Create A Bomb Tapered Cut Using Natural Clip-In Extensions

Create A Bomb Tapered Cut Using Natural Clip-In Extensions

All The Tools You Need For This Look

A long time ago, I used to rock a short cut. I loved the look but quickly became tired of it because I felt it lacked versatility.

I didn’t think I would be able to have a shortcut with multiple styles, and I was not interested in wearing a wig. One thing I missed while rocking my cut had volume in my hair.

At the time, I didn’t know how many different ways you could add volume to a shortcut, so I felt pretty stuck and dull.

Luckily, these days there are multiple ways to be versatile even if you have little to no hair.

A cut style that I’m interested in trying is a tapered cut. However, I don’t want to cut my hair again.

What do I do?

I use extensions and clip-in hair extensions to create the tapered cut of my dreams. I asked a friend of mine that has a fantastic tapered cut, and she told me her step by step process.

Her natural hair is shoulder length, outside of her shaved sides and you could never tell by looking at her.

If you’re wanting to get a tapered cut but don’t know how to achieve it, it's okay.

Private Label has got you covered.

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Think About The Look You Want

When it comes to a tapered cut, there are many different ways to style.

Typically, the most seen kind of tapered cut is natural kinky hair with shaved, or low sides. It’s such a cute style that most people love it and never go back!

Before creating a tapered form with extensions, it’s essential to have an idea of the look you want.

Do you want volume at the top?

Do you want your sides to show?

Or do you want your natural hair wholly covered?

These are all critical questions to ask yourself before creating this fantastic look.

If you’re still not sure what look, you want to try, then go to different internet resources such as Pinterest and Youtube. When I wanted to try out a tapered cut, I looked on Youtube and spent hours searching until I saw something I utterly adored.

You don’t have to spend hours looking like I did, but you should do the proper research before actually trying out the look.

Consult A Professional

As always, with most hair ventures, it’s important to consult a professional.

Hairstylists will be able to let you know what kind of process you’ll need to go through to achieve this look. The first thing you should ask your hair stylist is what your hair type is. Your hair type will be a huge factor in determining how you go about achieving this hairstyle.

Also, since you’ll be adding hair extensions, it’s important to make sure you and your hairstylist choose the right ones. We’ll discuss hair extension types later. You hair stylists will be able to show you the proper way to cut a tapered cut and manage it after initial installation.

You’ll want to ask your hairstylist about the proper hair products to maintain the hair such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Shortcuts, especially tapered cuts, created with extensions have the potential to become stale and dull looking if not properly taken care of.

By using the right products, you’ll be able to keep your style looking fresh, and hydrated. Sometimes, a hairstylist consultation can be an expensive hairstylist service.

If you can’t afford to see a hairstylist, then check youtube, or ask a trusted friend and see what you guys can discuss.

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What About Your Natural Hair?

Achieving a tapered cut with extensions will require you to take your natural hair into account.

To get the most natural looking tapered cut, you may have to leave some of your hair out. For example, when I had a shortcut, I had my sides shaved and allowed my hair at the top of my head to be extended.

While having shaved sided, it was easy for me to have a variety of short hairstyles by using hair extensions. If you’re opposed to manipulating and cutting your natural hair to achieve this look, then that is okay too. You don’t have to change your natural hair to get this style.

The reality is that you can get a tapered cut by using extensions and covering your natural hair completely.

It’s important to know that getting a tapered cut style this way can be confusing without leaving some of your hair out, but it’s not impossible. You’ll need to be patient, have a bomb hairstylist or someone that can help you get what you want out of your hairstyle.

If you do your hair, then there’s nothing to worry about.

During this entire process, it is essential to keep your natural hair protected. Don’t use products that may damage your hair. When installing extensions be sure to be mindful of the method you’re using.

Be extra careful when using adhesive or glue, and gentle when handling the sew-in method.

Choose The Right Hair Extensions

Choosing the extensions, you’ll use to get your tapered cut is the most crucial part.

Selecting the right extensions for a tapered cut is essential because the best-tapered cuts have a beautiful, often curly, and luscious texture.

There are a couple of extension options available to achieve this look. The first option is to use human hair extensions, which is the best option in my opinion.

