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Understanding Curly, Raw Indian Hair: Debunking the Kinky Myth

Private Label is a huge fan of Indian hair extensions, which are among the best-selling products in our raw hair product category.

Historically, Indian hair has been a staple of the hair extension industry due to the ample supply of raw human hair from the South Indian temples and the “Fallen Hair” of Northern India.

Private Label only sources raw Indian Hair that has been donated in the temples, also known as “Temple Hair.”

There is an astounding difference in quality between hair sourced in South India and Northern India.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the misconceptions about Raw Curly Indian Hair. I know many clients hear “curly hair” and think they might get a curl pattern resembling “kinky curly” or something similar.

I'm sorry, but that’s not the case with Raw Indian curly bundles in their natural state. Let’s end the confusion with a deep dive into Raw Indian Hair.

steamed vs natural curly Indian hair

What is Raw Indian Hair?

Before we get into the subject of Indian curly hair, let’s go over what raw Indian hair is and why it’s so popular.

The best raw Indian hair is sourced from the Temples of Southeast India. One of the most famous temples is Tirupati Temple, located in Andhra Pradesh. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of temples across India where millions of women donate their hair.

The hair donation is a way of showing their gratitude and sacrifice of material beauty. The temples then sell the donated hair to hair manufacturers, where it is shackled, weighed, and wefted.

The manufacturers will also ventilate the hair to create products like closures and frontals.

What we love about raw Indian hair is its unprocessed, high-quality, and natural state. When I say “Natural State,” this is referring to the hair curl pattern not being adjusted with a steaming process to adjust the curl pattern.

Virgin Hair starts with straight hair that is then steamed into curl patterns like Kinky Straight, Deep Wave, and other textures.

This cost-effective way to offer different curl patterns has been the standard for over a decade. Remember that wavy and curly Indian hair is sold in its original curl patterns. If you straighten wavy hair and then wet it, you should expect it to return to its “Natural State,” which would be a wave or curl.

Now that you understand raw Indian hair let’s discuss the specifics, possible confusion, and expectations related to curly Indian hair.

sewing hair extensions in India

Curly vs. Kinky: Understanding the Difference

The biggest misconception about Indian curly bundles is that they look similar to a Deep Wave Bundle or even a kinky curly bundle.

Technically, this is possible, and we have sold Indian bundles with these patterns in the past, but we make it clear that they have been steamed into this curl pattern.

Indian women donating their hair don’t naturally have tight curls like kinky curly hair or big tight waves like deep wave hair.

Indian Wavy hair looks similar to body wave hair but doesn’t have the uniform s-pattern we are used to. Indian curly hair is almost a mix of a body wave and a deep wave. Remember that every woman who donates their hair will have a different curl pattern.

Don’t expect your bundles to have the same curl pattern as you would find if you purchased virgin hair. Customers who are not accustomed to purchasing raw Indian hair often expect a more “Kinky Curly” style when purchasing curly Indian hair. This will not be the case, and this is the point of this article.

We want to make sure the clients at Private Label are informed!

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The True Nature of Curly, Raw Indian Hair

Here’s the deal when buying Indian hair with different curl patterns.

It’s tea time!

As a consumer of real Indian hair, you must get over a few different facts.

Raw Indian Hair Curls will Differ

“Wait, I might get an Indian curly bundle deal, and the bundle curls might not be the exact same?”

Yup, you got that right!

Please remember that millions of women donate hair yearly that doesn’t have the same curl pattern.

Is it similar?

Yes! But here’s the thing. Once you install the bundles or construct a wig, you won’t believe how natural your hair looks. This is a big plus when wearing real Indian hair.

I know you might not think this as you hand your stylist your bundles, but wait until the installation or wig is completed before making a judgment. If you want to make your hair more uniform, use a professional flat iron to make waves or curls.

Trust me, you are going to look great!

Variations in The Color of Your Bundles

Oh, boy. Here we go again!

“Now you are telling me not to expect the exact same color bundles?”

You must be reading my mind!

This is true. Don’t expect to have the exact same bundle color. Again, this is the case because the women who donated their hair do not have the same hair color.

The key is to get bundles that are close in color appearance. Once you get your bundles sewn in, you will be so happy with the results!

This will not be the case compared to a Kinky curly bundle that has been perfectly steamed into the same curl pattern as thousands of other bundles. The manufacturing process for making virgin hair bundles differs from that of raw bundles.

I’m not saying one is better than the other for what you are looking for, but I want to make sure you have a higher level of understanding when choosing products at Private Label.

naturally curly Indian hair

Benefits of Curly, Raw Indian Hair

Wearing Indian hair weave does have its benefits.

