The snatched frontal battle

The Snatched Frontal Battle: Which Product and Method Is Better

The War on Frontals

The year is 2024, the battlefield is your hairline, and the weapon of choice is a frontal!

But wait, where are all of your mini soldiers that wield the weapon and make the war worthwhile?

They are sitting online or on the shelves of beauty supply stores waiting to be discovered and help you defeat thick frontals, lace with a trace and all that lifting, shifting and sliding your old method or adhesive has had you doing in the past!

Human Hair Lace Frontals are a delicate thing, and they require a certain finesse to make your hair look like its growing out of the scalp honey, so here are a few different methods and products to use on your frontal so that you can look snatched any day of the week!

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Battle of The Methods

Mastering the perfect way to slay a frontal takes time, practice and a lot of patience!

Nobody killed a frontal their first time, but with dutiful practice, they became a boss at laying that lace!

Whether you are a stylist, a faithful YouTube DIY-er, wig maker, or general frontal wearer, it's essential to know a few ways that will enhance your frontal look for longevity, a beautiful style, and frontal upkeep.

Before booking an appointment or plucking your frontal bald, be sure to check out a few tutorials view IG TV, Youtube or the Private Label website and supporting articles that tell all about slaying a frontal!

Taping Frontals

Taping in your frontal is quicker and less messy than both the glue and the gels. However, it's difficult to remove the white backing sometimes and also to remove it from the skin or stocking cap.

To tape your frontal your hair should be braided and placed underneath a stocking cap, then the tape should be applied in the middle of the skin and the cap so that they share each clip of the tape.

Next, the white backings should be pulled off, and the frontal placed on top. The Tape-In Method frowned upon because of the sticky film that can be left behind the more prolonged the tape applied to the skin.

Additionally, the tape can be seen through the lace at times and is harder to attach to the surface of the skin if the skin is oily, sweaty or prone to breakouts.

Gluing Frontals

Gluing frontals is the most common method of installation because it provides a flat base and smoother edges.

Pasting a frontal gives the wearer an option of long or short term wear as well as waterproof or regular.

The cons of removing a frontal include residue, readjusting and possible hard removal.

Sewing Frontals

Frontals advertised as #noglue, or #noresidue sew-in down as close as possible and the lightly gelled around the edges.

The celebrated sewing method does not require a long wait time or an abundance of product. Sewing frontals also ensure that the frontal lasts longer and is waterproof.

Cons for sewing frontals include tugging on hair, frontals do not lay as flat, and thread and product are both used.

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Gel Frontals

While many people mistake gels or hold such as Got2BGlue or Gorilla Snot for glues they are substantially stronger gels.

Stylists would not typically use these products to secure your frontal, and these products are more for at home usage because they are less harsh on the edges and more comfortable to wash out.

However, some stylists will use this method so that their wigs are considered glue-less. One major con to gel frontals is that they do not last long.

But glueless wigs are awesome for sure!

Call In The Products! Pros And Cons Of Products

Products need a couple of things to succeed

1) it needs to be a fantastic product. and 2) used adequately.

Before adhering any of these glues, gels or adhesive to your skin or scalp be sure to read the directions thoroughly for instructions, warnings and removal details.

1. Bold Hold Products

The worst thing about the bold hold products is that they are always sold out!

I have personally used this product several times, and it has reigned supreme for being waterproof, having a lasting hold and having clear and easy instructions.

However, these products pack a lot of punch and can be hard on the hair or hard to remove when product instructions aren't followed precisely as labeled.

If you don't want to research and want a glue that meets all the requirements, choose Private Label's Safe Lace Front Glue.

Bold Hold Glue

Bold Hold Adhesive Glue is a waterproof frontal glue that lasts anywhere front two to three weeks with proper application and maintenance.

The Bold Hold Extreme Creme is applied in front of the hairline on clean skin and spread evenly across the application site four or five times.

Now listen, be sure to let each layer dry completely clear, and tacky before adding the next layer or you'll be in trouble!

My worst and biggest mistake was growing impatient and trying to skimp on the process.

Using a thin comb spread it out thinly and allow to dry naturally for a few minutes until clear before adding the next layer, this will ensure that you have no white residue peeking through your lace once you add your lace frontal.

Furthermore, let do not apply the frontal until the adhesive is tacky (sticky to the touch), and then wait a few minutes after placing your frontal to pluck out baby hairs and apply a scarf unless you want a sticky situation!

Bold Hold Remover

The Bold Hold Remover is priced at $15-$20 and is a must-have when dealing with the Bold Hold Extreme Creme!

After ruining my frontal job for being impatient, I attempted to remove the creme without the remover and left with thick white patches in my hair (from rubbing) and some spots along my hairline that I feared for!

The remover is best to use because it is specially created to break down the Bold Hold Extreme Cremes chemical composition.

However, if you do not want to purchase the remover oil, or alcohol will provide a seamless removal although it might take a little longer.

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Bold Hold Tape

Bold Hold Tape have to adhesive sides, one that attaches to the skin and another that connects to the frontal.

Often people find the tape to be a little tricky due to the specific cutting and placing instructions, but I have faith in you!

2. Cling (Waterproof Adhesive)

Cling is located in a white and pink bottle and is waterproof.

The cling comes out white, should be applied in layers in front of the hairline and takes a few minutes to dry.

