Why Clip-In Extensions Are the Best for a Quick Hairstyle Change

Why Clip-In Extensions Are the Best for a Quick Hairstyle Change!

Clip-Ins Are the Best!

Wigs and sew-ins are excellent forms of hair extensions, but the best form of hair extensions that truly stand out are clip-in hair extensions.


They are quick to install and quick to remove. They can be used for a short amount of time, low maintenance, and you can match with your hair.

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What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-In hair extensions are small to larger pieces of hair wefts that are attached to snap-comb hair clips.

They come in different types of hair textures and colors that match your hair--from blonde bone straight to black-brown 4C Natural Hair Clip-Ins.

They have been named the most accessible enhancement and the easiest way to install hair by many beauty industries.

Clip-in hair extensions give you a short-term desired hair which can include but not limited to longer hair, more hair volume, and if wanted more color.

Benefits of Clip-In Extensions

There are many benefits to clip-in extensions.

We have compiled six reasons why clip-ins are the best form of hair extensions and why Private Label Hair Extensions are the best choice of extensions for your next clip-ins.

Quick and Easy

Adding in clip-in extensions are very quick and easy, and they are in and out your hair in minutes.

Probably faster than putting on your makeup. It's just like adding the cute hair bows you used to wear as a toddler.

First, find the desired hair clip you want, then section off a part of your hair. Third, grip the clip under the sectioned off hair, then snap close the clip.

And, there you go--you've added more hair that has created volume, length, and color that has changed your look. Jen Atkin, an influential hairstylist, told Cosmopolitan...

"I use clip-ins for the majority of my clients because they're easy. Just tease your hair at the roots where you want to place them, spray a little hairspray there and on the clips to help ensure a tight grip and fasten them down into your hair."
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Short term

There are many different reasons why people always change their hairstyles.

One could be that we get bored easily, or we always want our hair to fit the environment that we're in.

Another great thing about clip-in hair extensions is that it is possible for it to be 100% temporary.

That's right. You don't have to wear that long, voluminous hair you did for that Saturday gala at work on Monday.

Taking them in and out whenever you want is the best feeling when you want your hair to work with your schedule.

We like to change our looks and styles, and clip-ins make it that easy. Rock different clip-ins looks when you want to.

Less Maintenance

Clip-ins are the best alternative to installing hair extensions other than the use of glue and thread for sew-ins.

Why? It's less maintenance.

With wigs and sew-ins, you will have to perform full maintenance to keep the hair fresh and healthy. It's easier to maintain clip-ins because they are easier to wash and care for.

As mentioned before, clip-in hair extensions can easily be removed. One--it's not attached to the head for an extended period.

Two--the hair will not accumulate oils and dirt as quickly as other hair types such as wigs and sew-ins.

Medium Brown Seamless Clip ins Extensions Full Set

Matches Your Hair Type

Clip-in hair extensions can match your hair to enhance the way your hair looks to create a thick and voluminous style.

Private Label Extensions have many silky and Yaki Straight Clip-In Extensions that can add 20-inches to your hair that you can quickly clip-in.

Their clip-ins can be styled and manipulated to match your hair--straight, curly, or wavy.

Private Label Extensions also have 4C Hair Natural Clip-In Extensions that are great for achieving natural styles such as blow-outs and twist-outs.

These clip-ins can be dyed and colored to match your hair color. From an interview with Refinery, Kerry Washington's hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew stated:

"I haven't given Kerry a weave in over ten years..." Do I do clip-ins? Yes. When you see her straight, long, short, or with color — those are clip-ins. I do play around with wigs, but I haven't given her a weave in a long time. I'm all for the look being natural."

Easily Add Highlights

A way of adding highlights or lowlights to your hair is installing clip-in hair extensions.

Adding pieces of colors without permanently coloring your hair is a reason why clip-ins are the best form of human hair hair extensions.

Highlights are strands of hair colors that are lighter than your natural hair color and lowlights are strands of hair colors that are darker than your natural hair color.

Depending on your mood, you can install clip in that are outside your hair color range for an out-of-the-box look.

Private Label Extensions clip-ins is 100% human hair, and it comes in a variety of colors to choose from, and they can be dyed any color you desire.

Jet Black Seamless Clip ins Extensions

Great for Emergencies

Let's imagine that you're invited to an event that is this evening. Yes, this evening. You only have 4 hours to get ready.

You haven't had any time to get your hair done all week. But, about two weeks ago, you got Private Label Extensions' clip-ins.

In times like this, it is a perfect moment to whip out your extensions to make your hair more full and longer.

In minutes, your ready to style your hair and call your Uber. Clip-In extensions are great for beauty emergencies. Instead of styling a whole human hair wig or sewing in hair, this is a great alternative.

Jet Black Seamless Clip ins Extensions Full Set

Are You Ready to Rock Clip-Ins?

Private Label Extensions has top quality hair that has all the right qualities in the perfect clip-in hair extension.

They provide the ideal answer to changing your hairstyle in a matter of minutes to create the desired look you want to go for.

Reach your full beauty potential by wearing clip-in extensions today.

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Clip-in extensions sound like a game changer for anyone needing a quick hairstyle fix! Do you have any tips for choosing the right color and texture to seamlessly blend with your natural hair? Also, how do you ensure they stay in place all day?


Clip-in extensions sound like such a game-changer for easy hair transformations! I love how versatile and low-maintenance they are. Definitely considering trying them out for my next special event!


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