Six reasons why I love wearing hair extensions

Six Reasons Why I Love Wearing Hair Extensions

Why Do You Love Weave?

I welcome you to the 21st century, where, at this point in life you can become anyone or anything you want too.

What a time to be alive! It's such a great thing to know that on Monday you can be something and then Friday you're able to change your mind.

Freedom is sweet, isn't it? What's even sweeter is that you can even have that same freedom with your hair!

If you want a short hairstyle on Monday then long curly extensions on Wednesday, that's possible with human hair extensions.

Bleach blonde curly hair model wearing off shoulder black dress

1. Historically Popular

Hair Extensions have been around since I can remember. For the longest time, they were more so known for women wearing them who felt they needed too. For those who felt their hair wasn't growing or severely damaged.

But now, the evolution of extensions has grown into so much more. In my opinion, it's deeper than hair. It's about feeling great about the person that's looking back at you in the mirror.

It's about confidence in doing whatever you want, when you want to and how you want to.

Women are now wearing quick hairstyles that match their clothes, keeping up with trends and just simply experimenting.

There are no rules when it comes to wearing extensions, and this generation of hair makes sure you know that!

2. Easier to Keep up With Hair Trends

Let's talk about change and convenience! In the hair and fashion world, there are so many new trends, which at times it's hard to keep up. But with extensions, you're able to stay on top of them.

Also, you're not limited to only purchasing hair at your local beauty mart, like years ago.

It makes you wonder just how we were able to keep up with hair trends when the local hair store closed at seven pm and was never opened on Sundays! Not our Atlanta Showroom for sure! Well, for sure this generation has it easy.

You can literally order your favorite extensions right from your bedroom and have them shipped to your doorstep in no time! On Private Label Website.

For instance, if a popular celebrity starts rocking a super cute short, blunt style, you could hop on to PLE website and just simply search straight hair extensions, and you can choose which hair you want.

Order and boom you're done. Well of course, once your hair arrives, have your favorite hairstylist install them.

Red braided hair female model gazing at the camera

3. Time Saver

That's one of the top benefits of having extensions. You don't ever have to worry about not being able to keep up with them! You will also have more time to do other things in your life.

Extensions like seamless clip-ins and tape-in extensions are quite versatile and quick.

Besides having the luxury of ordering hair from your home, once you're hair is installed, your hair is now basically done, every day until you take it out!

Waking up each day and removing a scarf, maybe laying your edges down and walking out the door is a total time-saver!

Granted, some women do still want to curl their hair every day or some even just use rollers.

But all that beats having to do your hair every day. There won't be anymore rushing in the morning and hassling with your hair figuring out why it's not coming out correctly.

And trust me we all know how that feels. We can all use more time in our day, and rocking extensions is a sure way to get it.

4. Allows you to Experiment

There are a lot of us who love trying things out before we make a big purchase too. If all the products came with a sample, I think a lot of us would have more money in our pockets!

But sadly, it doesn't always work that way, but in the world of hair, it does! If there's a certain style you want to achieve on your real hair and are unsure of the outcome, find good quality hair extensions and purchase them instead!

So many people try a new hair color or style on their hair and end up not liking it. Then you're forced to wait until that style grows out, which sometimes can take some time.

Instead of the unnecessary potential stress, figure out which new style you want and have a custom wig or extensions installed.

That way you can see exactly how you will look with that style before getting it done on your real hair.

Colored braided hair model with yellow eyeliner

5. Hair Will Always be Done

What about folks who just simply can't do their hair; yes some just can't. They don't have a single clue. And you know what? That's totally okay because wearing extensions is all they need!

The hair industry has even gotten super savvy with the newest wigs that come already styled! If you want two braids going straight back or even micro braids, you can have it without actually sitting and getting it done!

Talk about a time saver. So if you have hair, you would just keep your hair braided for protection and pop that wig right on and keep it moving! It takes no time especially if it is a Glueless Wig!

The greatest thing about these wigs is that spectators would be starring all day long trying to figure out if it's real or fake! These new age wigs are just unbelievable.

They're natural looking which allows you to feel 100% confident while you're out in public.

You can also have your favorite hair stylist do the same thing with your extensions, but of course, you just wouldn't be able to remove it each day. But you'll still get that same natural look.

Curly hair model laughing wearing night dress

6. Adds Confidence

There are also people who truly don't like their hair. They're completely unhappy with their texture, curl pattern and sometimes just how it looks.

Wearing extensions for this purpose is more like an outlet for them. They don't have to stress and feel insecure anymore.

They're able to wear whatever set style they choose to and feel free. And again, so many different extensions and wigs look beyond natural, so that's a plus for them because I'm sure deep down they want to love their hair.

So as you can see, there are so many benefits to wearing extensions. It's a world that is literally limitless.

Check these human hair bundles for example!

We all love to have options and having extensions definitely provides that. This hair generation is like no other, and the way some hair stylist can work their hands are incredible.

Wearing extensions truly goes deeper than hair because it allows women to feel great about themselves again. Let me know why you love wearing hair extensions in the comments below!

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