What Are Lace Closures and Lace Frontals?

What Are Lace Closures and Lace Frontals?

What are Closures and Frontals?

Having beautiful hair makes a person feel confident. If you notice, people who have thinning hair or show signs of balding are a little shy and very self-conscious. Closures Extensions, and Frontals help with this!

This is because our hair is a huge part of our image. When we feel our image is less than perfect, we withdraw into ourselves.

More than anything else, our hair is a main feature that can really boost a person’s confidence.

Knowing how you look can set the tone for the day and make you confident to face anything head on.

But not all of us have great genes and luxurious thick hair.

If you are looking to boost your look and upgrade it from being simply average to absolutely fabulous, you should try hair extension closures.

They give your look the extra edge you need to feel absolutely confident and ready to take on the world. There are several options for hair extension closures that you can choose from to achieve the look that you desire.

With the natural closures, we inventory at Private Label Extensions, your hair and seamlessly blend in with the hair extensions you buy from us.

In fact, to make it look more realistic, the closures we stock have small strands of baby hair on the front to create a very natural look. This means that it becomes harder to tell if you are wearing hair extensions or not.

What is a closure?

A closure is a hairpiece which can either have a durable lace or a silk mesh base. It is normally 4 inches in length and 4 inches wide (4”x4”).

The hair used in a closure is 100% virgin human hair which is individually attached to a lace type material to offer a versatile parting for the user.

The great thing about using a closure is that there are no glues or adhesives required to apply the closure to your own hair.

Closures also help in giving the illusion of a natural hairline or parting and this easy installation means you don’t have to go through the hassle of blending the hair extensions and your own natural hair.

Gaining in popularity are HD Closures, which offer a nearly undetectable lace.

And the 7x7 HD Closures which are on fire lately.

Closures are durable and can be re-used provided proper care and maintenance is given to them.

A closure could be the vital element to your sew-in to ensure that no hair gets left out. This also protects your hair form any styling damage that may occur when you are getting ready.

Closures are also great for people who feel that their hair is unmanageable.


Why do Women wear closures?

The reasons for using closures could range from wearing a full weave or wig unit because it acts as a protective style.

If their natural hair does not match or blend with the hair extensions applied on their hair properly, they may also choose to wear closures.

What is the Difference between a silk closure and a lace closure?

The price is one thing that can give it away. A silk closure will be more expensive than a Lace Closure and of course, the materials themselves are very different from each other.

Although lace closure extensions are cheaper, they lay flatter on the head and if the knots of the closure are not altered via a bleaching process, they may not give off a natural look.

Silk closures are more expensive but they appear more natural.

They are also a little more complicated to install and it is generally recommended to visit a professional to get it installed.

In addition to, the Transparent Lace Closures that give a sleek look.

And the HD Lace Closuressilk-versus-lace-closure

There are various types of closures for various hair types and styles that you would like to have.

We realize that every individual is different, so there is no one type fits all. You can select from the following type of closures.

Types of Closures

Brazilian Body Wave

If you want a Brazilian sew in with closure then we have got the product for you! Brazilian Closure Extensions are very popular and can even been worn as a body wave sew in with closure.

This type of closure blends in seamlessly with various hair extensions, therefore completing your look effortlessly with a virtually undetectable weave or custom wig.

The body wave closure works well with the body wave bundles also available on our website.

As the name suggests, it has a body wave – this means this type of a closure would be perfect for anyone looking to have a slight wave in their hair.

The lace under the closure gives you the freedom to part and style your hair as naturally as you please and gives the look of a natural scalp.

The hair on the closure is all 100% human virgin hair and is all obtained from a single donor and has no chemicals alterations done or any processing done to their hair to strip it of its health and vitality.

With intact cuticles, the virgin hair tapers down naturally at the end and the Brazilian Body wave can last up to a year or more if proper care is given.

The Brazilian Body Wave Closure does not tangle or shed, making it the perfect match for Brazilian Body Wave Bundles.

The Hair lengths can vary from 12” – 22”.


Brazilian Kinky Curly Closures

If you’re looking to protect the hair at the top of your crown, the Brazilian Kinky Curly Closure could be the protective style you could be looking for.

It is made of a durable lace construction and a mesh that allows you to part your hair seamlessly from any angle.

This pairs well with the Brazilian Kinky Curly Extensions also found on our website. The curls give a fun and natural curly style.


Afro Kinky closure

Closures are the finishing touches to any hairdo without leaving out any hair. It is created using a durable mesh that ensures durability and long product life.

The Afro Kinky 5x5 HD Closure provides a fun look to your hairdo.

Made of Brazilian Afro Kinky Hair, the lace closure extensions contain natural colored hair lengths of 14” and has around 34 grams per bundle.


