Learn to melt your lace frontals

Learn to Melt Your Lace Frontal For The Ultimate Slay

Love Your Lace and Your Skin

What lace, boo? I’m not saying I’m feeling myself, but, this lace melt technique for lace frontals got me feeling a whole lot of cute and expensive.

It seems as if there’s always a new hack or method when it comes to installing a wig or extensions.

This new technique is everything. Now with anything new, there are some do’s, and dont’s I want to share with you to make sure you execute the process correctly.

I don’t want you out in these streets with inflamed skin, bald spots, or missing hair. You know I love to get my hair together while listening to music.

Let us go ahead and rock this new single by Ciara “Level Up” because it’s time for us to get our look together for the rest of the summer.

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What Is A Lace Frontal or Lace Wig

A lace frontal or lace front wig is created to give the appearance of a natural hairline. It looks so natural, and no one will be able to know it’s not growing out of your scalp.

Lace frontals and wigs are in high demand because they are so realistic (when applied correctly).

The lace can be colored to match your skin tone. A lace frontal is extremely versatile because it covers the entire front perimeter (and back if you have the 360-degree frontal).

Using a frontal helps to give you a more realistic hairline. They come in lace or silk material.

But in this article, I am discussing the lace frontals and wigs, specifically.

Prep Your Skin Before The Meltdown

Here, I am going to share the steps for achieving the meltdown look, but first I want to give you some tips on prepping your skin first.

Tip #1

Pay attention to the skin along your hairline area. Because of the amount of product, you are going to be using you should not have any skin condition that may become irritated, sore or inflamed due to this process. Use a Skin Prep to be safe.

Tip #2

It’s rare that I see this is in videos, so I want to remind you to clean your hairline before installing any lace glue or adhesive. Grab you a cotton ball and some alcohol to clean along your hairline.

Tip #3

If you use a relaxer, make sure you don’t have any scabs nor sores present. This goes for your entire scalp and not just at the hairline.

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Precautions When Using A Hot Comb

The hot comb has gotten upgraded over the years. No more sitting a hot comb on a stove to straighten your hair.

Today, you can walk into a Walmart and purchase an electric hot comb and get the same results.

However, there are some precautions you need to take when using a hot comb for this technique so that you don't damage your hair nor your skin.

Below are my top three precautions you should take to make sure that during this technique you get the look that you want.

Precaution #1

The first thing is to make sure that you're hot comb does not get too hot. The electric ones allow you to set it at a medium temperature.

I know I tendency is to want to get the comments hot as possible because we think that that's going to melt the lace even quicker but doing this can cause damage to your hair as well as your scalp.

There isn't anything cute about scabs at the front of your hairline.

Precaution #2

A hot comb is designed to straighten hair if your hair is permed make sure that you pulled it all to the back.

The only portion of the hair that should be in touch with the hot comb is your extensions.

Put in that hot comb in contact with permed hair can cause even more damage to your natural hair.

Precaution #3

You may have never heard of these, but hot comb alopecia is a thing. Hot comb alopecia is the loss of hair in patches, or it can be more significant areas of the scalp.

Think about the amount of heat that you on your last meltdown because this is going to be important when it comes to protecting your natural hair.

Applying too much heat or applying heat to the previously damaged hair can make things worse.

This is why it is so important to take care of your hair and scalp before this style and use an Armor Heat Protector Spray.

Brazilian-Body Wave HD 13x6 Lace Frontal Lace View

Skin Reaction

Lace frontals and wigs are popular right now, and most women would love to be able to rock them.

However, there are some situations where you won't be able to wear a lace wig or frontal. Here are some signs that you may be allergic to the lace in your wig or lace frontal:

Sign #1

If there is itchiness whenever you are wearing your wig you can potentially be allergic to the lace

Sign #2

If there is a rash after you wear your lace wig or lace frontal this could be a sign of an allergic reaction

Sign #3

Another sign that you may be allergic to the lace Is if you noticed itching when wearing nylon clothing

Sign #4

Your allergic reaction could also be from the adhesive that you use to apply your wig.

