Tips for long-lasting clip-in extensions

Hair Care Tips to Make Your Clip-in Extensions Last Longer

Need Your Clip-ins To Last A Little Longer? Check Out These Hair Care Tips

Clip-in extensions are the best alternatives to getting a sew-in.

Woman love how simple, versatile, and less expensive they can be compared to buying bundles.

You can attach clip-ins quickly and remove them just as immediately.

If you take the time to invest in a quality clip-in, you will notice that it has a sturdy, lightweight material. Since these beauties are not massive, they won't add an enormous amount of stress on your real hair or scalp.

These alternatives give off an incredibly natural look that mimics the feel of shiny, sleek hair.

Clips for clip-in extensions

If you are someone who wants to experiment with various hairstyles without dealing with the long-term commitment, this would be your best bet.

But just like all great things come to an end, so must your clip-in extensions. Thankfully there are a few tricks you can use to make those withering extensions last a little while longer.

Typically, you can have extensions last for about a year if you had a flawless clip-in installation, but life expectancy will depend on how often you wear them.

So, if you want to save a few extra coins, we suggest you check out this list of hair care tips to make your clip-in extensions last longer.

Do Not Wash Clip-ins Frequently

Typically, you should only wash your clip-ins about two to three times a month, or between every 15 to 20 uses.

If you are not wearing the style, frequently there is still no need to wash the extensions excessively.

Remember that weave has no natural source of moisture like the hair on top of our heads.

Since it doesn't receive the nutrients and oil from your scalp, we must find alternative ways to hydrate the hair.

Try to stay away from products that include alcohol or sulfate.

These ingredients will only cause the curls to dry out and become more brittle.

To help clip-in extensions retain moisture wash them less while using helpful and not harmful products.

Now, if you have a sew-in hairstyle, you are required to wash the style a little more simply because it is attached to your natural hair.

No matter what method you choose, you do not want to neglect or ignore your real mane underneath your extensions.

Moral of the story, you shouldn't overuse your clip-ins they are a short style for a reason. Treat the hair with care, and you will start to notice how much longer they last.

Hair products beside a hair dryer

Be Careful with Heating Products

Its hard to avoid natural elements like rain or moisture in the air, be we recommend trying to keep your clip-in extensions dry.

If your hair becomes wet and you want to dry them, use an ionic blow dryer. This tool minimizes frizz, tangles, and prevent over drying or causing damage to the weave.

On another note, If you're someone who loves straight human hair extensions, we suggest purchasing clip-in extensions that already come in that style.

Excessively curling or straightening your hair will leave them looking dull and frizzy. You want to keep your clip-ins feeling lightweight and easy to manage.

Purchasing extensions that match closely with your natural curls will require less work and save you time in the end.

Leave the hair hot tools and extreme styling for a sew-in or more permanent hairstyle.

Close-up on silky straight hair extension

Try Your Hardest to Not Bleach the Clip-ins

I know we all want our extensions to match well with our natural hair, which is a great plus.

If you purchase human hair clip-in extensions, you can dye them to a darker color with ease.

On the other hand, if you want a lighter shade, we suggest you head to a salon.

Professionals have a lot more experience on their side and will know the best way to color the hair without damaging the tresses.

Many may not know this, but some companies will already dye extensions at the manufacturing level. If you go right behind and bleach the weave as well, you will run into extreme difficulties.

Forcing bleach on hair, increasing bleach concentration, or leaving the chemical on for too long is a recipe for disaster.

When somethings like this Blonde Seamless Clip-Ins already exists.

And even after going through all these measures there is still a chance that the color will not come out as you desire.

I do understand that we all want to save money every chance we get. So, before you color the weave test the process out on one clip-in weft first; that way you can see the full results beforehand.

Luckily Private Label Extensions offer a variety of clip-in extensions ranging from different colors.

We have choices from Jet Black Seamless Clip-ins and mocha brown to Auburn and platinum blonde. If you are ever in need of high-quality extensions check out the many options, we provide.

We even got Indian Curly Clip-Ins!

We promise you will fall in love, and there will never be a need to bleach your weave again.

Medium brown clip-in hair extensions bottom view

Store Your Clip-ins Properly After Use

If you're anything like me, you will find yourself throwing your clip-ins on the side or leaving them in the bathroom after use.

But this is not the right way to go; there is a sure way you must store your extensions after wearing them.

When you prep the hair extensions before storing them away you should first gather them all in one location.

Next, carefully brush out the hair of any knots or tangles. You want to brush from the bottom and slowly work your way up to the wefts.

You want to be as gentle as possible to reduce extreme weave shedding or breakage. After clearing out, all the knots use a hair tie and wrap it around the end of the extensions.

Lastly, roll the weave into a circle and put them in a safe place. You should keep the original box or packaging that your hair came in, this will make the storage process easier.

If you are in a rush, you can also try doing a loose not on the bulk of the clip-ins to prevent tangles.

No matter which method you choose you should always store your clip-ins after wearing them throughout the day.

Hair brush beside hair shampoo

How Do You Make Your Clip-ins Last Longer?

If you follow these fantastic hair care tips, your clip-in extensions is sure to last you a little longer.

Whether you are new to hair extensions or a longtime user, these tricks are beneficial.

Remember that the better you take care of your investment the more money you save in the end.

Since extensions don't have a natural hydration source, you should take the time to add moisture to them in between washes.

Simple tasks like conditioning the hair will go a long way, believe us. Weave comes in many different textures, so there is no set way to take care of them.

Trying out different clip-in methods and seeing which ones work best with your clip-in style is the smart thing to do.

Just like our natural tresses to lessen the chance of damage avoids over-styling or washing.

You'll begin to realize that with tender love, attention, and consistency your extensions will last for months to come.

Is there a specific way you make clip-in extensions last longer? Make sure to check the clip-ins dos and don't then let us hear all about it in the comments down below.

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