Types of hair extensions

Types of Hair Extensions: What is Best for You?

Popular Types of Hair Extensions

There are some beautiful types of human hair extensions on the market today and even more, reasons to wear them.

At Private Label Extensions, we can meet all your hair needs and answer any questions you might have.

If you are new to hair extensions, you might be wondering how big of a market it is.

What type of woman wants to wear extensions? The response may surprise you.

Many women think that extensions and the like are only for models, celebrities, and women with high profile jobs.

Although a significant factor is how fabulous you will look while wearing them, we know that there are some more practical reasons as well.

The market for hair is HUGE for all types of hair extensions and wearing them is becoming more common across all ethnicities.

This is a significant opportunity for you when getting started in the hair industry.


Common Reasons for Wearing Hair Extensions

  • Has suffered hair loss due to health reasons or an accident
  • Suffers from naturally thinning hair
  • Has hair that regularly breaks or won’t grow due to any number of conditions
  • Wants to look great, but has limited time to “get ready” each day
  • Enjoys changing their hairstyle frequently
  • Does not like the way their natural hair looks or handles
  • Wants beautiful hair without over-processing their natural hair
  • Is preparing for a special occasion like a wedding, prom, or graduation

Everyone with the above reasons needs your help to buy the best human hair bundles.

We offer everything you need to get started with all types of hair extensions and applications!

Types of Hair Extensions

At Private Label Extensions we carry all the popular hair extension origins and styles of hair for every need.

Our hair is from the best producers like Malaysian, Brazilian, and Vietnamese hair.

We feature all the top looks - Body Wave / Loose Wave / Deep Wave / Silky Straight / Kinky Curly / Kinky Straight and more - in all the fashionable colors, styles, and lengths that today’s woman wants.

The hair comes in a whole palette of beautiful natural colors, can be ordered in Ombre, and can be dyed any of today’s popular colors. There are endless options when looking at all the different types of hair extensions.


Body Wave

This fashionable look is available in all the latest colors and styles, and the body wave hair extensions is probably the most popular look because of its versatility. Another reason it is so trendy is that it gives great volume to any hair.

It is the perfect choice for those of you with thinning or flat hair. It has the look of loose curls set in a bouncy wave which is just the ticket for adding volume, shine, and life back to dull hair.

The body wave hair style is perfect for the client with shoulder-length or longer hair.

This particular style wave tends to soften the facial features of the wearer.

There are many types of hair extensions, but when it comes to selling, this is number one!


Loose Wave

As the name implies, this is a more relaxed looking wave.

Loose wave hair extensions are an excellent choice if you do not want to have super curly hair. It is a casual and fun looking wave.

This loose wave style is the type of look that is often called “the beach wave” because it looks so great with summertime wear. Although this wave looks good on any length of hair, it is best suited as a shorter cut. Loose wave hair is hot!


Silky Straight

This beautiful look is best-worn shoulder length or longer.

It creates a youthful look and requires little upkeep. If you want long silky locks that you can run your fingers through, this is the look for you!

The silky straight hair extensions look is best suited for Malaysian hair, and the longer it is, the better it looks!

Deep Wave

This hair has a super tight almost ringlet type wave.

It is a great look for those who want a full and voluminous head of hair. A deep wave hair style is truly gorgeous but does require a bit more care to maintain its intricate shape.

This deep wave curl pattern is a perfect look for a special occasion or a fun night out.


Types of Hair Applications

As well as different styles of waves, and a multitude of colors, there are different kinds of applications as well.

Each type has its advantages and provides a different level of coverage. Let's look at the most popular types of hair extensions with their applications:

Clip-In Extensions

These seamless clip-in extensions is the quickest pick for adding length, thickness, body, and color to your hair!

This simple piece can transform a woman’s entire look in a matter of minutes. There are also distinct advantages to clip-in extensions.

That's why they are one of the most chosen methods of hair augmentation by women everywhere.

Clip-in hair extensions are simple to use and are a temporary enhancement. Installing a clip takes just a matter of minutes, and you can easily do them yourself at home.

These clips attach to your hair using secure but gentle clips that won't damage your natural hair.

Quality clip-in extensions usually cost significantly less than other types of hair enhancements and way more efficient and economical than those costly trips to the salon.

Clip-in hair extensions can last longer yet can require far less maintenance than most “permanent” processes. They can be the perfect solution for today’s busy lifestyle.

Don’t wait for your hair to grow out; they can be used to add volume, length, and fullness instantly. Go from a cute bob cut to shoulder-length locks with a simple clip.