The cling allows frontals to last for two to three weeks and is safe in rain or shine, the sand or the beach water!

The negativity surrounding this cling centers on the drying time and the significant possibility that the cling will chunk and get caught in your edges upon removal if the hair is not soaked thoroughly.

To combat this, allow hair to soak with remover and gently slide off frontal, do not rush or be too rough when using this adhesive.

3. Got2BGlue (Gel)

There are two kinds of Got2BGlue adhesives, one is in a yellow bottle, and the other is in a black bottle of the same design.

The yellow bottle is a white colored gel and is thicker than the black Got2BGlue. The Yellow bottle leaves a slightly thicker residue and lays on thicker.

The black Got2BGlue is clear and thinner than the yellow bottle.

Both options provide a stronghold and will leave a white residue when wet with water or sweat.

Although the yellow Got2BGlue advertised as 'water resistant,' neither of the products are extremely water resistant and behave like a gel when wet.

Both of the gels are to be applied with the Got2BGlue yellow freezing spray to enhance the hold. In my experiences with Got2BGlue, it's a suitable adhesive to use in between frontal installations.

Since this product is a gel and not gel, it can be used on the edges to hold down lifting parts, provide a one or two day hold, or keep your sides in place, not as a long-term frontal adhesive.

Additionally, both of the Got2BGlue's can tend to leave a flaky white residue behind even when thin layers are applied.

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4. Ghostbond

Ghostbond purchased at Walmart in a three oz bottle.

The Ghostbond glue is not waterproof and provides anywhere from two days to a week-long last.

Ghostbond glue takes about three layers for a secure application and needs at least seven minutes to dry.

Ghostbond has earned a rep for not having a long-lasting hold, but a stronghold when initially applied so purchase with caution!

5. Gorilla Snot

Don't shy away from Gorilla Snot because of the name!

This glue provides a stronghold but will not linger for too long or snatch out your edges unless misused!

Gorilla Glue is similar to the Got2BGlue gel except that it does not have the white residue or the same waiting period for application.

The hold from this 'snot' lasts about two to three days, and the consistency is like snot! It's slightly sticky and thick, the product dries clear.

Gorilla Snot is not water resistant and removed with alcohol or the remover. When dealing with the gel or glues mentioned above, the hair should always be clean as well as the skin.

Make sure to use the approved.

Remover, and take time with sliding your frontal off to avoid clumping, or losing hair.

Product Pro Tip:

Always remove any adhesive with 90-99 percent alcohol Lace Paste Removal to make removal more manageable, and be sure not to add water along the hairline for removal!

Adding water to waterproof glue does nothing, and adding water to non-waterproof adhesive causes clumps and product build up around the hairline!

Apply the alcohol or remover and allow it to soak, slowly pull off your frontal inch by inch in a sideways direction to reduce the chance of breakage.

Then clean skin where adhesive once laid with alcohol or skin cleanser and wash out edges with a pre-poo oil to loosen any leftover gel or glue and proceed to wash as usual!

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Flawless Frontal Tint!

One of the most significant requirements for a laid frontal is proper lace tinting and plucking of frontals. Like Private Label's Lace Tint Spray.

There are various methods and products people like to use to give their frontal a beautiful scalp look!

1. Tea Bags

Youtubers have sworn by using tea bags to darken the look of their tint slightly. Tea bags are natural and do not damage the lace because it is mostly hot brown water, and have dying effects on the lace.

Using tea bags is a quick and cheap option and only requires a sink or container and a tea bag to complete.

2. Bleaching

Bleaching your knots with your choice of bleach and developer will make the frontal look more like the scalp, but it can also color the roots of your hair or damage the lace.

You can use a Wig Knot Healer for that.

3. Make-up

Powder or liquid makeup that is your skin color or a shade lighter will help your part appear more like scalp.

Often the liquid composition can stain the lace and is harder to control. Power makeup is more natural to clean and apply, so it is the preferred method of tinting.

4. Plucking

Tweezers with curved or sharp endings are the best because they can grip the small hairs easier and snatch them out faster.

More sharpened tweezers will make plucking your baby hairs and parts more quickly, and more accurate.

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Fight To The Frontal Finish!

Frontals are not long wearing hair units, and they are meant to be worn for two weeks to a month before complete reapplication of the frontal is required.

Though frontals are short-term hair solutions, the methods and products used can enhance the look of the frontal and extend the length of wearing time for the frontal.

Each way has their positives and negatives depending on your skin type and the overall look you wish your frontal to have.

In my opinion, the best method for adhering a frontal is the glue in the technique. Gluing a frontal down ensures that every person will be able to get a frontal (unlike sewing which requires edges or tape which requires precise, drier skin).

Gluing a frontal also extends the wearing time, and the glues built for all kinds of weather. All products were not created equal sadly!

The Bold Hold Extreme Creme has the best drying time, and the most extended hold and all of the cremes are waterproof which is a bonus!

Just be aware of the removal process and be patient with the application drying time! Lastly, to round out the bunch of winners is the Black Got2BGel, this gel is right to lay your frontal edges and thin beside the Private Label's products.

Also check other frontals styles like Kinky Curly Frontals and Spanish Wave Frontals.

Do you have any suggestions for a snatched frontal? What's your favorite way to lay your frontal? Drop some tips below in the comments!

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