15 Things Only People With Hair Extensions Will Understand

15 Things Only People With Hair Extensions Will Understand

Hair Extension Gang Gang

Okay girl, huddle in so we can talk about Remy human hair extensions!

Over the years, so many people find it hard to understand what we go through while wearing extensions.

It’s like they don’t even have a clue, they assume all day long. Well, today is the day we declare that will go on no more!

Hair extensions are one of the greatest inventions ever created, and it continues to evolve to this day.

I don’t know about you, but it's important that we stick together in this hair journey to educate others on what we go through and what we don’t.

But at the end of the day, it’s a big possibility folks still won't understand hair extensions, and that’s okay!

So continue reading as I go through 15 things only people with hair extensions will understand.

Curly hair model wearing pink suit and lipstick

Human Hair Extensions Cost Some Coins

Have you ever tried to explain to someone why you have to spend $500 on your real human hair bundles?

It’s one of the worst arguments in the world especially if you’re married and you have to explain a large charge on the bank statement.

But we all know that every penny of those bundles is worth it. I mean let's face it, if you’re like me, you only purchase human hair.

Human hair comes straight from someone else’s scalp, which means you’re able to treat it as such.

We can cut, curl and style human hair extensions with no issues. So you have to wonder, of course, that luxury is going to cost a lot of money.

Also, I’m not sure why people think we spend a lot of money on extensions every other week because we don’t! Most people typically reuse their hair extensions until they can’t anymore.

I know someone who used their hair for one year before tossing it out. Yes, they did stick to regular maintenance throughout the year.

But if you’re putting out your hard earned money on hair extensions and you know what you’re doing, don’t worry about anyone else.

Sometimes people just aren’t going to understand, and we have to leave it that way.

Straight hair model in red dress sitting on a chair

It’s a Process

I don’t know about you but just thinking about all that I have to endure before getting hair extensions, makes me a little weak. Having hair extensions is a complete process!

Many people think we buy hair, have hair extensions installed and that’s it, but that’s wrong. Even when I’m searching for new bundles, I have to strategize a plan.

Most times I hop on social media to search hair dealers and see who has the best price. After that, I have to read reviews and follow hashtags to see if their current or past customers are happy with their purchase.

That in itself takes anywhere to a few hours to even a whole day sometimes. But we all know once we find the right dealer and price we stick to them unless something happens!

Even when it comes to finding the right stylist, maintaining hair extensions and removing them are all a complete process.

When it comes to extensions, we can’t just rush through everything.

We have to take our time and carefully plan and execute because if we don’t, our hair will look like the process we didn’t go through! But of course, only we understand that!

Getting Asked Questions Is Annoying

There are a couple of questions that I typically get asked that I can’t stand. One of the questions I get is “where you find good extensions?” Every time I hear that question I want to scream, “find a dealer yourself!”

I mean honestly, it’s so many places and people to purchase extensions from that we shouldn’t have to give up our connect, you know?

But because I know purchasing hair extensions is half the battle, I let them know they came from Private Label and then I quickly change the topic!

If you let folks talk they begin asking for your entire hair regimen and you can’t give all the sauce away! Another question that’s annoying when asked is “is that your real hair?”

I honestly thought that we stopped asking that a long time ago! This question is also annoying to many others as well, and it’s because most people don’t like to lie.

When we’re wearing hair extensions, we want them to look so flawless that people assume its real.

So if they start getting curious, I have to tell them it’s not my real hair sadly.

However, because they asked tells me they weren’t sure, so I still know I’m doing something right!

Curly hair model wearing a dress standing confidently in the street

You’re Always Doing Your Hair

Many people don’t understand that even though our real hair isn’t getting styled doesn’t mean we stop doing hair as all together!

If anything, having hair extensions makes us do our hair even more. The most frequent thing we have to do is make sure our hair is blended, at all times.

One of the worst nightmares in the hair extension journey is going out in public, and your frontal is loose, or you leave out is showing.

If it has happened to you, then you know it’s not a good thing.

That’s why whenever we see a mirror it’s a must we stop to check our hair to make sure we’re still on point!

