Why Clip-Ins are a Healthier Choice for Your Hair

Why Clip-Ins are a Healthier Choice for Your Hair

We all look for ways to achieve sexy, voluminous hair without spending hours in a salon chair.

Whether we are headed to work or out with the girls, a fast solution to limp hair is always the best choice.

So, how do you spruce up your hair in a short period with little effort?

You can install clip-in extensions!

Clip-ins are perfect for the on-the-go businesswoman, the mommy with the long to-do list, the socialite who wants to head straight to the dance floor after a long day in the office and even the woman who’s a combination of the three.

I know clip-ins sometimes get a bad rap because they are a lot different from a traditional sew-in or any other technique of this nature.

However, we’re going to dive into the benefits of clip-ins as well as how they can keep your hair healthy and damage-free.

Let’s get into the ins and outs of this method!

woman wearing clip-in extensions

What is a Clip-In Extension?

For my hair queens that are still a little unsure about the structure of a clip-in extension, I’ve got you covered!

Simply put, a clip-in is a weft with a hair extension placed on it. These have been the most common type over the past decade. 

Recently, Private Label launched a series of Seamless Clip-ins that lay ultra-flat and install with ease. Get a perfect color match or add new highlights. We are huge fans of the honey blonde seamless clip-ins.

Each weft is cut into smaller sections to fit multiple areas of your head. All the wefts have small combs attached to them which you’ll use to secure the extension to the root of your real hair.

You can find clip-ins in all kinds of textures and styles from curly to kinky to even bone straight.

They are the perfect way to volumize whatever look you’re going for by adding a natural boost to your hair.

How Clip-Ins Are Healthy for Your Hair

Are you still on the fence about wearing clip-ins because you’re worried about the result for your real hair?

I get it, but I can assure you that this method has its benefits.

We’re going to dive into a few of those:

  • Since you are not using thread to sew the hair extensions in or glue to bond them to your hair, you have a better chance of avoiding extreme damage that is often caused by adding too much tension.
  • It can be tough trying to take care of your natural hair underneath a sew-in. Because you can quickly remove clip-ins without having to keep them in your hair for long periods of times, your hair can rest more than it usually would underneath a sew-in. By installing clip-ins, you will have the freedom to take the extensions out as often as you need to for regular maintenance.
  • The use of the small combs prevents thinning and breakage because they will not tug on your hair if installed correctly. The combs clasp unto your hair with one gentle motion.
  • The combs are also beneficial because there is little to no risk of pulling your hair out during the removal process since you are only unclasping them. If removed with caution, you will not snag any of your real hair.
  • With clip-ins, you can expect to have low pressure on your roots because the clip-ins do not sit directly on them. By placing the extensions ½ of an inch away from the root, you are allowing that area to breathe even after a full installation.
hairstylist installing clip-ins

How to Properly Install Clip-Ins

As you can see, clip-in extensions are great for anyone who’s looking to keep their hair healthy while changing up their style.

So, let’s say you’ve finally purchased your first set of clip-ins – now where do you begin?

No worries.

I’m here to help!

I’ve listed a few steps to help you install your hair extensions in a way that will maintain the health and integrity of your natural hair.

Step 1:

Figure out where you want to place your first row of clip-ins and make a straight part in that area.

You can part your hair anywhere you would like, going in whichever direction you desire.

Step 2:

Choose the wefts you would like to place first by determining the best size for the section where you began your part.

For example, you may decide to put the longer wefts in the areas where your part is long such as the middle of the head.

Step 3:

Open the clips that are located on the back of the weft and place the comb into your hair about ½ of an inch down from the root.

Clasp it shut to secure the clip-in.

Step 4:

Repeat this process until you achieve your desired fullness and length.

Tips for Maintaining Clip-Ins and the Health of Your Hair

For your clip-ins to remain fresh and healthy, you must take care of them before placing them into your real hair!

Choosing the proper measures for protecting your clip-ins will also keep your hair healthy with them installed.

Check out these tips for keeping your hair and clip-ins in the best shape.

  • Give your hair a break! We love our hair extensions, but it is always important to allow your hair to rest from time to time. Wearing clip-ins for an extended period can potentially lead to damage and hair loss.
  • Wash your clip-ins regularly, but not excessively. A bi-weekly wash with great conditioning will do the trick!
  • Keep your hair, scalp and clip-ins moisturized. This tip is essential for any hairstyle, even when rocking a look without hair extensions. Moisture will keep both your hair and the clip-ins looking fresh and hydrated! For your clip-ins, opt for a lightweight moisturizer to avoid weighing the hair down.
  • Avoid using an excessive amount of heat. If you’re using human hair clip-ins, it is best to limit the use of hot tools because you do not want to damage the hair.
woman wearing hair extensions

Why You Will Love Clip-in Hair Extensions

This is just some of the feedback we have received from our clients.

They love our human hair clip-ins and we know you will too!

Less Damaging

Clip-in hair extensions are far less damaging to your natural hair compared to permanent solutions like tape-ins, glue-ins, or sew-ins.

They don't require the use of heat, chemicals, or other harsh application methods that can weaken your hair.

Temporary and Versatile

Because they are temporary, you can remove clip-in extensions easily, giving your scalp and natural hair a break from any tension, weight, or styling products used.

This flexibility allows your hair to rest and maintain its health.

Natural Appearance and Feel

Human hair clip-ins blend seamlessly with your natural hair, not only in appearance but also in texture.

They move like your own hair, reducing the risk of pulling your hair out of its natural growth pattern, which can happen with heavier, synthetic extensions.

Styling Freedom

Human hair extensions can be styled just like natural hair — you can wash, dry, curl, and straighten them.

This allows for a healthy styling routine without excess heat or products directly on your natural hair, preserving its condition.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining clip-in extensions involves simple steps that don’t require excessive pulling, tugging, or special treatments.

This ease of care keeps both the extensions and your natural hair in better condition over time.

Just Clip It In!

Now that you know how to rock and care for your clip-ins, you can start slaying honey!

Clip-ins are the perfect option for a cute, yet convenient style.

The key is to keep your hair healthy underneath and treat the clips-ins with a little TLC!

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