Answering Popular Questions about Raw Indian Bundles

Answering Popular Questions about Raw Indian Bundles

Most people search for raw Indian hair due to its beauty and longevity. With so much information available, it is easy to get confused.

We are sure that you are also one of them and want to get 100% correct and authentic information about Raw Indian Bundles

Whether you have decided on your first purchase or are a seasoned pro and want more information, this blog will help you get insightful content. We will discuss everything from what makes these raw Indian bundles unique to how you can care for them properly.

Now, Private Label will ensure you have all the information you need to make an easy decision. We collected some frequently asked questions and answered them briefly in this blog post.

So, if you want to learn more about authentic data, stay with us! 

Raw Indian Curly Hair Bundle Texture Closeup

How Long Does Raw Indian Hair Last?

Raw Indian Hair is famous due to its remarkable longevity and durability. It can usually last between two and five years.

But if you want to increase its usage, you must take care of it and maintain it properly.

For proper raw Indian hair care, you should wash and deep condition it regularly. 

We advise using a serum to moisturize it, but avoid over-using it.

Proper maintenance maximizes bundles’ lifespan and maintains their texture and natural beauty, especially if you're a bride and wearing Indian hair for your wedding

How Do You Take Care of Raw Indian Hair?

We suggest to customers to keep raw Indian hair in good condition. A wide-tooth comb or paddle brush is preferred to avoid breakage. Keep a sulfate-containing shampoo away from it.

You should use a leave-in conditioner to moisturize your hair regularly. Always detangle it gently before washing it. Lastly, do not apply styling or heating tools to preserve its texture.

At night, cover your hair with a Silk Bonnet or scarf.  If you take these preventive measures daily, you can keep your hair manageable and smooth forever.

Raw Indian Wavy Closure 4x4

Is Raw Indian Hair Good for You?

Wavy Raw Indian Hair is not only good; it is also the best choice of hair extensions in the market. It is an original and high-quality product as it is collected from a single donor and 100% unprocessed.

No involvement, heat, or chemical processes retain their natural state. Also, its shining and strength add to its beauty and give it superior status. 

So, if you are looking for versatile and long-lasting hair extensions, don’t wait; now is the perfect time to invest in them.

How Do You Know a Raw Donor Hair?

To identify raw donor hair, you should check for many attributes. As we discussed earlier, original raw hair bundles are unprocessed, dye-free, and the same color. Their texture matches that of human hair.

Also, they have aligned and intact cuticles that reduce the risk of tangling and weave shedding.

That is why you need to notice the color and texture variations of the donor’s hair, which should indicate no processing.

What Are the Pros of Raw Hair?

Raw hair is the purest form of hair in today’s market. Such types of hair are rare, so they sell out fast. Every bundle of raw hair has a unique appearance.  These are entirely cuticle hair sourced from one donor.

With raw hair, you can adapt to any natural hair pattern, like straight, wavy, or Curly Raw Indian Hair. They get better with every wash, so they are more durable. 

You can also select the color of your choice because they are available in natural black, grey, brown, red, and blonde.

Raw Indian Curly Bulk Braiding Hair

What is Unique About Indian Hair?

Indian hair has a lot of unique qualities that make it stand out from other hair types.

Indian hair is well-known for its thickness, lightweight, airy features, natural gloss, and bounces, which make it easy to style and maintain.

It is so versatile that you can use it for different applications such as weaves, human hair wigs, and other purposes.

In addition, Indian hair, ethically sourced from temples, has a more beautiful structure that many companies prefer to use to make hair extensions.

Is Raw Hair Hard to Maintain?

If we compare raw Indian hair with other hair types, it is more challenging to maintain. It needs proper combing or detangling to avoid a messy and matted look, moisturizing to hydrate it thoroughly, and careful washing to keep its beauty intact.

Due to its unprocessed nature, raw hair reacts to chemicals or tools similar to human hair. If not correctly cared for, it becomes prone to tangling and dryness. So, you need to follow gentle maintenance tips carefully.

Is Raw Hair Expensive?

Raw hair does not involve chemical or heat treatment, so most people consider it cheap. But reality is something else. It is more expensive than virgin hair that undergoes chemical processing.

The price of raw hair depends on different factors, such as length, texture, quality, rarity, and durability. One of the best features is that you can customize raw hair according to your choice.

For this reason, hair extension and wig companies can demand extra charges.

Indian Curly Natural Black Clip-In Extensions

How Often Should You Wash Raw Hair?

The answer to this question is totally up to you. The frequency of washing your raw hair, such as weaves or extensions, depends on your hair type and lifestyle.

However, we advise washing it 1-2 times weekly to avoid product buildup and maintain cleanliness. 

We have noted that frequent washing leads to stripping natural oil, and infrequent washing causes hygiene issues. When adjusting your preferences, make sure you do not damage your hair in any way.

Does Raw Indian Hair Tangle?

Our research shows us that Indian hair has a thin diameter compared to virgin hair. This means it is more likely to be damaged by tangling. Raw Indian hair comes from humans, so it is natural and can tangle easily.

This gives your hair a rough and messy look. Careless maintenance and the wrong dyeing choice can make it more dry, leading to further tangling.

If your selected color has harsh chemicals, you cannot preserve its shine and natural strength. If you comb frequently, you can prevent it from breaking and fraying.

Can Raw Hair Be Dyed?

Yes, it is possible to dye raw hair, but you need proper care. To do this, you should proceed step-wise carefully.  Firstly, select a suitable dye that does not contain harmful chemicals.

Try it on a small section of your extension. Could you wait for a few minutes and dry it well? Rinse with the recommended shampoo and apply conditioner to see the results. 

If your hair gets your expected color, follow the same steps for the whole extension. But if the results are against your expectations, avoid dyeing it.

Black straight hair female model lifting up her hair

Is Raw Indian Hair Real Hair?

Indian women cut their hair down and gave it to the temples as a religious offering.

So, we can say that the source of Raw Indian Hair is temples.

The donor feels it is the worst to offer fake hair there. It shows that Raw Indian hair is 100% pure human hair. It is free from all kinds of treatments or processing.

As a result, you can purchase it from the market in its original form.

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