Human hair extensions can be manipulated and styled in ways that synthetic hair cannot.

Human hair extensions are also the type of extensions to mimic the look of natural hair.

By using human hair extensions, you’ll be able to maintain your tapered cut for a more extended period. If you decide to use synthetic extensions, then it’s okay. You will still be able to achieve your look with synthetic hair.

We’ll discuss the different hair brands, both human and artificial, that are best for getting this amazingly cute look.

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Human Hair Extensions For Tapered Cut

As mentioned before, human hair extensions are the best extensions type to achieve this look.

Human hair extensions can be styled and manipulated. You can shampoo, condition, and blow-dry your human hair extensions as if they were your natural hair for a tapered cut; you’ll want to get extensions that look natural and kinky.

There are plenty of different human hair extension brands that you can use to get this look, but the brands above are my favorite. Make sure you do all the necessary research before choosing a brand.

Read reviews, watch reviews, and determine what’s best for the look you’re going for, and the budget you’re on.

Both of the brands mentioned earlier are a bit expensive, but because of the quality, you will be able to keep them for some time.

Just make sure you take care of them in an appropriate manner.

Synthetic Extensions For A Tapered Cut

Synthetic hair extensions for a tapered cut is a bit more difficult than the human hair.

As you may know, synthetic hair isn’t as easily manipulated as human hair is. However, despite this fact, it’s important not to be discouraged. You can still achieve the look you want even by using synthetic hair.

The most significant things you’ll need to understand is that synthetic hair won’t last as long as human hair, and you won’t be able to shampoo and condition it to keep it from getting dull.

There are many different synthetic hair brands that you can use to maintain this style. In my opinion, the best way to achieve this look is by using crochet hair. Crochet hair is synthetic and comes in different forms.

To get the best-tapered cut look, you’ll want to get a curly extension style.

Get a brand that is curly or kinky and easy to manage. Synthetic hair can last about two months so be prepared to change it often.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to achieve a tapered cut using crochet hair. It’s relatively simple and looks fantastic.

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How To Cut A Tapered Cut

This is the essential part when it comes to a tapered cut.

How you cut your style determines how it will look, and how well you will be able to manage it.

When I started doing my hair, I found that cutting was hard because I wasn’t sure how to layer my extensions and make it look good.

I had to watch plenty of tutorials and go through trial and error before finally getting it right.

The key to cutting the perfect tapered cut is ensuring you have an idea of the style you wish to achieve. A good pair of hair scissors will also be beneficial.

If you’ve never cut your hair before then, I suggest asking someone with some experience.

Ask a professional that knows how to cut and layer hair, and they will be able to help you look amazing. All in all, cutting is the most important part and can be difficult, but it’s not impossible to master.

Your local hair-store should have all the products you need.

Installation Method Matters

The installation method you choose when going for a tapered cut will determine how you need to style your hair after installation.

If you’re getting a sew-in, then try the invisible method so that your style looks natural. If you’re using glue, then it’ll be a little bit difficult to hide the edges unless you have some left out.

Your hairstylist should be able to let you know what the best form of installation is. If you don’t want to deal with setup, you can always get a tapered cut wig that you can put on, and take off every day.

The wig method is the least natural looking because most tapered styled wigs have sharp edges that don’t seem natural.

I would stay away from them if looking natural is the goal.

What To Remember

It’s important to remember that a tapered cut is a standard hairstyle and can be achieved in a multitude of ways.

Most people get a tapered cut with natural hair, but you can also accomplish the style using extensions.

There are different types of extensions you can use, but the main categories are human and synthetic. Human hair is the best option if you want your style to look completely natural.

Human hair is also the best option if you're going to style and keep your style in for a long time.

Synthetic hair can also be used, but it won’t last as long.

However, because synthetic hair is cheaper and has a wide variety of styles, it may be the better option if you’re looking for something quick.

It’s always best to ask a professional but doesn’t worry if you can’t afford one. There are plenty of tutorials that can help you achieve this look. It’s also best to do your research before trying out a new look.

Also, since you’ll be using extensions, you’ll want to think carefully about what kind of installation method you’ll be using.

You can have a leave out, or you don’t have to.

Either way, we’re sure you’ll come out looking fabulous!

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