Is Buying Raw Indian Temple Hair Bundles Worth it

Are Raw Indian Temple Hair Bundles Worth it?

With time, hair extensions are gaining popularity faster than before.

People are becoming more conscious about their selection regarding variety, quality, and pricing.

If you are one of them, you will always want high-quality extensions in an affordable range to make your money worth it. Numerous extensions range from synthetic to different types of natural human hair. Among various hair types, Raw Indian Hair is at the top.

It comes with bundles, closures, or frontals that are available in the market at reasonable prices. If you want to know more about why Raw Indian hair is worth money, then keep reading!

Indian Wavy Bundle Deals

Virgin Hair Type

Virgin hair is hair that does not undergo chemical processes, bleaching, or dyeing.

However, it can undergo steam to achieve certain textures.

This type is high-quality and can last years if you care for it correctly. It is achieved by gathering hair from different individuals and treating it to make it feel and appear like one hair. 

Raw Hair Type

The second type, ‘Raw Hair,’ is precisely what it sounds like unprocessed human hair.

This makes raw hair the purest and most natural option. It is not treated and undergoes no processing.

It comes from a single donor and does not undergo steam pasteurization or chemical treatment.  It is like receiving a piece of uncombed hair from someone.

This makes raw hair extensions unique, authentic, and premium. Due to their exceptional quality and proper maintenance, they can last for years.

I know that now you’re thinking about, ‘What is Raw Indian Hair?’ 

Ultimately, raw Indian hair is donated to temples in Southeast India due to the deep-rooted region’s religious and cultural traditions.

Such unprocessed hair, donated by donors, is often grown over many years. This hair type is less silky and has slight waves that are slightly closer to coarser textures. It is also available in curly hair patterns

Our years of experience and research have taught us that the beauty of Raw Indian Hair Bundles is that no two bundles are the same.

While they won’t be drastically different, they won’t be identical because the hair isn’t steamed to create uniform patterns.

So, if you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy raw Indian hair seller, then Private Label could be a top choice! 

Raw Indian Wavy Bulk Braiding Hair

Benefits that Make Raw Indian Hair Worth Investing!

Investing your hard-earned money in such a thing may be risky. So, we’d like to highlight some advantages of choosing ‘Raw Indian Hair’ to help you make a knowledgeable decision! 

It Looks and Feels Natural

One of this type’s best and most important benefits is that it looks and feels 100% natural human hair.

Each bundle retains the texture of the donor’s hair without sacrificing its authenticity, so when you wear it, it looks natural, like it was growing from your head.  And guess what?

The cuticles are undamaged and arranged wonderfully, giving them a natural appearance and texture.

It’s Very Versatile

As experts in the industry, we know that many women today choose Curly Raw Indian Hair because of its versatility.

You can wear the extensions straight if you want a sleek, long look, and they’re also easy to curl if you wish for a bouncy, curly style you couldn’t achieve before.

This flexibility makes Indian hair an excellent choice compared to other options that are available in the market. 

It’s Longevity

Now, here is the reason why most of our customers prefer ‘Raw Indian Hair Deals.’  It is all due to its durability or longevity.

As we have discussed above, these are raw, natural, and of the highest quality. All your extensions, including front lace wigs, Raw Indian Hair Wavy Frontals, etc., remain safe from damage for many years. 

With proper care and maintenance, it can be used repeatedly for many years.

Therefore, it is not just a haircut but a decision to make the necessary change and look fabulous for an extended period.

It has a Large Volume & Thickness

It is a fact that Indian hair is thicker and has more volume. It also has one of the highest hair densities.

The length of each strand is also significant, so your hair comes out fuller and does not break easily.

That is why their extensions or human hair wigs are enough to give you a sensation of extra volume on your head.

We recommend these Indian raw hair extensions because they are thicker and have more volume. Yes, you can style them like your own hair. 

Very Easy to Maintain

Women remain busy with different tasks such as mothering, careers, and other household work.

It becomes challenging for them to maintain their hair every time.

As raw Indian hair extensions are made of natural hair, you can easily wash and style them without any frustration. In this way, both your hair and styling remain intact.

Indian Curly Natural Black I-Tip


Raw Indian Hair Bundles, Closures, and Frontals!

You got exactly what you were looking for: Raw Indian hair! Firstly, know everything about the goodies you will find.


These are like the magic wands of hair extensions. Plug them into your natural hair, and you will add length and volume quickly.

Raw Indian hair bundles are a wonderful blend and natural piece that can complete your favorite style.


The Indian Hair 5x5 Closures are the spice that makes your hair recipes entirely and utterly irresistible.

So, they cover the top, install your hair, make it look like you have a natural hair scalp, and keep everything in order.


Do you want to wake up one day and part your hair differently?  Frontals are natural hairs that follow the hairline from ear to ear, and you can style them in any way you wish.

These are here to cover you from your forehead to the nape of your hairline. Like This Curly 13x4 Indian Hair Frontal!

When you nicely blend these babies, then you will be able to achieve that natural hair extension installation system.

Want to Invest in Quality?

Choose Private Label Raw Indian Hair When investing in high-quality Raw Indian hair, do not forget to contact experts at Private Label the most trustworthy name in the market. For this purpose, the following are the primary considerations.

Raw Indian Curly Hair Bundle Texture Bright

Know Your Hair Type (Virgin or Raw)

When shopping, first decide if you want Virgin Hair or Raw Hair. The weight of the bundle also matters.

Some manufacturers shave a few grams to reduce expenses. No biggie, right?

Well, my friend, those grams add up very quickly when you sell thousands of bundles.

For example, a manufacturer may offer a 100-gram hair pack that contains only 95 grams. That is 5 grams saved per bundle for both hair types.

The Impact of Weight (Small Differences, Big Savings)

There are 5 grams less in each bundle for ten thousand bundles per month. That is 50,000 grams of hair saved or about 500 extra bundles.

If the manufacturer sells 20 bundles for $40, multiplying 500 bundles by $40 equals an additional profit of $20,000 every month. Oh yes, those few grams do count!

The Length Matters (Pricing Based on Hair Length)

Let us talk about the length! The 10-inch bundles are more affordable than the 30-inch bundles.

Long hair takes longer to grow and is more difficult to obtain than short hair, making it more costly.

That is why the difference between a 10-inch and 12-inch bundle is only two dollars, and between a 26-inch and a 28-inch bundle is about ten dollars. 

Curl Patterns and Cost (The More Curly, The More Costly)

But what about these curls? The Straight Hair and Body Wave Hair textures come in the same price range.

While any curly ones, such as Deep Wave Hair or Spanish Wave Hair, will cost a little extra.

Brown curly hair female model with a floral face mask

Raw Hair Bundles Keep Winning!

Investing your money in Raw Indian hair extensions is like selecting a crown for yourself.

To enhance your beauty, you must choose a reputable name like Private Label and feel the difference for the years to come. It is an investment that guarantees a breathtaking transformation.

YES, No other hair type can rival the quality of a lace wig. You can check out our latest Raw Indian Hair section, which includes bundles, closures, and frontals sourced from temples in Southeast India.

Now, you can have the best raw hair extensions that bring quality and a stunning look to your hair. Don’t just buy hair. Buy beauty, quality, and nature!

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