Quick and easy hairstyles with hair extensions

Best Quick & Easy Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Ten quick and easy hairstyles with hair extensions

Look your flyest in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Okay, girl, quick question. What’s better than ten quick and easy hairstyles to start rocking with your hair extensions?

First, we all know, there is nothing more convenient than human hair extensions. If you can create a look that saves you time and money that is like adding icing on the cake.

We all want to switch our look now and then, and I think it’s important to style your look in ways that enhance and refresh without having to make a trip to your stylist, or that will take hours.

Fall in love with these ten super effortless styles that you can create fast with no hassle.

Using these different styles will help you get more creative with your look and allow more versatility while giving your appearance more pizazz.

It's important to know which styles will work best for the type of extensions you may have installed. Some hair extension methods, like the sew-ins method, can hinder a style you may desire.

I’ll also be sharing with you the type of hair extension method that is perfect for which type of hairstyle and how you can attain some of these looks without heat.

Beach Waves

Whether you have a sew-in, Seamless Clip-ins, or fusion extensions, this easy hairstyle is infamous for it is effortless to achieve and timeless in style.

Using the right hair products and tools will make this look easy to obtain and flowing just how it should.

Beach waves are one of my favorite styles when wearing long hair extensions or short hair extensions because it works for either length.

Instead of rocking tight curls, you can wear flirty loose waves extensions in your hair that can even last for days.

This look is achieved using a wand but if you’re looking to save your new extensions or some you may have had for some time, from heat damage, just use the two strand twist method.

Lightly spritz some water on your hair or use a non-heavy hair mousse to apply to your hair before twisting.

Utilizing either product can ensure your beach waves don’t lose their wave and avoiding frizziness. If you’re in a hurry, using the curling iron would be the best option set at 350 degrees.

Be careful not to fry your hair!

Beach Waves

Heatless Long Side-Swept Braid

The side-swept braid is a convenient hairstyle that is romantic, flirty, and messy all at the same time.

Leave the house looking your best with such an easy hairstyle like the long side-swept braid that is quick to achieve and doesn’t have to look super neat.

I recently took a vacation to the Bahamas, and I’ll say this was my go-to hairstyle because it lasted for days and the messier it got, the better it looked!

Did I mention I got awesome beach waves after I took it out?

Cheers to heatless styling!

The long side-swept braid is great for any occasion regardless of the way your extensions are. Began by gathering your hair at the nape of your neck to be moved to the side you prefer.

Bulk Human Braiding Hair is perfect for this.

If you want to spice your side-swept braid up, you can create a side part and began a braid from the front of your hair starting at that part to be connected to the long side-swept braid.

braided side bun

Heatless Half-up half-down With A Braid

As a little girl, my mother constantly styled me with the half-up-half-down look.

It was a great hairstyle for me as a young girl because I couldn’t stop going outside.

Now, as a young woman, it is still by far one of my favorite hairstyles that is quick and easy with a little twist.

Enhance this straightforward look by adding a braid at the top center of your head to be intertwined with the top half of your hair.

Gather the top half of your hair with the center braid to be formed into a bun.

You can get this look without heat which is a plus or add a little heat with minimal curls or bone straight for the half-down portion.

half up half down with braids

Slick-back Low Ponytail

The slick back low ponytail is my favorite because it provides a classy, chic look that is timeless.

It never goes out of style and can be worn for and with anything. Achieving this hairstyle is no task, but it’s important to make sure it is as sleek as possible.

One of my favorite products to use to make my hair look its best is black edition edge control which provides a great shine making my edges look healthier and smoother.

Did I mention it is super affordable? Human Hair Ponytails are on fire!

Whether you decide on a side part or middle part to begin styling your low ponytail, begin brushing your hair back to form the ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

Take a few strands of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie to accentuate the look. Who said a low ponytail had to be boring?

Riri Sleek Hair

Heatless Messy Bun

One super easy hairstyle that is perfect for when you’re on the go is the messy bun!

And nothing beats the density of a good Indian Curly Black Clip-in Extension to go with the messiness of this style.

The great thing about this style is how you can manipulate it because you are using clip-in hair extensions and it’s heatless!

The key to making sure your bun is put together correctly is placing your clip-ins in the right direction.

Because clip-ins are so flexible in how you install this is why they’re perfect for an updo like the messy bun.

Once you have installed the extensions near the parameters of your head, take a handful of your hair at the front to be lightly teased with a teasing brush and then bend your head down to gather all of your hair to be tightly held with a firm hair tie.

