, making it a more natural option than any other extension.

It blends seamlessly and provides a realistic hairstyle, making it almost impossible to distinguish from your natural hair. Natural hair is also very lightweight and breathable, so you can rock it for a long time without any discomfort.

Its lightweight nature makes it perfect for braided hairstyles that are meant to last for extended periods.


Bulk human hair boasts impressive durability, which makes it a preferred choice.

With proper hair care and maintenance, it has the potential to last for a very long time, reaching months and sometimes even years.

Its durability also makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run, especially when you opt for the best quality bulk human hair.

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Factors to Consider

Bulk human braiding hair is a stylish choice that complements anyone.

However, before diving in, you should first consider certain factors to ensure you select the perfect option.

Hair Source and Quality

The beauty and durability of your braided style depend largely on the quality of your bulk human hair.

High-quality bundles blend better with your natural hair, providing a flawless, natural look. They are also less prone to tangling, weave shedding, and damage, ensuring a longer lifespan.

On the other hand, chemically processed products can quickly lose their shine and durability.

Where, then, can you buy quality bulk human hair?

Private Label offers a collection of top-quality virgin bulk human braiding hair for your boho braids and other braided hairstyles.

Some options in our collection include:

Ultimately, the hair source determines its quality, texture, and overall appearance.

At Private Label, we ensure you get the best quality, most popular styles and colors, perfect for your boho braids or natural braiding hairstyle.

Hair Texture and Color

Considering the texture and color of your hair extension also impacts how perfectly the extension will blend with your natural hair.

Always choose bundles that have a similar hair texture and pattern to your natural hair Color matching is also crucial for achieving a seamless finish.


High-quality bulk human braiding hair often comes with a higher price tag due to its length, type, and hair origin.

While these bundles are worthwhile investments, you should also consider your budget before making a decision.

If you’re on a tight budget, it may be best to go for a single-drawn bundle.

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Maintenance Tips for Bulk Human Hair

Although bulk human hair is renowned for its durability, maintaining its quality requires proper care and maintenance.

Proper maintenance typically involves a regular cleaning routine that includes co-washing with conditioner. Regularly washing and conditioning helps keep your braids and natural hair clean and healthy.

After washing, you should dry the hair thoroughly to maintain its freshness. It’s also good practice to massage the scalp with a moisturizing conditioner to remove dirt and keep your hair hydrated.

While the cleaning process may be time-consuming and require additional hair care products, it’s crucial for maintaining your bulk braided hairstyle and keeping it clean and healthy for a long time.

Additionally, bulk human hair extensions can be impacted by environmental elements, causing frizziness, discoloration, or damage if not properly cared for.

One way to address these issues and further maintain your braids is through nighttime care. We recommend using a breathable hair bonnet or scarf to pack your hair before sleeping. Materials like silk or satin can minimize friction, prevent frizz, and ensure your braids last longer.

All in all, bulk human braiding hair offers several advantages for enhancing your natural hair. Still, by considering key factors before selecting one, you can fully appreciate the benefits and elegance that bulk human hair brings to your braiding styles.

For those seeking top-notch options, explore Private Label’s collection, renowned for our high-quality offering in bulk human hair extensions.

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