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How to Make An Old Weave Last One More Week

Make It Last Forever, Forever

I know that we all have had that moment where our bundle's shipment is coming in late or we are running low on funds.

And we need to make our hairstyle stretch for just a few more days. Sew-in weave can be a fantastic protective look and when you treat it with tender love and care it can last you for a long time.

But no matter how well you manage your tresses there will always come to a point where the strands begin to age new growth starts to show, and you must take your beautiful bundles out.

Luckily if you need a little more time before you see your hairdresser, then there are a few methods you can choose to help your weave last for one more week.

Read on in this blog post, and we promise you will find age-old secrets to make those extensions last longer and longer.

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Wrap Up Your Weave Before You Go to Bed

No matter what kind of hair texture you purchase or install on your head its best to wrap your extensions up when you're sleeping or about to go to bed.

Wrapping your bundles prevents things like frizz, wear, and tear, and slip tracks from happening. Using this method is foolproof and will be a fantastic help when it comes down to making your weave last for one more week.

Let's face it, we move so much in our sleep, and the rubbing of our hair on our sheets and pillows can be destructive to our curls, you want to make sure that by the end of the night that your extensions stay firmly in place.

You want to be able to preserve the curl patterns or hairstyles that you work so hard to achieve, and it will save you time in the morning from restyling your hair.

This process is not only for when you're going to bed if you know that you won't be going out at all for the day you should wrap up your hair, but there is also no point in letting your curls hang free for no one to see. So, if you're getting ready to do daily household chores, then I would protect those bundles until you decide to leave the house.

This process may seem like something small, but trust me, this could be a significant help in making that weave last an extra week.

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Stay Away from Putting Heat on Your Weave

Putting heat on your weave is possibly the worst thing that you could do when you are trying to make your hairstyle last for one week longer.

Try to avoid excessive straightening or blow-drying your extensions every time you wash or style your hair. If you practice good habits in the beginning stages of the sew-in, then it will be able to last a lot longer than it usually would if you treat it unhealthy.

Think of your weave as your natural curls, you wouldn't blow dry your hair every five seconds, and you surely would not flat iron it every chance you get. Take advantage of the day to day accessories like turbans and headbands to give the extensions a break from the damaging heat of your curling iron.

A weave is prone to the same damage as your real hair so too many harmful chemicals will decrease its lifespan. So, to help you out overall try to choose a bundle with a texture that you already like and save the extra curling or blow-drying for special occasions only.

Find different ways to style your weave without adding excessive heat, and I promise your lovely hairstyle will last you for one more week if not longer.

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Buy Quality Extensions

Buying quality extensions from the jump can increase the duration of hair life, making your weave last longer than others.

If you are dealing with cheap or synthetic quality hair, then you can expect it to lose its shine, volume, and strength a lot faster than the human tresses. So even though this step is something that takes place in the beginning stages, it will help you out in the future.

Next time you decide to get a sew-in takes the time to invest in high-quality extensions before doing the install.

We love the Raw Curly Indian Hair as well as the Vietnamese Straight Bundles.

Need help buying some great weave at affordable prices?

Check out our bundle deals on Brazilian and Malaysian hair.


Wear Cute Hair Accessories

If you're trying to make your hair extensions last one more week, try investing in some cute hair accessories, anything to try, and the cover-up that new growth.

Sometimes when your weave begins to get old, it's easy to tell or spot it from a mile away. Wearing anything from cute decorative headscarves, turbans, or hats can help hide the tell-tale signs of an aging sew-in.

Remember that our goal is to stretch out our hairstyle for one more week until we can get it re-done, so this option is probably the cheapest and easiest one to try.

I feel that we all might have a hat or headband laying around the house somewhere, but if you don't, there are some cheap options at thrift stores or your local drug or beauty supply store.

So, the next time you are trying to find a way to make that hairstyle last a few days longer pull out some of your favorite cute hair accessories and slay the rest of your week effortlessly.


Use Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is ideal for helping your weave last a little while longer.

These products are great when dealing with curly texture hair, just because they help restore brittle, dry, or old hair by adding an enormous amount of moisture that can last you for days to come.

Other products you use on your extensions can have an adverse effect and dry out your curls.

When it comes down to your last few days of the sew-in add a dime-size amount of product on your hands and massage it into your curls with your fingers coating it evenly throughout the extensions.

