Best post-gym hairstyles

Best Post-Gym Hairstyles With Hair Extensions & Weave!

Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Hair Extensions Neat

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m always in the gym. When I used to wear weave, I would be hesitant about going to the gym because I knew I ’d sweat out my hair and ruin my look.

I would try to avoid any activity that would cause me to sweat because I didn’t know how to get a proper post-gym hairstyle.

I had assumed that the only way to get my hair back to its style was to wash it, dry it and style it all over again.

Eventually, I had to learn which human hair extension hairstyles were the best for an active person like myself.

I also had to learn how to style my extensions after working out (Check out this article: working out with weave) in a way that looked decent.

After some time, I was able to get the hang of it and look amazing after the gym, even while drenched in sweat.

The main things that helped me were styling accessories, products, and sweatbands.

There’s no need to worry about your hair if you’re someone that is active. We’ll tell you the best hairstyles with extensions to take advantage of after the gym.

Ginger curly hair in black top

First, Accessories Are Your Friend

Accessories and hairstyling tools are the easiest way to maintain a hairstyle after the gym.

If you don’t have time to style your hair, you can use an accessory to whip up a style that fits the look you’re trying to achieve.

Accessories would include a hear wrap, a bandana, or a fashionable ponytail holder.

By using any one of these tools, you’ll be able to hide any unsettled part of your hair while also looking fabulous.

A hat is another great way to maintain style while covering up sweaty hair.

A lot of the time, people think they’ll have to sacrifice having a cute hairstyle when they go to the gym. With accessories, you won’t have to.

Best Extensions For An Active Lifestyle

There are tons of extension types out there, but only some will be able to withstand someone with an active lifestyle.

I workout quite often and I wear crotchet hair which is a type of synthetic extension. It’s manageable, quick, and easy to tame after a tough workout.

The extension types that I recommend for someone that is active in the gym are wigs, weaves with no leave out, braids, and crochet or synthetic hair.

The human hair wigs and weaves are so natural while the braids and crochet are made from synthetic hair.

There are plenty of reasons why I suggest these different types. Let’s talk about why and what kind of post-gym styles you can take advantage of after the gym.

A curly hair model working out

Post-Gym Wig Styles

Wigs are a fantastic extension type because nowadays they are created to look like real hair. A lot of wigs mimic the look of real hair, and they even feel like real hair.

Also, wigs can be styled without too much hassle especially if it was a Glueless Wig.

For someone that is active or trying to be active, I suggest leaving the wig off during your activity.

If that’s not something you feel like you can do, then leave the wig on but wear a scarf over it during your exercise.

The great thing about wigs is that they can be styled how you wish.

Usually, depending on the kind of wig you’ve purchased you can put your wig in a low ponytail to keep the hair from sticking to your neck while you sweat.

My favorite wig styles are a curly, wavy, and straight. Curly is excellent for post-gym styles because it won’t look terrible and can be held away from the face with a bandana.

Wavy wigs like this HD Deep Wave Wig, they have a great flow to them and can be braided up into French braids for a cute post-gym look.

Straight wigs similar to this Silky Straight Lace Front Wig, they are probably the toughest to style after the gym, but my favorite go-to style is two cute pigtails.

Again, wigs are the best post-gym extension type if you don’t wear the wig during your activity.

If you do, they can still be great, but you risk getting sweat all over the hair. At least, with wigs, you can take it off, style it, and put it back on again.

A close-up on hair weaves

Post-Gym Weave Styles With No Leave Out

Weaves with no leave out are the best option for someone that’s looking to be active, or is active.

The reason why it’s vital for your weave to have no leave out is so that you don’t risk frizzing out your hair.

For weave styles, you can wrap the hair in a scarf while working out. Also, you can put your extensions in a low ponytail to keep your hair away from your face.

Another great style is parting your hair and twisting it up so that by the time you’re done working out, you can unravel them for a wavy post-gym look.

If the perimeter of your hair is sweaty and looking a little rough, you can always throw a hat on right after for a more relaxed look.

Post-Gym Crochet/Braids Styles

Both crochet and braids are typically created with synthetic hair. Since they are made from synthetic hair, they can’t be styled much.

But if you want a higher quality with more styling options you can braid your own using Bulk Human Braiding Hair.

However, despite the fact that you can’t do much styling with crotchet or braids, they make for great extension types.

I currently wear a curly crochet style that can be put up into a pineapple style for a quick post-gym look.

There are plenty of crochet styles available but my favorite post-gym styles would be crochet styles that won’t have hair in your face.

Braids are rather simple and don’t require much styling after the gym. Just put your hair up in a ponytail style, and you’re good to go!

Hair styling tools and products

Styling Products For Post-Gym Styles

No matter what kind of extension style you have, you’ll need to have styling products on hand.

After several minutes of sweating, hairstyles begin to unravel. After a good workout, edges will look frazzled and frizzy.

Some of my favorite post-gym styling products are a good edge control such as our Black Edge Control.

I also like to keep some mouse on me, just in case I need to slick down my hair.

Depending on the hairstyle, I’ll keep a brush or comb in my bag to comb out whatever I need to.

Styling tools are essential for your post-gym look. Make sure to keep them handy in your gym bag.

Key Points For Post-Gym Styles

It doesn’t matter what occasion you’re going to after the gym; you’re going to need some quick extensions styles.

If you’re active like me, you’ll need to keep in mind what kind of extension types you’ll use.

The best gym extension types are crotchet and braids, the best are weaves with no leave out, and wigs.

Wigs can be removed, so it’s always recommended you don’t wear it during your workout sessions.

Weaves can’t be taken off, but they can be styled in a way where you’ll be able to have a cute look.

Accessories are your friend when you’re trying to create a post-gym look. Things such as scarves, hats, and fashionable ponytails holders will be the best.

Also, don’t forget your styling products for when you need to slick those edges down after the gym. We hope these tips help you stay snatched after your workout sessions!

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