When it comes to a morning routine, most of us have to either curl or straighten our hair daily.

Sadly, we can’t just go to bed, wake up and have flawless hair. Again, it’s a process to have hair extensions, and we have no issue with that!

You Must Be Gentle When Brushing

One the funniest things about hair extensions are when we have to brush our hair!

We can’t just start brushing out of nowhere; we have to take our time and work in sections.

People think brushing isn’t rocket science, but it is when you have hair extensions! Only we know how important it is to start brushing from the bottom of the hair and work our way up slowly.

One reason we don’t want to go fast is that either it's a sew-in hairstyle into our real hair, so we don’t want to cause tension.

Another reason is if we’re wearing a lace frontal we want to be careful because we don’t want the wig to slip back. That step can cause breakage and lost of edges, and we all know that’s not an option!

If you have long hair extensions then you now brushing is important because we do it all the time since the hair tangles quite often.

Now, if you don’t have long extensions, then you’re off the hook for this section. But brushing becomes a part of the daily process with extensions, and over time it gets easier, and it’s like second nature.

Classy curly hair model wearing a cap

Shower Caps are BFF

Have you ever been away from home and you ask someone for a shower cap and they look at you crazy?

Well, it often happens because some people don’t understand how important it is that extensions are away from water.

If we’re headed to date or have plans for the day, the last thing we ever want is to get our expensive hair extensions wet.

That’s why if you’re a super professional at wearing extensions, you probably carry a shower cap with you if you’re out of town.

Because at this point in life we can’t take any risks when it comes to our hair.

And let's not forget about the Silk Bonnets too.

Dry Shampoo is Amazing

One of the main reasons a lot of people wear hair extensions is so they can have more time on their hands without worrying about their hair.

When we rock our natural hair, we have an entire hair regimen that focuses on washday. Hair extension wearers are not even thinking about washday.

They want nothing to do with it for the most part. That’s why dry shampoo becomes our best friend!

Dry shampoo allows you to skip washday the easy way. Eventually, you will still have to wash your hair, but at least dry shampoo prolongs it a little more.

All you have to do is spray the shampoo throughout your hair and scalp, and your head is clean again.

Some hair companies even make travel sizes so if you wanted to keep a can in your purse, you could!

Maybe one day you might be running late somewhere, and your hair is itching badly. You could spray shampoo on your hair right in the car and continue your day as normal.

Being Hot is Okay Since You’re Cute

I can assure you, those that wear hair extensions are fully aware that our heads are sweating crazy, but it doesn’t matter because we’re cute! I’m sure people who wear heels go through this very same thing.

Their feet may very well be screaming, but they won’t dare remove that shoe because they are looking flawless!

Same goes for hair extensions; you will still catch people wearing them throughout the summer even though it’s a thousand degrees outside.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to remain a certain level of beauty.

Because one thing is for sure, if you have a lace front wig on, it’s coming completely off once you enter your home!

Curly hair model in a dress minimal setting

Hair Touching is Off Limits

One of the things in life I am working on is understanding how important it is to say NO!

Some folks need to understand it is not okay to touch other peoples hair especially if you’re wearing hair extensions.

It’s just something that is off limits. For starters, we don’t want you trying to feel your way to our scalp to see if its weave or not. When people touch your hair, it feels like an invasion of privacy.

Also, we don’t know if someone is going to mess up your blended area or not. And we know the last thing we need is for any tracks or leave it to show through.

So to avoid any potential mistakes, it's best we all learn to tell people no if they want to touch our hair. I don't want anybody to mess my Spanish Wave Hair.

Too many things can go wrong, and it will just never be worth it honestly. Plus, if you wear any hair product or even hair perfume, we don’t want that messed up at all.

Removal of Extensions Feels Liberating

I think we all can agree that just as much as we love rocking our hair extensions, we also love it when it’s time to take them out.

It’s a very liberating feeling that occurs when your natural hair is exposed to society again.

You feel like you just accomplished something great! It’s hard to explain at times, but it’s a wondering feeling.

You feel free; almost like you can take over the world!

