7 by 7 HD Lace Closures Care Tips

How to Maintain and Care for Your 7x7 HD Lace Closures

Hey, girl—if you haven’t heard already, Private Label recently launched its exclusive 7x7 HD lace closures.

These top-of-the-line closures are designed to make your hair look and feel incredible, crafted with only the highest-quality human hair and undetectable, high-definition lace.

However, even the most superior seven by seven lace closures require proper maintenance and care.

This is important not only for extending the lifespan of your unit but also for ensuring it remains tangle-free, lustrous, and free of any rips or snags.

Don’t panic, though - maintaining and caring for your 7x7 HD lace closure isn’t complicated.

In fact, it’s pretty simple and won’t take up too much of your time. Keep reading to discover my inside and expert tips for maintaining and caring for your 7x7 HD lace closure, girl.

(You know so that you can keep all of your gal pals feelin’ jealous over those Red Carpet-worthy tresses.)

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Top Eight Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Your 7x7 HD Lace Closure

If you're switching from human hair frontals, don’t let your 7x7 HD lace front closure succumb to knots, tangles, and other issues. Keep it in tip-top shape by following these easy eight tips:

1. Brush/Comb Your Closure Regularly

Ladies, if there is one tip you follow, let it be this one! Just like your natural locks, a lace closure needs to be brushed/combed regularly. At the bare minimum, brush/comb your unit every morning and night.

However, I highly recommend brushing or combing throughout the day as needed, too. I mean, who wants to walk around with a tangly mess? Not me. Using a wig brush and/or comb designed explicitly for hairpieces is best.

They’ll work better and incur less damage than “regular” brushes and combs. Also, please be gentle with that closure, girlfriend!

Being too rough can quickly damage your human hair extension, especially the lacy portion. I’m begging you to be gentle when you’re brushing/combing! Your hairpiece will thank you.

2. Shampoo Your Closure Regularly

Shampooing is also essential! Now, you don’t want to overdo it with the washing. This can shorten the lifespan of your unit, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid here!

That said, I recommend limiting washes to once a week or every other week - longer if you can. However, you should also wash your lace closure whenever it looks or feels dingy.

For example, if you decided to do a mud run race and came out looking like a muddy hot mess, you might want to give your piece a good wash!

When shampooing your lace closure, ensure you use a shampoo designed for wigs. Be very gentle with your unit while washing. Being rough can pull out hairs and impact the lace, which can be detrimental to its appearance!

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3. Don’t Forget the Conditioner!

Lace closures do not create their own oils like your natural scalp does. That said, it can dry out rather quickly.

And who wants a dried-out lace closure? Ew. To avoid the infamous dried-out hairpiece, I recommend a high-quality leave-in conditioner. Gently rub it into the hair strands of your lace closure when you’re done washing it.

We recommend Hair Growth Serum oil for this mission.

4. Dry Your Closure Correctly

Ladies, it can be really easy to ruin your unit when you’re drying it. Why? Because, like many other women, you have places to be and people to see.

You don’t want to wait forever for it to dry, so you might be rough while drying with a towel.

Please don’t do this, though! Being rough while drying your unit can and will lead to deterioration! The best thing to do is allow your hairpiece to dry naturally.

If that’s 100% not an option, gently dab a towel on your unit to speed things up. I wouldn’t recommend using a blow dryer, but if it’s absolutely necessary, use the lowest heat setting and apply a heat protectant spray before you get started.

5. Use Heat Protectant When Needed

One of the perks of choosing one of our stunning lace closure like the 2x6 closures is that they’re 100% customizable.

You can curl, straighten, dye, etc., these beauties to get the look you’re craving. However, you should not use hot tools on your unit without a heat protectant (as mentioned in the previous section).

And when using a hot tool make sure you don’t touch the lace as it could burn. A heat protectant is designed to do one thing: protect your precious unit from the potentially damaging effects of heat.

Why wouldn’t you want to use it? Apply the product before using your hair hot tools. Then, style as you’d like. Finally, wear your look confidently, knowing you look like a million bucks and your unit is safe and sound without wear and tear.

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6. Sleep Correctly

Most women sleep wearing their lace frontal or closure, which is fine.

But you need to be careful when it comes to slumber. Here are the top three things to remember:

  • Don’t go to sleep with wet hair.
  • Wear a satin or silk bonnet to reduce unwanted friction, or swap your pillowcases for silk or satin options.
  • Consider braiding your hair before bed if you don’t want to use silk/satin products.

Follow these steps so you don’t lose sleep while wearing a closure!

7. Be Gentle - Always!

Look - HD lace is highly sought after because it’s virtually transparent when worn, which means it’s much easier to conceal and wear. This also means it's on the thinner side.

So, in order to make sure you don’t damage the lace or the human hair on your unit, it’s essential to be gentle at all times.

Whether you’re washing, drying, brushing, installing, or doing any other type of activity, please be gentle with your unit. Rips, tears, and broken hairs can happen, and we want to avoid that at all costs!

8. Store Properly When Not in Use

My final tip is to store your unit correctly when you’re not using it. Improper storage will damage your unit in one way or another.

It could lead to holes in the lace or so many tangles in the tresses that you’re unsure what to do about the situation.

Now, finding a safe spot to rest your 7x7 closure is fine and dandy.

But if you really want to take precautions to keep your unit in tip-top shape, I recommend putting in a silky bag and store in a place that is not going to be moved around. With one of these, there is no question that your hairpiece will remain safe and ready to wear.

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Closure FAQs

Because we have your attention on the topic of closures, here are some more tidbits of information we think you should know.

Do you have to bleach the knots of a HD lace closure?

With an HD lace closure, you do not have to bleach the knots - which is one of the main advantages!

Although, you know we are perfectionists at Private Label and always think it’s best to bleach the knots of all lace products, no matter how small those knots are!

How long does a lace closure last?

How long your lace closure lasts depends solely on how you maintain and care for it. Follow our tips for lace closures and learn how to protect your hair investment.

How many times can you use a lace closure?

When a lace closure is maintained and cared for properly, it will remain in tip-top condition and, therefore, can be used multiple times.

Like your natural hair, a closure will slowly shed hairs and start to become thin. At some point you will need to replace it with a new piece.

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Transform Your Aesthetic with Perfectly Maintained 7x7 HD Lace Closures from Private Label!

See? I told you that caring for and maintaining a 7x7 closure is a cinch! Now, all that’s left to do is dive into our impressive inventory of HD lace closures, find the one that is right for you, and install it today.

What are you waiting for? Get the look you’ve been craving with a Private Label hair closure today!

Now choose the right closures size for you.

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Thanks for these helpful tips on caring for 7×7 HD lace closures! It’s great to know how to maintain them properly to keep them looking fabulous.


Thanks for these helpful tips on maintaining a 7×7 HD lace closure! I’ll definitely keep them in mind for my next hair care routine. How often should I replace my 7×7 HD lace closure to ensure it stays in good condition?


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