If you are purchasing true Indian hair, it will be premium when compared to virgin hair.

Longevity and Durability

Expect your Indian bundles and extensions to last when properly cared for.

Our clients use our Indian bundles for multiple installs with great results. The curly Indian closure has been properly ventilated to give it a natural hairline that requires minimal plucking.

Because there has been no processing of the Indian hair, you will have a stronger strand of hair that will last longer.

Indian Hair Has a Natural Look and Feel

The natural look and feel of Indian hair has to be our favorite part!

The hair won’t be as silky as processed hair but will better match the hair of the woman wearing the extensions.

Technically, having super silky hair is not really natural, right?

Indian hair has beautiful waves and curls without an exact definition. It perfectly mimics what a natural hairstyle should be.

Expect dark shades of brown for the color, and if you can find a naturally brown color, it can look great when paired with a similar color.

Versatility in Styling Curly Indian Hair

Want to rock those curls? Go for it!

Looking for a sleeker, straighter look? Grab a professional flat iron and experience how easy it is to straighten Indian hair.

Ready to go back to the beautiful curls? Just get the hair wet and expect it to go back to its natural pattern.

Getting your extensions to return to the natural pattern is often challenging for many extension wearers.

This is because virgin hair starts off straight and then is steamed into a curl pattern, unlike Indian hair, which is already naturally curly. The curl is in the DNA structure of the hair.

This makes for beautiful curls all year round.

raw Indian hair extensions

Tips for Maintaining Curly, Raw Indian Hair

Raw hair care differs slightly from what you might be used to with virgin remy hair.

Because the hair is raw, you should treat it as such.

This hair is the real deal.

Proper shampooing and conditioning your hair is essential to keeping it clean and healthy. When applying heat, use a heat protectant spray. You have invested money in these extensions, and we want you to take good care of them.

Applying color is fine, but remember that this adds a chemical to your hair, slightly damaging it and shortening its lifespan. If you color the hair growing out of your head, it’s the same thing. A spritz bottle of water can be your best friend.

Need to tame some flyaways? Grab a hair wax stick and get to work. Remember, raw hair should be treated like your own. It will get a little frizzy when it’s humid outside.

It’s supposed to!

Follow these tips, and you will have a great Indian hair experience.

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Customer Testimonials and Experiences

Our clients LOVE our Raw Indian Hair collection.

Although we have plenty of customer reviews on the product pages, here are a few that stand out:

“This is by far the best hair I purchased. I so love the texture and how my style came out. I will definitely be making so many more purchases from here.”

“This hair is absolutely beautiful!! It lasted me a year, and barely shedded. The bundles were extremely full and soft. It held it’s texture, even after being washed. This hair is perfect!”

“Best Raw Hair - I love this hair!! It blends with my hair perfectly can’t tell that I have a sew in.”

The Private Label team loves reading the reviews and seeing the photos of our customers. Are you going to be the next to give it a try?

Indian curly frontal

How to Choose the Right Curly, Raw Indian Hair for You

There are many options when choosing the right Indian hair for your next hairstyle.

If you are getting a sew-in or making a wig, you will want to grab some bundles with a matching closure or raw curly frontal.

Star, Private Label Atlanta’s showroom manager, says, “When shopping for raw Indian hair, keep in mind that raw hair is unprocessed, meaning it’s true to its natural state.”

How many bundles do you need for a sew-in?

You only need two bundles plus a closure or frontal if you do a shorter hairstyle with lengths 10” - 14.

For length 16” - 22”, you will want three raw curly bundles. For anything 24” and up, please consider four bundles. If closer to 24”, you might have some tracks left over for your next install.

Also, consider that a curly frontal covers more surface area, so fewer bundles will be needed. A popular option is the 5x5 curly closure, which offers a natural look and plenty of versatility.

If you are doing a photo shoot, a client for a movie, or want a very full look, add an extra bundle to all the numbers above.

I have TV clients that will use six 30” bundles and a frontal.

That’s a LOT of hair!

Want to add some additional length and volume without the commitment? Consider the Curly Indian Clip-in extensions. You can take them in and out when you need that fuller look!

You can always visit a Private Label hair store for additional advice and see Indian hair in person.

We even let you touch and feel the bundles!

raw Indian closure

Is Raw Curly Hair for You?

If your budget allows it, I would say it’s worth a try.

The pricing for raw Indian hair at Private Label is as good as buying directly from India without all the hassles of shipping.

We ship from our Atlanta warehouse, and orders arrive fast! You will enjoy the natural look and feel of Indian hair without a doubt.

Have something to add about Indian curly hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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