No one will ever understand how it feels to touch your scalp without any tracks in the way or have the chance to wash your hair freely after a few months.

At the same time though, we also can't wait until we get the fresh install again which is usually after a few days of removal! No one can keep a hair extension wearer down!

If you want to take off your frontals use a Safe Lace Paste Remover.

Color Application is Scary at Times

Even though wearing hair extensions already provide you the chance to switch up your style, but some people also want that style switched up at times as well. One thing that can enhance hair extensions would have to be hair color.

New hair color can change your life and make you feel like you’re on the top of a mountain.

However, applying hair color isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Let's remind ourselves first that if you want your hair bleached, then that means the color will be permanent.

I don’t know about you, but there have been several times I have been a little scared about that process.

Let’s not forget that we already have to spend hundreds of dollars on hair extensions and then turn around and trust that someone applies the color correctly. It’s sometimes a stressful process.

Another thing we have to worry about is whether or not we’ll even like the color.

There are just so many things we have to consider while rocking hair extensions. Look for ponytails hairstyles inspirations.

Yellow flowers on the head of a curly hair model

Patting Your Head is Completely Normal

To this day, people still look at us funny when we’re standing in the grocery line patting our heads because it itches!

Those people will never understand how it feels to have several tracks on top of your head, product builds up and so much more going on at the same time. They don’t realize how much of a risk it is to scratch your head.

We not only risk having dandruff shown on our hair but even the risk of having a track pop out. Patting the head to avoid any hair issues is always the way to go.

Because removing excessive buildup is a nightmare.

We know that it took way too much to get to the point of scratching our heads. The people in public don’t know we’re just waiting until its washday!

Extensions are Allergic to the Rain

As I mentioned earlier about the shower cap being our BFF, the same logic applies to the rain. Us hair extension wearers have no business around any water, of any kind.

We barely even want to look at the rain because of what it can do to our hair. It’s bad enough the washing process of extensions takes forever, and there’s just no way we can afford any wetness outside that day.

If you don’t have an umbrella or hoodie while it’s raining, then you risk your hair getting wet or even frizzing up.

And to be honest with you I don’t know which is worse! That’s why you see people wearing bags over their hair in public because it’s that serious!

Blue dress curly hair model tilting her head

You Never Want to Take Them Out

Only we understand the emotional aspect that comes with wear hair extensions. We can feel very sad one day, but once we get some bundles and have them installed, you can’t tell us anything!

Even when the hair becomes old, we go through emotions because we don’t want to take them out.

Although when they are out, we feel liberated before that we’re okay with keeping them in.

It’s almost like when your best friend comes into town and you guys are having so much fun but then the day comes when they have to leave so you get created.

You start creating more memories and taking a bunch of pictures because you know you’re going to miss them.

The funny thing is, hair extensions are the same way! We don’t want to take them out and start over again.

Beauty Always Wins

After we spend hundreds of dollars on hair extensions and go through the long process of maintaining them and everything else, there's always a moment of reflection.

Beauty always wins! There’s something powerful that happens when we wear hair extensions; something magical happens.

We endure a lot while wearing extensions but at the end of the day that’s just the price we pay for beauty.

Honestly I can't hold myself around human hair bundle deals.

Some people would move mountains if it meant they were going to look their best.

Even people who don’t wear hair extensions have certain things they experience when it comes to beauty needs.

If we all could wake up and be flawless, we would, however, we can’t.

So in the meantime, we all must continue riding the extension bus because that is what’s best since beauty always wins!

We Will Stand Together

We have made it to the end and by the looks of things; it’s clear why some people don’t understand hair extensions! It’s a true journey that only we get.

As I mentioned, there’s a price we pay for beauty.

Some people aren’t going to understand why we pat our heads, why touching our hair is off limits or even why we’re completely fine being hot if it means we’re cute.

Shoot, at times I’m sure we don’t even understand it all! However, it comes a time when we walk past a mirror in Target and realize how good we look.

It’s at that moment when we know the hair extensions journey is worth it and everything has meaning.

If you’re a chronic hair extension wearer, do you agree with this list?

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comment section below!

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