how to easily create beehive hair in various ways

How to Easily Create Beehive Hair in Various Ways!

Bringing An Old Style Back to Life!

Before I get into details to create various looks. Allow me to give you some history on where it all started. Margaret Vinci Heldt, the creator of the beehive who died as a legend leaving behind a unique and creative hairdo. The beehive became popular in the 1960's because of its height and style. The 60's was infamous for big hair and hairspray, and while doing my research, I've come across many celebrities who wore this style and rocked it!

Is The Beehive Still A Mood or Nah?

If your answer is "Nah" and you were born in the 80's that means you wore the "hump" in the 90's. Which is a smaller version of the beehive, which is known as the bouffant! Let's not forget about the bun. The bun is a part of the beehive and the bouffant family as well. When I think of the Beehive and the creativity that goes along with it Amy Winehouse comes to mind. Amy Winehouse, a British singer, wore the beehive in different sizes, added color and accessories. When I think of the Bouffant, I think of Aretha Franklin. Very simple and small with bangs to jazz it up a bit. Below are the tools that are used to create the beehive hairdo.

Tools needed:

  • hairpins
  • gel ( depends on the client and stylist )
  • hairspray
  • rattail comb
  • brush
  • added hair ( depends on the density of the hair )


Besides the shape, size, and height of the beehive, the teasing plays a significant part in all three. Remember to remove any hair that will be left out to make the process more comfortable for you. I suggest you braid it down or place in small ponytails.


Step #1

In the middle of your head select small sections.

Step #2

Hold that section of the hair as high as you can by the ends of the hair.

Step #3

While holding the hair by the ends began to backcomb

Step #4

Continue to backcomb as much as you need to. If your hair is thin, you may want to tease more for the fullness, or you can add hair instead. You will know that you are successful with the teasing once it looks like a birds nest. If you don't want to tease the hair, you can add synthetic braiding hair. If you're going to do this method, there is no need for teasing. You would create the shape of the beehive and add the synthetic hair in the middle. I will go into further detail about adding hair in the fullness section.


As I stated in the previous paragraph if you are uncomfortable with the teasing your hair use synthetic braiding hair. All you is one pack. Make sure the synthetic hair your using is the same color as your natural hair for blending purposes. To add hair follow the directions below!

Tools needed:

  • Hair pens
  • Synthetic braiding hair (one pack)
  • Rattail comb
  • Hair Spray ( Spritz is one of my favorite brands)
  • Brush


Step #1

Gather the hair for the beehive

Step #2

Cut the synthetic braiding hair in the middle.

Step #3

Take small amounts of the synthetic hair and create a ball so it will be easy for you to pin it down.

Step #4

Spray hairspray on the synthetic hair so it can become stiff

Step #5

Place the synthetic hair in the middle of your head or where the beehive will be.

Step #6

Take 2 - 4 hairpins and pin down the synthetic hair on the bottom only. The pins will secure the synthetic hair while you began to create your beehive.

Step #7

Using the brush starting from the sides and work your way around. You can also use the rattail comb tail for tucking.

Step #8

As your brushing, the hair makes sure you're using your hairpins to secure the beehive hairdo

Step #9

Make sure to add sheen for the finish look.

Timeline of Various Looks

The best part of any hairdo. In the previous paragraph, I talked about the basics and tools that are needed to achieve the beehive hairdo. Let me give a timeline real quick.


During the 60's hairspray was a girl's best friend. The beehive hairdo that was being worn by singer and actresses were drastic. Amy Winehouse was the perfect example of how an oversized beehive looked during this time. She wore the hairdo on the left or the right. There were times when she would wear it messy, but it didn't appear messy too if that makes any sense. When I say, Amy Winehouse hair had its personality it had personality. To achieve this look, you can add hair, or you can tease the hair. If the density of your natural hair is thin, I would recommend that you follow the directions to add hair. That way your beehive can be full of life.


The 90's was my era! Who would have known that the "hump" was a bouffant? To achieve this look stylist used gel and hairspray. By using gel, it was a guarantee that the hair wasn't moving. With the hump girls would wear fingers waves in the front with the hump in the back. Flat-twist and bangs was also a trend when wearing this hairdo.


I know you remember the bun? I remember when I used to work at the salon as an assistant. The older women that came and got there hair done would always get a bun. That was the go-to. Depending on the client the stylist would use hairspray instead of gel.

Is The Beehive Hairdo for You?

With all this information in this article, do you think the beehive is for you? If so how would you wear it? If you wore the hump in the past how did you wear it? Make sure you leave a comment below because these are questions that I would love to hear to know the answer.
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