Then, you will grasp your ponytail inside out around the hair tie to be tied again. Your ponytail does not have to be perfect.

What would be the point of calling this a messy bun if it was perfect?

Just make sure you fluff it out a bit.

With your left out strands and loose ends, you will simply tuck them in the hair tie and bun.

To make sure your bun stays in place, began securing it discreetly with bobby pins and you’ve got your messy bun!

Curly Bun

Heatless Twisted Low Bun

For the twisted low bun, all you do is gather, twist, and wrap.

Easy as one, two, three!

There is a chicness to this hairstyle regardless of the type of extensions you have. But you can't look anything but beautiful wearing this Bleach Blonde Ponytail. Whether you’re spending a day in the office or going on a romantic date, this is your go-to hairstyle.

There are so many ways you can dress your twisted low bun proving there is no such thing as it being basic.

Did I mention this hairstyle is great for day-old hair?

I've noticed the times when I've created this hairstyle, and after multiple times of wearing it, it created beautiful loose waves with much volume and body.

This hairstyle does not apply too much stress to your scalp or make you feel weighed down, what a plus!

To get your twisted low bun, make a middle part and gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck where you will then take your index finger and begin twisting the gathered ponytail using a round motion.

Once you tightly twisted your low ponytail, start wrapping it around itself in a circle.

Take your final hair tie over the whole bun twice and voila!

Twisted Low Bun

Heatless Braided Ponytail

Let’s admit it, ponytails can get boring. Just because ponytails extensions can get boring does not mean there aren’t ways to refresh a standard hairstyle.

As a fashion and beauty blogger, I’m always on the prowl to enhance a look that some may think has lost its touch and the high braided ponytail is one of them.

You can wear this hairstyle with anything! I don’t know about you, but that’s my kind of hairstyle.

Whether you do a half-braided or a whole braided ponytail, get ready to save time and money for this effortless style. Make things, even more, spicier by making your braid a fishtail braid.

The braided ponytail is another style that is great for clip-ins as well. This style is a statement without any words and naturally enhances your facial structure and features.

If you have an active lifestyle or your schedule is always filled, this is the style for you! Save your hair the stress and time and rock the braided ponytail!

Braided Ponytail

Heatless Braided Headband

The braided headband is the ultimate hair hack for a simple hairstyle!

It is created using your hair and it is great whether you’re going for a messy look or neat.

There is something about braids and messiness that just go so well together or is it just me?

Adding the braid is a great accent to making what seems to be a common style look so different.

It’ll also keep free-flying hair stay out of your face so you can show off your gorgeous makeup.

Tease the hair a little to give it a bit of a lift. Next, take two medium strands of hair and began to braid across your hairline leaving some hair in the front section before the braid.

After a few days, bring this style back to life by throwing your hair in the messiest bun, and you’re good to go!

If you're into super quick styles you can get yourself one of these Headband Wigs babies!

Braided Bang

Heatless Two Strand Twisted Crown

If you’re looking for an easy, elegant look, look no further because you have found it!

The two-strand twisted crown is simple, royally chic, and of course, there is no professional stylist needed.

Imagine yourself in a Honey Blonde Braids.

The two-strand twisted crown is your all-around headband with style for all seasons.

No matter the type of hair extensions you have, this look is achievable. What a great quick and easy hairstyle to add to your arsenal.

Begin this look by locating all of your hair to one side. Then start twisting with two hair strands starting at the hairline.

Begin twisting your first strand towards the right and then under and repeat this while gathering and adding more hair to the strands as you go.

Lastly, connect the end of your large twist by using bobby pins to make sure its super firm. Tug on the twist to make it more voluminous.

Halo Braid

Double French Braids

While we’re on the topic of elegance, let's add double French braids to the list.

Especially when this Indian Curly Bulk Hair is back in stock.

You can achieve this look by either braiding or twisting, and it’ll still come out gorgeous.

The key to making sure this style is correct is to have the downward middle part even. You'll also need equal amounts of hair on each side.

This hairstyle will help you save time and is perfect for clip-in hair extensions. Part your hair down the middle and section off two sides, one section on the right, the other section on the left.

At the front of your hairline, take three strands of hair using your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger as your comb and use the French braid method to achieve.

If you aren’t as savvy in the braiding department like me, start off by twisting.


Never forget to do what works for you! It’ll come out looking great!


Hair Extensions Make Great Hairstyles!

Hair extensions provide the convenience for you to change your look anytime! You can keep your extensions looking new by switching them up with various styles.

Start styling your hair with these ten quick and easy hairstyles that are creative and fun!

Let me know which one was your favorite!

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