Dos and Don'ts for Clip-Ins Extensions

What To Do and Not To Do When Wearing Clip-in Hair Extensions

Don’t Have Time to Switch Up? You Do Now

We can all get a little bored with our hair sometimes. I mean after all, generally tends to stay the same.

Sometimes you want to switch it up, but that can be costly on top of the fact that you may not even end up liking the style you chose.

You want a confidence boost. Longer, fuller, shinier locks are a sign of youth. Similar to a fabulous blowout or a killer pair of shoes, human hair extensions can give you a little pep in your step.

You want to change up your look. Bored with your strands? Clip-in hair extensions allow you to experiment with color without bleaching your hair.

You want to grow out a bob. If you have a shortcut that you're desperate to grow out, extensions will instantly add length and ease your frustration.

Spotlight reflecting on a curly hair model face

Clip it, Tuck it Time To Wear It

It’s time to discuss a fan favorite: clip-in extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are the type of extensions that are easy for the average person to install.

They are usually more affordable than other types of human hair extensions, and they are also low maintenance. But, this does not imply that they should just be left alone.

Your clip-ins are an extension, literally, of your current style. If your clip-ins are wild, then everyone will assume you are too.

Now, that is not to say that we need to start caring what other people think, but it is essential always to present the best form of yourself so that others can have a real essence of who you are.

Capture your best features, because you are the only one that knows how to accentuate them.

A lot of women tend to ask what they should and should not do when it comes to clipping in hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions for women is something that is quite easy to use, as I said before.

Using clip-in extensions are a great technique for women who don’t want a lot of maintenance, women with shorter hair and women who want to try new fast clip-in hairstyles without the commitment.

If a woman has a straight hair texture, they can always try out slight wavy extensions and try out a beautiful style.

A woman with curlier hair may feel like trying out some straight clip-in hair extensions!

613 Blonde Seamless Clip-In Extensions

“To All The Extensions I Loved Before…”

Clip-on extensions are a money saving, time managing lifesaver! Even though we love clip-in extensions, there are still certain things women must be careful about when they use it.

If you are not careful, you can damage your clip-in extensions to the point of no return. Who wants that problem?

You will need to apply clip-ins properly to avoid that risk.

Save yourself the trouble and keep reading about the things you should and should not do when wearing clip-in hair extensions.

What Should You Do When Wearing Clip-In Extensions?

When choosing which extensions to wear, make sure you find the type of hair that you wish to have.

When it comes to your hair, money should not be an object. Wait! Let me tell you why. Investing money in clip-in hair extensions will never be a waste.

It would make no sense to buy a cheap extension that will probably get worn out after wearing it a couple of times.

Investing in good quality clip-in extensions would always benefit you. Plus, you do not need to worry about the commitment of wearing them since you can take them out as much as you want to.

Be careful when removing them each time, you do not want to put wear and tear on your actual hair and cause it to thin out.

Fortunately, they vary from Natural Black Seamless Clip-Ins to Auburn Seamless Clip-Ins

Again, make sure that the color of the extensions that you pick is the right color for your vision. Otherwise, that would defeat the whole purpose.

The look would not be what you originally imagined, and you will feel as though you wasted your time and money.

Maybe, you have heard this next one before, or perhaps you have no, but always create a foundation when installing your clip ins.

Apply the clips where your hair is thickest. The clip-ins will have a better grip on your hair, and you will not have to worry about your clip-in extensions pulling and tugging on your hair as much.

Brush your hair and the extension only after removing the extensions. This statement goes back to the pulling and tugging of your hair.

If you try to brush your hair with the clip-in extensions still installed, you are putting your edges at risk. Do not do it!

Short braided hair model in a tank top

What Should You NOT Do When Wearing Clip-In Extensions?

There are not too many things that you are not allowed to do when you have clip-in extensions installed, but the few things that you should not do could be your hair’s downfall if you are not careful.

Make sure to use quality shampoo on your clip-in extensions.

You must understand the type of shampoo that is best for your hair and the extension.

Lousy shampoo can lead to damage of hair extensions, and nobody has time for that right now!

Do yourself a favor and invest in some quality hair products. Do not keep the extensions clipped in for long and I can’t stress this one enough.

Keeping them in too long can cause a lot of unnecessary damage. You could be causing damage to your roots, your edges, the clip-in hair extensions and your actual hair.

Remove it once you finish and decide what you would like to do with the clip-in extensions afterward.

Always start clipping in by making sections on your bottom side of the head. It is much easier.

Do not start from the top of your head, because wearing the clips too high can put a strain on your hair.

Do not use hair styling products on the extensions. Water and leave in conditioner are your best bet.

Think twice before you dye an extension. If this is something you want to do, you may want to make sure you have all of the proper tools to do so.

