Why Should Hair Extensions Be Worn In The Summer?

Why Should Hair Extensions Be Worn In The Summer?

Extensions Are A Girls Best Friend

Are you thinking about wearing human hair extensions this summer but not sure if it is worth the cost?

We are here to help you out along the way in making your decision. Well, there are obvious reasons why wearing this style will be great for the summertime mainly because your curls will be out of harm's way from chlorine waters and hot sun rays.

There are so many styles that are perfect for the summer like Spanish Wave Hair or something more natural like Afro Kinky.

Buying synthetic weave or braids can cause more damage than good at times, if an installation is too tight, then this can bring about tension to your scalp and lead to hair loss.

Straight hair female model emerging out of water

If you install individuals too close to the nape, then that can result in your edges and baby hair falling out.

There are fewer cons of wearing extensions for the summer than there is any other hairstyle, especially if you get them done correctly.

Always remember that getting extensions are just as great of a protective style as getting individual braids or faux locs, but the catch is that weave is a little more versatile and can look exactly like your real hair.

Don't be mistaken because salt water, chlorine, and the sun can damage your natural soft hair and extensions as well, so in the process of wearing this beautiful style, you will have to know the different ways to take care of them so that it can last you all summer long.

Let's get into the top reasons why every woman should be wearing hair extensions this summer season!

They're Great For Long Trips

Since it is summertime, that means you will be booking flights, if its anywhere within the united states you do not want to deal with the hassles of styling your hair every morning.

If you plan to go somewhere overseas or near an ocean or beach, then you don't have to stress about getting your natural curls wet with extensions.

Picking the perfect vacation hairstyle can be just as fun as choosing the destination you're going.

Braids are fun don't get me wrong but imagine rocking human hair bundles of Brazilian or Malaysian Straight hair Bundles on a tropical island drinking out of a coconut.

If you're not a big fan of sew-ins even getting clip-in extensions are great for vacation, if you want to give your scalp a break a let those curls loose and free you can.

And on the other hand, if you plan on taking a night out on the town, you can easily clip in your extensions for length and volume.

A quick tip to take care of your extensions if you do plan on coming into contact with salt water is to invest in an excellent leave-in conditioner. Leave-in products help keep your extensions from tangling or drying out.

Weave has a way of knotting up a lot easier than your natural hair, so purchasing the right products can be a lifesaver in the end.

Also, try not to scrub or bunch the hair up its best to use a wide tooth comb whenever you are trying to detangle hair.

Check out our site for a variety of curl patterns and Grade A quality hair extensions that is sure to make you stand out on your vacation.

Red braided hair stretching a towel at the beach

Hair Growth

If your someone who wants to know why their hair won't grow past a certain length it could be due to a multiple of reasons.

It seems that no matter how patient you are, YouTube videos you watch, or products you buy that your curls are stuck at a certain length.

If this sounds like something far too familiar, you should invest in hair extensions for the summer!

To wear your weave, the proper way it will involve you braiding, twisting, or cornrowing down your natural tresses; this is the first step in the growth process because it will gently pull on the follicles on your scalp.

No matter what style you choose you must remember the real reason hair grows is if you are moisturizing it every other day and develop healthy hair care routines.

Things you want to avoid is excessively combing, brushing, and straitening your natural curls, you expect growth to happen sometimes you must learn that less is more, and leaving the hair alone will help in the process.

Extensions cover up your locks for the most part, and therefore you will see more growth after you take this protective hairstyle out.

Lastly, since your roots have the extensions over them like a shield, it's a lot harder for natural elements like the sun, chlorine, and other things to penetrate and absorb into the hair follicles.

So, if you feel like you've tried everything to grow out your locks, I would say give extensions a go and try your best to leave those hands out of your curls as much as possible.


For most of us during the summer who want to get a few workouts in, then extensions are perfect for your active summer lifestyle.

When temperatures get warm, this typically brings about higher humidity which means that is inevitable that you will be working up a sweat.

If you're anything like me, all it takes is just two steps outside, and you'll already see droplets of your sweat dripping down your neck and back.

If you are a habitual exerciser, then your pores and sweat glands will be more open than the rest of us.