You can also quickly add highlights without coloring your hair or have coquettish bangs without cutting your hair.

The top advantage of the clip–in extension is the ability to change your look completely at a moment’s notice!


Sew-In Extensions

These extensions loop through a track which the hair extension’s end or “weft” can be threaded through (also known as sewing in).

One sew-in method used for building a “track” in the hair is to cornrow the natural hair, allowing the hair extensions to be easily woven through the “tracks” using a specially designed tool.

Bulk or weft hair is best used for this method. You will end up with a very secure and natural looking head of hair that can be washed blow-dried, curled, or colored.



To install the lace closure extensions, the stylist will lay the closure over braids in the natural hair and line it up with the wearer’s hairline. Hair clips are used to then pin the closure securely in place before it is sewn down.

Next, the extra lace or backing is cut back to give a natural edge. Then the “baby” hairs at the front of the head are” teased” to push just in front of the closure.

The stylist will then proceed to sew the closure into the natural braids. The closure is sewn in tight to keep the piece secure and natural-looking.

Your “new” hair can then be combed, parted, curled, or styled in any way you like!

This is a great way to have a full natural looking head of beautiful hair. Wave closures can be washed, brushed, curled, and colored. They look amazing and last for months.



Lace frontal extensions are applied, as it would imply, to the front of the head.

It is sewn in much like a closure, the main difference being that none of the wearer’s real hair is left out.

The head is first braided or cornrowed from front to back to assure a smooth flat surface to work on. The frontal piece is then pinned down across the front hairline to make sure it fits properly before sewing into place.

Once the adjustment looks good, the frontal is sewn in usually starting at the temple and working around to the peak of the head.

It is normal to apply adhesive to the sides after the front is sewn, but the sides can be sewn as well.

The result is a natural-looking hairdo that will last for months, and look great!



The popularity of human hair wigs has grown tremendously over the past decade.

Our best selling option is body wave. The body wave texture looks great as a wig. The wavy flow and texture make a look that is elegant, sexy, and fun at the same time.

It makes anyone with straight hair appreciate the character and texture that comes into play with just a little wave.

The loose and flowing waves look great for hours and hold up under even the closest of scrutiny.

Straight wigs with both front lace wigs and full lace wigs options are popular because you can easily style them.

If you want a look that can go from day job to diva and everywhere in between this is the right wig for you.

Take it up a notch with an invisible hairline wig.

The invisible hairline wig comes with bleached knots, it's pre-plucked and ready for immediate install. Available in 13x6 and 13x4 and you can get this in straight, body wave and deep wave.

Don't forget about glueless wigs, they're are getting popular too.

What Hair Should You Sell?

There are so many types of hair extensions to choose from.

When you first start selling hair you have to figure out what your client is going to enjoy the most. Private Label offers a variety of package deals to choose from to help you get started:

Long Lengths Package Deals:

-Brazilian Silky Straight Long Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Deep Wave Long Package Deal

-Brazilian Loose Wave Long Package Deal

-Brazilian Body Wave Long Package Deal

-Brazilian Kinky Curly Long Length Package Deal

Shorter Lengths Package Deals:

-Brazilian Body Wave Short Package Deal

-Brazilian Loose Wave Short Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Deep Wave Short Package Deal

-Brazilian Silky Straight Short Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Kinky Curly Short Length Package Deal

Variety Lengths Package Deals:

-Malaysian Straight Variety Length Package Deal

-Malaysian Body Wave Variety Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Loose Wave Variety Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Kinky Curly Variety Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Deep Wave Variety Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Body Wave Variety Length Package Deal

-Brazilian Straight Variety Length Package Deal

Every woman should enjoy the freedom and feeling of glamor that comes from wearing one of our fresh and fabulous hairpieces.

You will be able to see and feel the difference as soon as hold our hair your hands.

You will feel nothing but pride when your customers walk out of your salon feeling great and making every head on the block turn.

Contact Private Label Extensions today and let us show you how to start a hair business with hair products designed with every woman in mind.

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This post is so helpful! I’ve been curious about hair extensions and this really breaks down all the options. Now I feel more confident about choosing the right type for me.


Great overview of the different types of hair extensions! It’s so helpful to have detailed descriptions and applications outlined like this. Understanding the variety available helps in choosing what suits individual styles and needs best. Thanks for the insights!


I love how comprehensive your guide is on different types of hair extensions! It’s great to see such variety catered to different needs and styles. Personally, I’m curious about the maintenance routines required for each type of extension.


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