Brazilian Loose Wave Closures

These closures are easy to care for, provided you shower the appropriate care and maintenance for them.

This Brazilian Loose Wave Closure offers slight waves to your hair or hair extensions to complete the look.

Made of Virgin Brazilian Loose Wave Hair, it contains hair lengths of 12” – 18” and comes in a 1B natural color.


Brazilian Silky Straight Closures

If you are looking to give vitality and have a vibrant look to your hair, the easiest way to get that look is to use a Brazilian Silky Straight Closure.

Having straight hair makes it very versatile for styling purposes.

This way, you don’t damage your own hair due to heat and styling, but you get the look that you want. It is made of a durable mesh that will last up to a year or more if the proper care is given to it.

Each individual hair strand is attached to the mesh to give it a seamless and natural look.

This also allows the wearer to part their hair in a natural way.

Made of Straight Virgin Brazilian Hair, it contains hair lengths of 12” – 18” and comes in a 1B natural color.


Brazilian Spanish Wave Closures

Get ready to have luscious wavy long hair just like how you see all the movie stars and celebrities do.

The Brazilian Spanish Wave Closure gives the impression of having full, thick hair which curls at the ends to produce a very alluring effect.

Made of Virgin Spanish Wave Hair, it contains hair lengths of 12” – 18” and comes in a 1B natural color.

This is one the most popular closures as this gives the illusion of volume as well as is very stylish.


Gray Body Wave Closures

Who says that if you get older or if you grey prematurely that you can’t use closures?

The Gray Body Wave Closure can pair perfectly with any gray hair extensions.

The length is perfect and is made of Virgin Brazilian Human Hair; it contains hair lengths of 14” and comes in a gray color.


Russian Blonde Body Wave Closures

So far, all the colors have been a natural brunette color as most of the hair is sourced from countries like Brazil and other Asian countries where the hair is normally a shade of brunette.

The Russian Blonde Body Wave Closure caters to the women who have blonde hair or who are using blonde hair extensions.

Made from Virgin Russian Blonde Hair, it is available in lengths of 12” – 18” in a blonde color.


Vietnamese Silk Straight Closures

As you can imagine from the name, the hair is sourced from Vietnam.

Majority of the women in Vietnam have silky straight hair, so this closure also caters to those who are looking to have straight, beautiful and thick hair.

Available in lengths of 12” – 16”, it comes in 1B Natural colour.


What is a lace frontal?

A Lace Frontal is a half wig that runs from temple to temple hairline and are usually bonded in place.

Due to the full temple to temple coverage, they cover a larger area.

It mimics a natural hairline and has free parting, offering you more flexibility than a closure.

A lace frontal on Private label Extensions has lace frontals which are 13” x 4” with 18” of hair.

How are lace closures and frontals different?

The biggest differences between the both are the materials and construction used for both.

Even the application process vastly differs. A closure is generally used for sew-in applications.

If it is installed properly, it can give the appearance of a natural scalp area while wearing a full weave.

As they are placed in the horseshoe area at the top of a weave to close off a style, they are known as closures.

Closures tend to be made out of lace or silk mesh with a poly strip or a thin skin on the perimeter of the mesh for strength to make the bonding application easier.

The natural mesh color gives the appearance of a natural scalp. This type of closure may require sealing of knots to keep the hair secure at the base.

In comparison, a lace frontal covers a larger area. A frontal will also need the knots to be sealed so that the hair is kept secure in the cap.

Closures can be applied via bonding, use of clips or even by sewing the closure by hand. Some natural hair may be left out to conceal the stitches.

A lace frontal can use the same procedures for fastening as a closure, but a natural hairline cannot be achieved if it stitched or clipped at the front.

Most stylists sew down the back or use clips and use a bonding agent to glue the front hairline in place.

Unlike a closure, there is no natural hair that is left loose in a bonded lace frontal.

The purpose is to create a natural hairline. You can also use a clip in lace closure to add your closure with ease.

Types of Lace frontals available on Private Label Extensions

The following Brazilian styles are available:

Silky Straight Lace Frontal

Deep Wave Lace Frontal

Body Wave Lace Frontal


Mostly any hairstyle can be carried off with a closure. The only restriction to this would be a hairstyle that pulls the hair completely off the face.

Even if you have a great install and cut it would generally not be possible.

They are not designed to mimic off the face type of hairstyles. They will not be able to conceal the front edge of the closure.

If you bond the closure closer to the natural hairline, you may be able to pull off the look.

However, a 13x6 lace frontal can easily pull off a hairstyle as it mimics the look of a natural hairline.

To achieve this look, the lace frontal must be properly bonded at the front perimeter.

Lace frontals may last up to a year and closure may last longer than that. It all depends on the wear and tear, quality of the cap and construction.

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