My suggestion is to use a different adhesive and see if that resolves the issue.

I've identified a few reasons why you may not be able to wear a full lace wig or lace frontal, but the best thing for you to do is go to the doctor and get a diagnosis.

Some people use ointment or creams that can help resolve their symptoms. But you may feel that it's just not worth all the hassle of doing that and forgo wearing lace wigs altogether.

Keep in mind that synthetic wigs and human hair wigs are different so you may be allergic to the synthetic fibers in a wig and be completely fine if you wear a human hair wig.

So, try switching up your wig and see if doing so resolves the issue.

Learn more about common scalp conditions and how you can treat them to avoid pre-existing conditions that can cause issues when you're trying to wear your favorite wig.

Brazilian Body Wave HD 13x6 Lace Frontal Top View

Before you diagnose yourself through with an allergy make Sure you've done the following things:

Tip #1

Clean your wig or lace frontal regularly.

Remember you using a lot of products on your hair to keep it smooth and lay down as well as natural dirt and oils that can occur.

Post-workout and sweaty hair is not good if your wig does not allow airflow. This type of situation is a breeding ground for infections or other issues on the scalp.

Tip #2

Don't wear your wig all the time give your scalp time to breathe wearing a wig all the time can cause your scalp to get irritated especially if your wig has any combs or clips in it.

Tip #3

You could potentially have a pre-existing condition that you didn't know anything about.

It's essential that you go to a dermatologist to get a proper diagnosis because you may think it's the wig or the frontal that is causing the scalp and skin irritation and it could be something else.

It's always wise to get a professional opinion before getting a medical wig.

The Lace Melt Technique

Here are the steps to getting your lace laid! This technique is so bomb you won't even see the lace! Take your time, and you’ll master this in no time.

Step #1

Pull your freshly shampooed hair down into a bun

Step #2

Gel your edges down

Step #3

Put on a nude color wig cap

Step #4

Use the Xtra Hold Lace Glue along the entire perimeter of the hairline

Step #5

Apply one layer and use your blow dryer to dry it

Step #6

Spray the second layer and dry it with the blow dryer

Step #7

Once it is dry, cut off the band of the wig cap

Step #8

Apply another layer of the Xtra Hold Lace Glue to lay down the cap smoothly

Step #9

Use a foundation that blends with your skin around the perimeter of the wig cap and your hairline

Step #10

Use a cotton ball and alcohol to clean up your hairline by removing any excess foundation

Step #11

Apply your Bold Hold creme and allow it to dry

Step #12

Take your time and apply your lace in sections to make sure you smooth it down well

Step #13

I suggest applying your second layer of Bold Hold creme in sections to make it easier to smooth your lace down

Step #14

Use a popsicle stick to smooth the lace down because the glue gets tacky

Step #15

Smooth down your edges and baby hairs

Step #16

Add foundation to your part to blend it with your forehead

Step #17

Use your hot comb (the electric one is fine) to melt the lace down and make it look smooth

Step #18

Also, use the hot comb to straighten your edges.


Girl, when they ask any questions, tell them your hair grew overnight!

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Take Care of The Basics and Stay Fly

The key to looking good is to always take care of yourself first.

As it relates to the newest method of wig installation, the lace meltdown is a great technique but requires attention to detail.

We all love trying new things, but it’s important we pay attention to our skin. Sometimes we can ignore signs of irritation or an allergic reaction.

No wig or lace frontal is worth hair loss. Take your time but if you can’t complete the install have a professional complete it.

I want you to be cute minus the pain and bald spots! Make sure you comment below with your lace melt experience. We want to know what you think!

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This article really dives deep into the lace melt technique for lace frontals! I’m curious, how long does the lace typically stay melted and looking flawless before needing touch-ups? Any tips for maintaining that seamless look over time?


Great tutorial! The step-by-step instructions are so helpful for someone new to lace frontals.


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