Well, now you are in luck because most hair extensions can remain unharmed and have no adverse effects when it comes to sweat.

What's even more significant is that some extensions like tape-ins extensions are also waterproof, so there will be no need to avoid the water.

You can workout at the pool, beach, or even go for a quick jog in the rain without looking like a maniac.

Trust me extensions can stand the test of time and will somehow remain its luster, shine, and volume through those long summer nights and hot early mornings.

If you're tired of sweating out your edges this summer, then invest in some grade A quality hair weave.

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Extensions are perfect for the summer time due to how light and airy they feel. It seems like whenever the weather starts to warm up, everyone pulls out the kanekalon hair and gets individual braids or twists.

But the weight of getting braids no matter how big or small the style is they can still get annoying.

And on top of that can result in massive hair loss if you install them too tightly. If you have clip-ins hair extensions put in the right way, then they should lie flat and remove any excess bulk without giving yourself tension headaches.

An African-American woman is more likely to deal with hair loss in the future because most of the hairstyles we try out are heavy and weigh down on our hair follicles.

Wearing extensions during the summer time is a lot more comfortable because they are not heavy, and your scalp will not feel even hotter due to the added sun.

Heavy and fuller hairstyle is meant for the colder reasons, mainly because it's so chilly outside you want all the warmth that you can get.

The density of your weave can also depend on the Grade, and quality type, typically Vietnamese and Peruvian hair can have a lighter mass than Brazilian or Raw Indian Temple Hair.

Natural looking

I know most of us when it comes down to picking out a hairstyle we want something that looks natural and blends in seamlessly with our hair.

Most extensions are almost invisible when you install them into your hair, and they are also strong, durable, and non-damaging to your roots.

If you invest in tape-in extensions, they will lay flat on to your scalp and have everyone thinking that this is the hair growing out of your head.

If you are someone who likes to style their hair during the summer, you don't want anyone to see your tracks with the styles you choose.

This con is another reason clip-ins would be the best bet when it comes down to the summer because if you happen to get wet you put your hair up into a ponytail and your extensions will be undetectable.

If you buy 100% human hair, then, of course, it has no choice but to look natural on your head.

Partial sew-ins are also a go-to look when you want a style that is close to what you would typically wear and your hair texture.

The moral of the story is that extensions are the bomb when you want tracks that are almost invisible and more suitable hairstyle for the summer.

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One of the main reasons we want you all to try out extensions for the summer is because you can reuse them for the later months to come.

Good quality weave can last up to a year if you take care of them and this will save you tons of money in the long run.

You can reuse tape-ins up to three times each. All you will need is a coconut oil product or cream to remove them safely.

The use of coconut oil will increase growth and the overall health of your tresses.

When you use synthetic hair or get braids, faux locs, or twists that's the end.

Once they get old, too wet, or damaged, you can not reuse them.

The pros of using tape-ins or clip-ins are that they are the best reusable extensions and the fastest method of the application.

There is no heat tools needed or required for an install, so you can even put them in yourself, making it an accessible style for the summer.

Curly hair model wearing black dress at the beach

Will You Be Wearing Extensions for The Summer?

There are so many reasons why rocking extensions this summer should be the first thing on your mind.

There are just too many benefits to count from being a perfect protective hairstyle to saving you coins all throughout the season.

We all know that the summertime is ideal for awesome working out hairstyle, swimming, camping, and so much more.

You don't want to deal with the stress of styling your hair on top of all the other to do during this season.

Getting a sew-in, clip-ins, or tape-ins might be the best financial and valuable choice you make all year.

Remember that these styles are just like any other protective hairstyle. Keep your extensions in excellent condition by washing, conditioning, and moisturize them as you would to your real hair.

Humidity sucks during the warmer weather seasons so be sure to keep leave-in conditioner on deck along with an excellent anti-frizz serum or spritz.

What plans do you have for your summer hair? Are you already rocking extensions for the summertime?

If so, please let us know how you like them in the comments down below.

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Extensions for summer are a game-changer! They protect your natural hair from sun, chlorine, and sweat, plus they’re perfect for vacations and workouts.


I appreciated the tips on maintaining extensions in humid weather too. very informative!


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