Better yet, it is best to hit up your local hair stylist or salon.

613 Blonde Seamless Clip-In Extensions, Clips side

What Are Some Other Installation Methods for Hair Extensions?

Clip-ins are probably the most accessible form of installing your hair extensions because anybody can quickly learn how to do these at home.

But, there are other installation techniques that we should briefly talk about in this article. Who knows? Maybe, clip-ins aren’t your thing.

Tape-In Extensions

These are a relatively new concept in the hair extension world, but they are on the rise.

Tape-in hair extensions are what they sound like in the name! The extensions are pre-taped and then taped/glued together on either side of your hair.

Typically, a hairdresser would apply tape-ins for you because you need to align them to the roots and he or she would use them with a heated tool that heats up the glue.

Additionally, you would need to have them removed (with Safe Tape-In Remover) and then reinstalled.

Naturally, when you apply heat to your roots and any adhesive product such as tape or glue, this can damage your hair.

This process usually takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour to apply, and if the extensions are in excellent condition, you can reuse them.


Sew-In method is probably one of the more popular options, especially with women of color.

Weave hair is applied by braiding the natural hair into a cornrow first, and then the extensions are attached using a needle and thread and threaded into the braid/cornrow.

Weave hair extension used to be for people with thicker hair because of the way they are applied and require more hair to mask.

Generally speaking, the weave application is a very long process (usually several hours) and are applied tightly which often puts a strain on the scalp and therefore feel very heavy and uncomfortable.

That is also the reason why it doesn’t work well with thin or lighter hair. A hairdresser also applies this method as it is a very technical and challenging application that needs to be sewn in by a professional.

(Note: sew-ins are also known as “tracking” when using a wig, which is also sewn into the cornrow the same way but the hair comes attached to a separate piece.)

This type of hair extensions is the most painful/uncomfortable, but it’s popular because it’s the most permanent type and most seamless because it’s sewn into your hair and cannot come off.

Double bun braided hair model

Micro Links

Micro link hair extensions are also known as microbead or micro- loop hair extensions too, so not to worry if you hear these different names.

These hair extensions are applied by looping the extensions through the natural hair.

You then clamp it down with a special tool/clamp, heat, and a metal bead (or ring).

They are fixed to small sections of natural hair and tightened with this unique tool/clamp.

Once again, this method can be very damaging because the heat from applying the metal rings causes the hair to burn and break.

This method also takes approximately 3 hours to install.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

You know what to do with them. But, how do you choose them? First, you need to decide the type of hair you are If you want the best, it doesn't get better than human hair clip in hair extensions.

They look and feel the most natural, last the longest and provide the most styling options. You can style the hair with heat tools, even colored.

The highest-grade human hair clip on extensions are Remy human hair. The people minimally process the Remy hair with the cuticles intact.

The result, hair that is shinier, healthier and virtually tangle-free. Clip-ins offers a price friendly option to human hair clip extensions.

Synthetic hair is not affected by the weather, so it's a great option for special occasions.

If you want economical options you can buy cheap hair bundles here.

Hair textures in different colors

What Clip-In Extension Works Best For Me?

You were probably already aware of this small fact, but clip-in hair extensions come in many forms of an installation called “pieces.”

Pieces are merely the tiny pieces that the hair extensions are attached to, that then connects to your hair through clipping it in.

There are two options you can choose from with this method: one piece or multiple pieces.


One-piece clip-in hair extension systems are simple to attach and offer an instant hairstyle in a snap.

One-piece systems come in a variety of lengths, curl patterns, colors, and styles. It gives you instant volume and is probably best for beginners are for people who do not feel like putting in multiple clips.


With multiple pieces you can be a little more creative because now you can place the volume where you want it as opposed to the one-piece.

2 piece extension systems generally consist of one fuller piece which clips in high and one smaller piece that clips in at the nape.

Similar to the one piece system, they are easy to apply and perfect for beginners.

Eight-part and ten piece systems come with varying widths of weft hair that are positioned from smallest to largest working from the bottom.

Multi-piece systems offer the most styling versatility. The application takes some practice.

See! Now, That Was Not So Bad

These are some of the common suggestions I would recommend to everyone who is using clip-in hair extensions.

It is true that clip-ins are the easiest to use, but just like any other extension, you should take care of your extensions.

Always understand that extensions are called that because they are to be considered an extension of your hair itself.

And Check clip-ins hairstyle to challenge yourself.

It is essential that you give the same importance to your clip-in hair extensions and treat them right!

What are some helpful tips you use when installing clip-in hair extensions?

What are some things you believe are harmful to them? How often do you wear them?

I want to hear everything! Leave me a question or comment below!

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