Since your bundles cannot get any nutrients from your body, this method is perfect for adding life to your flat weave. So, if you are running low on funds need to stretch that hairstyle out for a few more days invest in this product.

If you are on the fence on which cream to get, you should check out our blog post on the best leave-in conditioner for your hair extensions.


Try Not to Do Vigorous Workouts

If you want to make your weave last for one more week, then I would suggest you try your best to stay away from any vigorous workout routines for the next couple of days.

Although, we do have some great tips for wearing weaves during workouts.

Sweating your edges out is an understatement, but if you have a sew-in, you should know better than anyone that sweating it out makes things worst. When an increase of sweat builds up around the corners of your extensions or even in the middle, the tracks will begin to rise and give you the appearance of wearing a wig.

If your hairstyle is already starting to get old, then we don't want to push it overboard by running long laps for the whole world to see the tangled mess on your head.

Don't get me wrong you can still try to get a good workout in.

But I would suggest staying away from 5k runs, the sauna, or the swimming pool for the following days to come. Investing in dry shampoo could be a massive help in drying up the sweat that comes from your hair when you work out.

So, before you leave the house spray a few drops of the dry shampoo product and this could save you from dealing with a sweaty catastrophe on your extensions when you get home.

As soon as you get your new hairstyle in then, you can continue with your regular gym regimen.

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Invest in Satin Pillow Case and Satin Scarves

If you think that investing in a satin pillowcase or scarf is a myth that doesn't work, well we are here to tell you please believe in all the hype.

Buying this product is probably the last thing that comes to your mind when you think about keeping your weave healthy and beautiful but trust us it will be a huge lifesaver for all your future hair looks.

If you don't want to ruin your expensive bundles, aka raw hair bundles, then we suggest you stay far away from regular cotton pillowcases.

The roughness of the cloth creates friction between your weave and the surface of the pillow which creates damage all over the head. Satin is very smooth, so that means the style will not tangle up while you are sleeping.

The hair extensions will merely slide across the pillow and will more likely create minimum to no damage.

Say goodbye to your ugly bed head every morning, because these satin beauties will have you looking like a fallen angel every time you wake up.

If the pillowcases are not your style, the silk headscarves can be a huge help as well. One big plus that these scarves can do is retain the natural moisture that your weave has, anything that is cotton material can suck your hair dry of healthy oils that can be very helpful, in the process, it will make your strands brittle and dry something that no one wants.

With all these marvelous benefits I don't know why you aren't on your way to the store right now picking up these lovely satin products!


Twist or Braid Down Extensions

If you are someone who has curly or wavy extensions that lost their volume and bounce over the weeks, there is one way to bring them back to life.

Dividing your hair into small sections and twisting or braiding them down can help bring the curls back to life in your weave. You can either wet the hair or add small amounts of hair product to improve the waves to keep its form throughout the night.

When you wake up in the morning make sure that the sections are arid, then begin to undo the braids or twists in the parts. You can now keep the curls as they are or get a soft bristle brush and brush them out for a looser curl pattern.

Another way to maintain the hairstyle is to try placing mini Bantu knots within the hair; this provides more of a spiral pattern that is sure to catch anyone's attention. Doing tricks like these will help your weave last well over a week if not longer.

Remember that it is only necessary to try this method when the sew-in begins to look old, and the style of the texture of the hair starts to look dry or matted.

You don't want to ruin the natural pattern of your waves by doing this routine too early in the weaving stage.

If you still are not sure on how to execute any of the techniques above, try Bantu knots or other braiding techniques on YouTube for step by step demonstration.

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How Do You Make Your Weave Last One More Week?

We hope that you find these tips on making your weave last a little longer helpful.

I know that we all have our moments where we might be running low on cash or don't have the time to redo our hair at the moment.

Any methods that can help stretch the life your hair is behind you 100 percent of the way.

Always remember that when your weave does start to get old know when enough is enough, leaving a style in for a more extended time than it is supposed to be in can lead to more damage.

If you have any techniques that you use to help, make your extensions last one more week we are dying to know.

Please fill us in, in the comments down below.

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Hey Hana! We recommend using any type of frizz tamer and also sleeping with a silk bonnet to keep your extensions nice and soft! Say goodbye to frizz!!

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Does anyone have tips on preventing frizz in weaves during sleep? I struggle with keeping mine intact!


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